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Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts



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Published by Frank
This article contains TONS of photoshop shortcuts. With these tips and tricks you will be able to photoshop the fast and easy way!
This article contains TONS of photoshop shortcuts. With these tips and tricks you will be able to photoshop the fast and easy way!

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Published by: Frank on Jan 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hi fellow designer/developer,
So you want to use adobe photoshop faster? You want to create images in just minutes?This means you need photoshop shortcuts, photoshop tips and tricks!
I've collected some of these adobe photoshop shortcuts for you. Just use thefollowing keyboard combinations to learn photoshop the easy and the fastway!
You can find more information onPhotoshopjungle.com - Adobe PhotoshopTutorials!| On this website you will find free, online adobe photoshoptutorials. They easy to use and well explained!There are a lot of photoshop shortcuts! There's a quicker way to:Access menus when in full screen modeApply Last Used FilteChange Blending Modes without using the Layers paletteChange brushes without using the Brush paletteChange the background outside an imageChange the opacity of a brush or layer Close the working windowCopy a layer Copy Layer as new imageCreate a clipping path without knowing how to use pathsCreate new Layers without using the Layers paletteFill layers or selections without the Paint BucketFree up space on the scratch diskHide palettes and rulersHide the effects of a Mask layer Hide the marching antsInteract with Layers without using the Layers paletteInvert a selectionInvert an image's coloursLoad channels without using the Channels paletteMake 2 images the same size
Make Free Transform appear Make layers appear and disappear Make selections without using the Magic WandOpen an image filePaste images into a Layer MaskPreserve TransparencyQuitSharpen with Blur ToolSelect All TextTurn off Palettes -- except ToolsUse one-keystroke actionsView image and canvas sizeWorking with ImagesZoom
 Access menus when in full screen mode
Press SHIFT + F and the file menu will appear at the top of the screen.Additionally, notice that in full screen mode, the Tools palette has a tinyaddition to it: in the top right corner of the palette is a small arrow. Click thisarrow and you can also gain access to the File menu.
 Apply Last Used Filter 
To apply the last-used filter:
Press CTRL + F
Apply the last-used filter with new settings:
Change Blending Modes without using the Layers palette
Select the marquee tool, and you can use these commands:Move to the next Blending Mode: ALT + SHIFT + "+"Move to the previous Blending Mode: ALT + SHIFT + "-"Jump to Dissolve: ALT + SHIFT + IJump to Multiply: ALT + SHIFT + MJump to Screen: ALT + SHIFT + SJump to Overlay: ALT + SHIFT + OJump to Soft Light: ALT + SHIFT + FJump to Hard Light: ALT + SHIFT + HJump to Colour Dodge: ALT + SHIFT + DJump to Colour Burn: ALT + SHIFT + BJump to Darken: ALT + SHIFT + R
Jump to Lighten: ALT + SHIFT + GJump to Difference: ALT + SHIFT + EJump to Exclusion: ALT + SHIFT + XJump to Hue: ALT + SHIFT + UJump to Saturation: ALT + SHIFT + TJump to Colour: ALT + SHIFT + CJump to Luminosity: ALT + SHIFT + YAnd of course the most important one...Jump to Normal: ALT + SHIFT + NNote: This works on any tool that offers Blending Modes. Those tools areAirbrush, Paintbrush, Pencil, Clone Stamp, Pattern Stamp, History Brush,Gradient, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge and the Vector Objects tool.Also, Adobe has a nasty tendency to change these various shortcuts witheach new release. Don't be surprised if these are slightly different in newer versions of PhotoShop.
Change brushes without using the Brush palette
This is a good one if you're working in full screen mode, with all the paletteshidden.To change the brush to the next/previous option, simply use the '[' or ']' keys.Build up a comprehensive set of brushes, and save them for future reference.
Change background outside an image
Select the Paint Bucket tool (G).
Select the colour you want to change the background to.
Move your cursor outside the bounds of the image, then press SHIFT +left click.
Change the opacity of a brush or layer 
How's it done? Simply use the number keys. For example, 1 will give you10% opactiy, while 9 will give you 90% opacity (0 gives you 100%!).Also, if you type the number quickly, you can get increments, e.g. 56%. Thisworks with brushes, rubber stamp -- even layers.
Close a working window 

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