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English 220 SU 2011 Syllabus

English 220 SU 2011 Syllabus

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Published by Colleen Lizzie

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Published by: Colleen Lizzie on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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English 220: Introduction to Shakespeare
Colleen E. Kennedy 
Summer Quarter 2011, First Five Week Session
Class meets: M-TH 11:30-1:18 Arps Hall 384Office hours: T 10-11, W&TH 1:30-2:15 at Wexner Center Café (Abbondanza)Contact: kennedy.623@buckeyemail.osu.edu
Course Description and Objectives:
 Study of selected plays designed to give an understanding of drama as theatrical art andas an interpretation of fundamental human experience. 220H (honors) may be available.Prereq: 110 or 111 or equiv. GEC arts and hums lit and social diversity - international issues(Western) course.This course is designed to introduce students to the works of William Shakespeare.Students will read five plays from different genres
comedy, tragedy, history, andromance. Students will learn the important issues and vocabulary appropriate to thestudy of Shakespeare, including literary, theatrical, and socio-historical concepts & terms.Students will develop analytical, close reading, and critical thinking skills, and apply thesetalents in well-developed essays and exam answers.
Required Materials
 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Henry V 
The Tempest
 Any of the above Shakespearean collections will be acceptable:
TheRiverside Shakespeare, The Oxford Shakespeare, The Norton Shakespeare,The Complete Pelican Shakespeare,
The Necessary Shakespeare
 Any of the following editions of the individual plays will be acceptable:
Folger Shakespeare Library, Signet Classic, The Oxford Shakespeare, ThePelican Shakespeare, The New Penguin Shakespeare, The Arden Shakespeare,Texts and Contexts,
Longman Cultural Edition
(Feel free to mix &match editions)
Please avoid any of the following editions:
 No Fear Shakespeare,Shakespeare Made Easy, Dover Thrift,
Barnes & Noble
I did not order textbooks for this course. You may order from Amazon, goto a local bookstore (for example, ½ Price Books at 1375 W Lane Avenue hasa great Shakespeare collection, as does the Book Loft at 631 S Third St),check out copies from the OSU Thompson Library and/or from a localColumbus Metropolitan Library branch.
 You are expected to come toclass with your copy of the correct play. Online versions of the play are not acceptable.
Readings & other materials posted to Carmen site
Course Requirements & GradesReading Quizzes (40%, or 10% each
): Five quizzes administered at the beginning of class concerning the previous play. The quizzes will include a short passage (to beidentified, analyzed, and paraphrased) as well as several definitions and/or multiplechoice questions. I will drop the lowest quiz grade. If you miss a quiz, there will not be achance or for a makeup.
PowerPoint Presentation/Handouts (10%):
For each play that we read, a small groupof students will present a 5-7 minute introduction to the play as a Power Point. Youshould cover the full title of the play, the genre of the play,
Shakespeare’s sources for the
play, early publication & performance history, brief context of the play (social, political,religious, gendered, etc. context), and also give a few interesting facts about the play.Slides should be free from grammatical errors and include illustrations or photo stills. You may also create handouts for the class. Please make sure to include a Works Cited inMLA format. It is also advisable to dress appropriately for group presentations.
Final Paper (20%):
The final paper for this course will be 4-6 pages long and does notneed any outside or critical sources, but will include a Works Cited page (so I know whichedition you are citing from). It should be in 12 point font (Times New Roman is standard) with one inch margins. You are encouraged to meet with me to discuss your paper topicsearly in the course.
Due: Friday, July 22
at 11:59 pm in the Carmen dropbox. Noexceptions!Participation/Carmen Reading Questions (10%):
This course will be conducted as acombination of lecture and discussion. There will be ample opportunity for classdiscussion and student participation. Participation begins with attendance. If you are nothere, you are not participating. Your participation grade reflects the quality andthoughtfulness of your contributions in class, respect shown to class members, your
attitude and role in small group exercises, and evidence given of completion of readingassignments. You are expected to volunteer an answer, insight, comment, or question atleast once a week. If you do not, be prepared to be called on. You will be assigned to post certain questions to Carmen to facilitate class discussion. Onthe date you are assigned, you will read your questions aloud and be prepared with one ortwo follow-up questions based on class response. Note: You will not be assigned forReading Questions for the same play you present on for the PowerPoint Presentation.
Seeing Shakespeare (10%):
 You are expected to see a live performance of Shakespeare. I would suggest seeing the production of 
 A Midsummer Night’s Dream
in Schiller Park(more information to follow on Carmen). I will inform you of other live Shakespeareopportunities in the area as they are announced. You will type up a 2-3 page review of theplay. I will upload sample performance reviews to Carmen for you.
Due: Friday, July 15
at 11:59 pm in the Carmen dropbox.
 All the World’s a Stage:
Performance (10%):
 You will discuss and perform a scene fromone of plays studied during our scheduled final exam time. You will be split into smallgroups (3-4) students and assigned a specific text. Within the text, you must find aspecific brief scene (3-5 minutes) that may be interpreted in various ways, or be generally problematic. You will perform the same scene twice so that the class can see how thescene can be interpreted and acted in different ways. You will give a brief descriptionbefore the performance as to why you have decided on a specific scene, and after theperformance, you will field several questions concerning your directorial decisions.Performances will be evaluated concerning the relevance of the chosen scene and text,use of gesture and body movement/placement, consideration of staging and otherhistorical and technical concerns, accuracy, and creativity.In addition, each student may also perform a short soliloquy for extra credit.Note: Prior acting experience is not expected or required. Props and/or costuming arestrongly encouraged. Typed scripts are allowed on the stage, but textbooks are not. Theperformances will take place on
Thursday, July 14
at the Browning Ampitheaternear Mirror Lake.Course Policies: Attendance
is important to the success of this class and to your development as a writer.Therefore, each unexcused absence after two will result in the lowering of your final gradeby a third of a grade. Excused absences, such as those for documented illness, family tragedy, religious observance, or travel for inter-collegiate athletics, will not affect your

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