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Poetry Piece Forensics

Poetry Piece Forensics

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Published by Angeli Fernandes

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Published by: Angeli Fernandes on Jun 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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If I should have a daughter,instead of "Mom,"she'sgonna call me "Point B,"because that way she knowsthat no matter what happens,at least she can alwaysfind her way to me.And I'm going to paint solarsystems on the backs of her handsso she has to learnthe entire universebefore she can say, "Oh, I knowthat like the back of my hand."And she's going tolearnthat this life will hit you hard in the face,waitfor you to get back up just so it can kick you in thestomach.But getting the wind knocked out of youisthe only way to remind your lungshow much theylike the taste of air.There is hurt, here,that cannot befixed by Band-Aids or poetry.So the first time sherealizesthat Wonder Woman isn't coming,I'll makesure she knowsshe doesn't have to wear the cape allby herself because no matter how wide you stretchyour fingers,your hands will always be too smalltocatch all the pain you want to heal.Believe me, I'vetried."And, baby," I'll tell her,don't keep your noseup in the air like that.I know that trick; I've done it amillion times.You're just smelling for smokeso youcan follow the trail back to a burning house,so youcan find the boy who lost everything in the fireto seeif you can save him.Or else find the boy who lit thefire in the first place,to see if you can changehim."But I know she will anyway,so instead I'llalways keep an extra supplyof chocolate and rainboots nearby,because there is no heartbreak thatchocolate can't fix.Okay, there's a few heartbreaksthat chocolate can't fix.But that's what the rain boots

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