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Fresh Directions 6-14-12

Fresh Directions 6-14-12

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Published by Sae Cho

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Published by: Sae Cho on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fresh Directions is produced by PFG-Richmond Marketing.Information included in the current market updates can be found in further detail at www.proactusa.com.
New York is packing light volumes of Empire, Rome, and RedDelicious apples but they will only pack fora couple more weeks. Washington Reds arepeaking on 88/100’s and the higher grades. The lower grades remain limited. Goldendelicious are heavy to the higher gradesand size 88/100’s. Lower grade Golden’sremaining limited. Granny-Smiths are alsopeaking on extra fancy 88/100’s and thelower grades are limited. Galas are heavy to88’s and smaller and the higher grades butare almost nished. Washington Fuji’s arepeaking on extra fancy 72/80/88’s and they are still very short as well.
 This market is rm.Supplies continue to be very light. Mostpacks are the eleven pound with very few 28s being packed, due to light availability.Supplies out of Mexico continue to be very light. Production from Peru shows lightavailability as well. Domestic grass will gountil early July with one supplier in Salinas.Demand exceeds supplies. Jumbo grass isat a premium price.
Mexican suppliesare declining weekly, with decent volumethrough June. California volume isincreasing; peaking on 60ct, with 48ct andlarger in short supply. California fruit hasgood maturity, avor and oil content.
Bell Peppers
Greenbell market is very active and trending upas growers will transition from Coachellato Bakers eld and other northern districts.Colored unsettled and trending up.Upcoming transition to other districtsis impending.
 Withpersistent rain hitting South Georgia forthe last several days, pepper is tightening up. With marginal quality and limitedsupplies, expect this market to creep upthis week.
 This market is activeon bunched product as well as crowns.Bunched product and crowns are aboutequal in availability, a sharp contrastcompared to previous weeks. Salinas andSanta Maria are the main growing regionsfor this commodity. Demand looks to behigher throughout the week. There are nomajor issues to report in terms of quality.
 This marketis stronger as supplies will be lighterthroughout the week. The main sizing continues to be twelve counts. Demandis stronger. Light brown spotting is being seen upon arrivals, so please be aware.Most shippers continue to deal withthis issue. Expect pricing to be activethroughout the week.
 There is no change inthe market. Things are steady. Suppliescontinue to be best on 24s and 30s.Smaller sizing is commanding a higherprice. Salinas has begun production andmore will be available next week. Theoption for Salinas, Oxnard, and SantaMaria exists. This will save some trucksfrom going down South.
Lemons Ventura cropharvest is going at full production.Demand is exceeding supplies on 140 and165 lemons which are normal this timeof year. We will not see much relief untilChilean imports begin sometime aroundmid July. Oranges The Navels production and supplies are light andcoming to the end for many shippers. The Valencia orange harvest remains steady, with sizing peaking on larger sizes – 72’s/88’s. Heavy demand on small sizes iskeeping market rm.
 The leaf market issteady. Supplies will strong throughout the week. Warm temperatures this past week has made supplies stronger. Supplies outof Santa Maria are expected to be good,but Salinas will have the best availability of product. Green and red leaf and romaine willbe plentiful throughout the week.
 The lettuce market is steady. Mostsuppliers have more lettuce to sell, and offersare being listened to. Decay, pink ribbing andbrown outer leaves continue to be an issue. Although the quality has improved, there aresome issues upon arrival. Santa Maria hasproduction also available, with weights similarto Salinas’s lettuce. The weights on palletizedlettuce will be 40-44 pounds.
 Arizonadomestic fruit is limited on 15’s and smaller with fruit still running large. Better volumeis expected at the end of this week into
 June 14th, 2012

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