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Holly 1

Holly 1



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Published by vision.films

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Published by: vision.films on Jan 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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holly knocks on the door.Mirandacoming.who is it.who is it.Hollyis dad home?MirandanoMirandayou scared me.Hollywhy.Mirandai dont know.Hollyif hes not home ,there is no reason to be scared right?Hollydont start.Mirandawhat am i starting.Hollyleave it open.Mirandawhy.Hollyjust leave it open please.Hollyleave the goddamn thing open!is that so much to ask? i mean just......Hollylook at this place.Hollythe land that time forgot.Mirandawhats going on.Hollycall him.Hollytell him and i want to work things out.Miranda
he is on his way to work.Hollyjust call him.Mirandawhy dont you calll him?Hollyits too late for the phone , too many misunderstandings.whoever invented the telephone never had a conversation.Mirandawell he's wanted to talk to you in person forever.Mirandayoure the who doesnt want to.Hollyare u taking sides.Mirandano.Mirandaso what happened wat changed.Hollyiam tired.Hollyi want to put an end to it do you want to call him or not?Mirandadad says he can be here in an hour.MirandaHolly.Mirandahold on.Mirandawait holly wait she's leaving.Mirandai cant stop her.i cant you know what she's......Mirandaokay wait holly he is on his way.he will be here in 10 minutes.Mirandahe will be here in ten.Mirandashe is coming back.okay.Hollyyou know he couldnt be here right away.then all of a sudden he could.Holly
he is who he is you know.leave it open.hollyHollyi dont want you take sides.Mirandaiam not taking sides.Mirandayou show up, and u expect him to leave work...and be here right away and an hours not fast.enough for you.Hollyokay dont talk about things you dont know about.Hollymy mouth is dry.Mirandayou want water or coffee?Hollyyeah water. thats good.Mirandaokay.Hollyso u have leave when he gets here okay.Mirandawhy.Hollyi want you to.Mirandau are unbelievable.Hollyiam not asking it lightly.i need it.Mirandawhere do you want me to go?Hollyaround the block.i dont care.Hollyjust promise.Mirandaokay.i dont care .Hollyone morning i was sitting there.it wasnt that table ,it was another but it wasright there.Hollycrying over breakfast while mom and dadscreamed at each other.Hollyand u were crying your lungs out in the bathroom .Mirandaand .

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