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Summer 2012 Newsletter

Summer 2012 Newsletter

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Published by Anna Sabiston
Pi Phi Annex Summery Newsletter
Pi Phi Annex Summery Newsletter

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Published by: Anna Sabiston on Jun 14, 2012
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Pi Beta Phi at the University of Minnesota
Ring Ching
Summer 2012 NEWSLETTER From MN AlphaChapter House Corporation
Renewing Our Common Bonds - Honoring Our Sisters
By Pam Burkley 
day night Pi Phi Bridge Group.This group was formed over 50years ago and Helen attendedregularly for a number of years.
Juliana Haas Dacy ’42
(1923-2011) Juliana is remembered byher Pi Phi sister Erra Cornwell
Carlson who writes: “This do-
nation to the Chapter House isin memory of my dear Pi Phi
sister Juliana Haas Dacy…. We
were housemates at the Pi Phihouse from 1942-1944 and had
 been in touch ever since….”
Every gift to the Campaignrepresents a story and we aregrateful to all those who contin-ue to share theirs with us. Aspecial gift by
Kathy Morrisey
Porter ’76
honors and cele- brates
Friendship Tried andTrue
and Kathy’s enduring
friendship with
Therese Brown
Jensen ’76
in particular. Their friendship began as freshmen atthe U of M and Therese intro-duced Kathy to Pi Phi. Friendsfrom the start, their friendshipdeepened over the yearsthrough many common bonds
 The Renewing Our Com-mon Bonds fundraising cam- paign has made great strides inits quest to secure funding for the complete renovation of theChapter Annex. Along theway, MN Alpha Pi Phis haveorganized together to honor andto remember much loved sistersthrough the dedication of their gifts to the Campaign. Col-lected together, their storiesweave the fabric of this Cam- paign and personify our com-mon bonds
friendship, loyal-ty, trust and learning. Here is a brief summary of those sistershonored with gifts to the Cam- paign.
Irene Turner Christy ‘81
 (1962-2010) Over 30 Pi Phi
sisters from the 80’s have
 joined together to dedicate their gifts to their cherished Pi Phisister Irene Turner Christy whoLOVED Pi Phi. A magneticand faith filled spirit, Irenetouched the lives of all whoknew her with her enthusiasmand kindness.
Helen Swanson Hamilton ’55
 (1937-2011) Helen is remem- bered by her sisters in the Mon-day night Pi Phi Bridge Group.This group was formed over 50years ago and Helen attendedregularly for a number of years.
Kerry Kokesh Diepolz ’76
 (1957-2003) Kerry is remem- bered by family and her Pi Phi
sisters as a true “angel in dis-guise.” A quiet leader with a
cheerful spirit, Kerry alwayssaw the best in people and ex-emplified a true Pi Phi angel.
Dianne Hart ’70
(1951 -1973)Dianne had a natural enthusi-asm and optimism about her that was contagious. She wasintuitive, kind and had a hugeheart. Above all else, Dianne isremembered as joyful and ishonored by her mother andfamily, many of whom are PiPhis, and many other Pi Phisisters.
Helen Swanson Hamilton ’55
 (1937-2011) Helen is remem- bered by her sisters in the Mon-
Matching Gift Funds for
Kathy Noll Erickson ‘77
An anonymous donor hasoffered up to $500 in match-ing gifts funds in honor of MN Alpha Pi Phi Kathy NollErickson. The goal is toraise a total of $1000 so thatKathy might be rememberedwith a personalized brick inthe Arrow Path. Pledges for contributions made fromnow and until the end of summer (payable in 2012) inmemory of Kathy will bematched on a one-for-one basis. All gifts may be madeon a tax deductible basis, payable to the Pi Beta PhiFoundation. Kathy passedaway in 2010 and is remem- bered for her infectious spir-it, her great social organizingskills and loyalty as a friend.Her time as an active mem- ber of the Chapter provideda well-spring of joy in her life. A campaign gift/ pledge form can be down-loaded from the Campaignwebsite
For additional informationand/or questions, contactPam Burkley at 651-260-9326 or email peter- burk@lach.net
Therese Brown Jensen and  Kathy Morrisey Porter 
Continued on page 2
 Irene Turner Christy Dianne Hart 
University Steps Up to ExpandGreek Community Relations
The University’s new President, Eric Kahler, announced a task
force in April to enhance U of M and Greek relations at theUniversity. The group is charged with identifying areas of co-operation and plans for improvement at the U related to fra-ternity and sorority life including students, alumni relationsand housing. Pi Phi Alum, Roxann Goertz, is representing so-rorities on the Alumni work team. Identifying U of M alumnaewith Greek affiliation, communicating effectively and an all-Greek Reunion in 2014 are in the planning discussions. We willkeep you up to date and included as plans are fully developed.
Founder’s Day and Your Invite
Unfortunately, Chapter House Corporation had limited in-
volvement in the 2012 Founder’s Day planning and know that
many of you missed being included. We learned too late that
a more limited database was used for 2012 Founder’s Day
Evite and we do apologize for the issue this year.
Meanwhile Founder’s Day 2013 is already in the planning and
will be held on Sunday, April 21
. We promise to assure thatall alumnae we have on our MN e-mail list are invited to joinin the festivities, including the CHC hosted Mimosa Toast Pre-event! Please mark that date on your calendars.The Renewing Our Common Bonds Campaign has been successful in a number of ways, not the least of which is reuniting sisters,focusing our collective attention on the our Chapter and raising over $100,000 for the renovation of the Chapter Annex. We dohowever, remain short of our goal and we therefore are able to offer alumnae a 2012 gift giving opportunity. Gifts in 2012, paya-
ble to the Pi Beta Phi Foundation for Minnesota Alpha’s Annex renovation, remain tax deductible. New and or additional gifts
fromindividuals who have already contributed will be recognized in combination with earlier gifts. For example, a donor who contribut-ed $150 in 2011 and contributes an additional $100 in $2012 will be recognized as a $250 Sustaining Angel donor.
Angel’s Circle
Gift RangeDistinguished Angels $5,000 and aboveGuardian Angels $2,500 - $4,999Special Angels $1,000 - $2,499Sponsoring Angels $500 - $999Sustaining Angels $250 - $499Angels $100 - $249Halos up to $99
The Decade Challenge continues as well! The alumnae Decade (i.e. 70’s, 80’s, 90’s etc) that contributes collectively the gr
eatestsum of gifts and the one that has the highest percentage of donors earn the privilege of naming one of the bedrooms in the Chap-
ter House or Annex. As of March 31, 2012 the 70’s are leading the way in terms of the greatest sum of gifts. The 70’s and 80’s
 alumnae however are locked in a very close competition on participation and it much too close to call at this point. Will it be the
70’s? will it be the 80’s? or will it be another decade? Visit www.mnannex.org and watch the competition unfold!
husbands who worked together, bridesmaids in each others weddings, children who attended school together, near neighbors for al-most 20 years. Today Kathy and Therese remain closer than ever though many miles now separate them. Friendship tried and true
.We continue to raise funds for several of the honored sisters mentioned here in order to dedicate rooms in their memory, specificallyadditional donations are needed in memory of Dianne Hart. Alumnae who still wish to make a gift to the Campaign are encouragedto do so. The Campaign case statement and pledge form remain available from the updated Campaign website www.mnannex.org,or you can contact Pam Burkley directly at peterburk@lach.net or 651-260-9326.
The ground has been “broken” on the renovation project and work will continue throughout the summer. The doors will be open o
nthe new Annex in time for fall recruitment and Campaign donors are invited to a special open house on Thursday, August 30, from7:30
9:00 p.m Plans are also underway for Homecoming, October 13, 2013 when all alumnae are invited back to campus to visitthe Chapter House and Annex and attend related Homecoming events.
 Renewing Our Common Bonds - Honoring Our SistersContinued from page 1
2012 Giving Opportunities
The Decade Challenge Continues!
Distinguished Angels $5,000 - $9,999
 Goertz, Roxann Repp 74Merrill LynchMulier, Mary Cooke 59Porter, Kathleen Morrisey 76Ryan, Pamela Sheehan 76
Guardian Angels $2500-$4,999
Burkley, Pamela 76Gamer, Paula Herbert 82Gill, Kari Erickson 76Hart, Beverly Brynjolfson, ND Alpha 46Houser, Denise 80Olson, Keri Youngberg 77Semmer, Joan Velie 69Smith, Jacqueline Hjermstad 55Vilendrer, Kathlyn Kremer 75
Special Angels $1,000-$2,499
Adams, Allie Prasciunas 96Aldrich, Allyson Smith , OH Beta 77Bjorklund, Kristin Kokesh 80Cashman, Kathryn Kaufman 83Duesman, Jennifer 86Essig, Carolyn Holmes 89Florine, Lauren Ziomek 83Goodnow, Susan Wheeler 73Herbert, Margaret Hunt 83Hess, Susan Punch 77Higgins, Mary Petroski 74Hunt-Graham, Michelle Sinks 84Ingvalson, Jill Marie 86Johnson, Marcie Claire 82Kokesh, Ronald and JaniceLarsen, Alice Brown 43Magnuson, Heidi Wurst 76McNabb, Katherine 04Minneapolis Alumnae Club North, Cynthia DeSimone 88O'Hare, Jeanne 75Pitblado, Jeanne Oistad 36Plunkett, Sheila Marie 70Rudlang, Alisa Brooks 02Sabiston, Anna Haag 02Shuler, Susan Elling 01Skoglund, Judy Pitblado 69St. Paul Alumnae ClubStanley, June Johnston 50Sundet Foundation, on behalf of Scott and Cindy Trosen Sundet 77Troness, Mary Ann Lambert 74Tunheim, Elizabeth Starr 02Turk, Julianne Falzone 87Wildung, Wendy Jo 73
Sponsoring Angels $500-$999
Dutcher, Judith Kay 83Fandel, Kelly Flanagan 89Farni, Patricia Sims 70Gidley, Bridget O'Keefe 80Hagberg, Elizabeth Brauer 78Higinbotham, Susan Spika 70Kingston, Jane Hartley 74Larson, Kristin 00Larson, Patricia 73Lockman, Sonja Benson 87Magnuson, Regina Deziel 78Mayeron, Jack and CindyMcCoy, Jan Olsen 76Ohm, Molly Techel 84Robey, Jennifer Miller 83Romlin, Judith Spika 75Schepp, Beth on behalf of Jessica Schepp and 03Kimberly Schepp 11Stein, Sheila Smith 56Zakheim, Robert and Rhondaon behalf of Marissa Zakheim 09
Sustaining Angels $250-$499
Aasgaard, Sara Battaglia 82Brown, Barbara Johnson 57Cerven, Leane English 78Chutich, Marlys Morrill 49Dougherty, Joann Hageman 80Farley Sisters,Patti 76, Sarah 78, Ann 82Gehring, Barbara Tennis 56Johnson, Melissa Edmunds, WI Alpha 96Lentz, Andrea Wurst 81Mather, Shannon Fenlon 83Mooers, Geraldine Johnson 49 Neal, Marcia Forman, WI Gamma 47Sather, Diane Elmeer 79Skogmo, Talla 74Sperling, Annie Cooper 99Turner, GeorgeVevle, Karla Kaplan 52Vosbeck, Elizabeth Forman 44Vucenich, Stacy Angelus 85Walter, Judy Johnson 63Westman, Anne Felker 72Windberg, Mary Hoffman 77
Angels $100-$249
 Anderson, Mary Beth 81Bauer, Mary Hay 42Bleise, Vikki L. 72Carlson, Erra Cornwell 42Coit, Beverly Ness 74Comb, Courtney Anne 97Deppa, Colleen McCoy 72Durey, David and BarbaraDurey, David and SharonEnglish, Ellyn Mary 79Gamble, Joanne Klobe 51Geske, Kathleen Palen 77Gilkey, Barb Carlson 80Han, Iris Jakon 89Hawley, Norma Drinane 52Hill, Jane-Anne Kirt 82Hoff, Kathy Calas 51Kattner, Mary Charlton 73Kjos, Mary Ellen Pfau 59Knutson, Becky Schwartz 96Kokesh, RichardLambesis, Barbara Welke 65Lauder, Barbara Gesell 49Lewis, Kim Mills 81McGowan, Kellie Marie 83Meshbesher, Nancy Cooper 77 Nash, Ann C Selander 82Olson, Jessica Lorae 02Payne, Lindsay Lea Glaser 98Pengra, Joan Barnhart 45Phelps, Katie Cook 97Piccolo, Amy Will 98Ramsberger, Angela Ciardelli 87Reid, Lisa Clark 97Rewey, Jennifer Skornika 85Ridgeway, Karen Sims 69Rolf, Dawn, ND Alpha 98Rubin, Lesli Helaine Kravetz 84Schmelzer, Diane Soe 74Schuna, Kelly Wellner 97Shaver, Cristen Bogdanovich 84Singleton, Kari Beth Nestavai 98Snook, Andrea Hageman 86Storley, Ericka Pratt 91Stowe, Debra Baker 75Tatum, Carolyn Lamothe 63Tofteland, Sally Stickel 82Weiler, Julia Scott 63Weisner, Catherine 85Wiens, Elizabeth Rost 57Wright, Susan Guzy 57
Halos up to $99
 Barron, Katherine Stehr 87Boesen, Emily Schulze 96Bold, CherillBombach, Mary Margaret 80Brewer, Julia Hoigaard 87Conlin, Nicole 06Dornik, Laura Schmidt 97Eckstein, Mesa Johnson 99Ehekircher, Jeanne McClean 48Ertmer, Jodi Krenik 85Hanson, Miriam, OH Zeta 47Havens, B.J. Gammel 48Hegman, Jacqueline, IN Delta 61Helgen, Janet Beggs 54Hill, Myhra Diedrick 54Justus, Laura, NM Alpha 70Mason, Dorothy Donlin 51Mast, Marilyn Fiske 57McDonald, Joan, WI Beta 47Meeker, Winifred, Alberta Alpha 55Melrose, Velia, IL Epilson 63 Nevins, Janet Juul 44Russell, Joan, VA Gamma 53Savereide, Eloise Tod 52Sorensen, Dorothy, IA Zeta 54Tangeman, Julie Ann Gray 86Tarr, Katie Tanner 86Welborn, Dorothy Howard 60Zahhos, Jennifer 57
Event Hosts
 Belvedere-Young, Grace 85Edelstein, Bobbi Kuller 72Ernst, Kathy Johnston, WI Gamma 73Gamer, Paula Herbert 82Kuller, Amy 73Sabiston, Anna Haag 02Skoglund, Judy Pitblado 69Skogmo, Talla 74Stanley, June Johnston 50
Angel Circle of the Renewing our Common Bonds Campaign

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