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The Mercury Room Chronicles- Generations- Chapter18

The Mercury Room Chronicles- Generations- Chapter18

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Published by The Dr.

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Published by: The Dr. on Jan 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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‘What is the matter, Dr.?’ Madross rasped savagely. ‘You look as though you have seen aghost.’ ‘No, just something very unpleasant,’ The Dr. retorted as he turned off the view screen.‘Not much of a conversationalist anyway,’ he remarked as he rushed across the bridge of the Video Lord Dreadnaught and examined a map of the surrounding system.‘Dr.,’ Jayne said nervously, taking her hands away from her mouth. ‘Dr., what are wegoing to do?’ ‘It’s only Madross,’ Dodge shrugged as he threw himself down in a swivel chair at aconsole. ‘We’ve dealt with him before.’ ‘I can’t
you’re trying to be macho about this,’ Jayne said scornfully. ‘You pick
of all times?’ ‘Now now, children,’ The Dr. said without looking up. ‘Don’t make me turn this battlecruiser around and send you to bed with no tea, biscuits or genocide.’ ‘Have you got a plan of action?’ Manhunter asked, looking over The Dr.’s shoulder. The Dr. stood up to his full height, tapped his lip a few times and nodded sagely tohimself. ‘None whatsoever,’ he admitted. ‘But Raljex wants us to spend hours amassing abattle fleet. He wants a show. Well, I don’t know about you lot, but I’ve had enough of  jumping through hoops for one lifetime.’ ‘Hoops? What hoops?’ Dodge scoffed. ‘ 
don’t jump through hoops. You shoot at hoopsand melt them so you can walk over the puddle instead.’ ‘Exactly my point,’ The Dr. nodded. ‘No need to start doing otherwise now.’ ‘Hey, Dr.,’ Red said suddenly from where he had gone to look out of the main window. ‘Isthis the same system where you fought the Time War?’ ‘The Time war traversed the universe,’ The Dr. said bitterly. ‘But this was the system where the last battle was fought.’ ‘The one where you died?’ Red asked simply.‘Yes,’ The Dr. said, this time there was no nod, or indeed, any kind of facial expression. ‘I was in the process of doing just that when Raljex brought me here to compete in thegames. As soon as we’re through here, I get to go back and die. A fun prospect when youconsider it really.’ Watson looked mortified at the revelation but said nothing. Red howevercontinued unabated.‘But this is the system where you set off that huge bomb and destroyed everything?’ ‘Yes,’ The Dr. said. ‘Yes it is.’ ‘Why does that matter?’ Dodge snorted.‘I believe it matters a great deal,’ Manhunter said as he joined Red at the window andlooked out at the planet that loomed before them. A small, blue and green planet withone moon.‘Is that what I think it is?’ Red said sternly. ‘Is that?’ ‘It’s called Jord now,’ The Dr. said as he joined them. ‘Turns out that most planet’sindigenous populations call their world
or something like that to begin with. It hadto be changed. It’s still classified as Sol Three in most galactic directories though.’ ‘But … but that means,’ Jayne started.‘Yes it does,’ The Dr. said abruptly. ‘I destroy the Earth. After lifetimes of saving it. It wasme who brought its ultimate destruction. Me and the Video Lords’ ultimate weapon.’  Jayne said something into her hands, to The Dr, it sounded a lot like “how could you?” but he did not ask her to repeat it for clarity.‘If it’s any consolation to you,’ The Dr. said as he stepped back over to the control pool. Jord hasn’t supported life for over three billion years. It’s a desolate system that was keptfor nostalgia sake and nothing more.’ ‘Three billion years,’ Manhunter whistled through his teeth. ‘So, we must be a long wayfrom our own time.’ 
‘The last battle of the Time War took place on the eve of the Trillenium,’ The Dr. said.‘Close to the end of the Universe, but not quite there. We lured the Darlin’ forces to thevery edge of time so they couldn’t harm anybody else. My superiors chose this systembecause it was the closest one at the time that met our requirements. The Sun was onthe brink of going supernova any day. We simply gave it a helping hand.’ ‘That was the weapon?’ Red exclaimed. ‘You forced the sun to go supernova?’ ‘Yes,’ The Dr. admitted. ‘We planted a giant bomb in the core, they called it The NexusDevice, but it was nothing of the sort. Just a fancy title for a weapon of massdestruction.
Nexus Deceive 
,’ The Dr. spat. ‘Pah! A rose by any other name still hasthorns. They brought the weapon and gave me the means to detonate it.‘The resulting implosion caused the black hole that my RETARDIS was suckedinto. Earth would have been destroyed. It was only a matter of time. Though I still regretit. The Manager relished the irony of it all as you would imagine.’ ‘I’m sure you did everything you could to prevent it,’ Manhunter said, laying his hand on The Dr.’s shoulder. The Dr. lifted his head and looked Manhunter in the eyes. ‘Did I though?’ He saidquietly so nobody else could hear.‘I always knew that the war held demons for you, Dr.,’ Manhunter replied. ‘But theamount you bear alone is …’ ‘Necessary,’ The Dr. cut across him. He looked up at the Martian. ‘I’m glad my futureincarnations have you as a friend, J’onn.’ ‘It’s … interesting,’ Manhunter replied with a smirk.‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ Jayne asked, suddenly appearing at The Dr.’s elbow, as was hercustom. ‘My god, what you must be going through-’ ‘Is nothing compared to what will happen if The Manager gets his way,’ The Dr. saidstiffly. ‘But still! We’re not here to dwell on what will inevitably come to pass. We’ve got aspace battle to fight. I’m going to hit Madross with everything we’ve got and hope for thebest. Fingers, toes, eyes and anything else you can cross without being disgusting, if youplease everybody. Let’s see what’s going down in groove town!’ *‘He’s moving his fleet into
formations!’ Madross scowled, pounding the keypad of his motorized wheelchair with his metal hand. ‘What is he doing?!’ ‘He’s not playing by the rules,’ The Eleventh Manager smirked through his goatee andbrushed the lapels of his emerald suit. The evil Video Lord tittered and bared his almostVampiric canine teeth at nothing in particular, but he thought it looked very good whentaken into account for its dramatic effect.‘ 
’ The black Darlin’ screeched as it wheeled aroundthe control room with nowhere in particular to go, but being here made the machinequite excited as it meant that it would get a chance to kill things very soon.‘Patience my pet, patience,’ Madross cooed at his metal creation of murderous evil. ‘Verysoon, The Dr. will be destroyed and the resulting effect on the time stream will mean thatthere was never an agent capable of detonating their Nexus Device. Oh yes, the time war will have a very different outcome this time, oh yes.’  The Manager was unable to stifle an explosion of laughter. He giggled, guffawed,and just for good measure he even chortled a little. ‘I can’t!’ He said desperately, gaspingfor air as he leaned against a control panel to steady himself. ‘BREATHE!’ He laughed.‘Oh! Mercy Me! Madross, you always were a wondrous source of limitless entertainment.Really!’ Madross’s red eye blazed with fury. ‘What. Is. So. Very. Funny?’ The mutatedscientist from the planet of Skaredhole thundered.‘ 
’ Another Darlin’ shouted,brandishing its laser.‘Isn’t it obvious?’ The Manager said scathingly. ‘There won’t be a different outcome of the Time War! Dear lord, you are so very dense aren’t you?’ 
‘WHAT?!’ Madross shouted angrily, spittle flying from his mouth. ‘The Dr. will be wipedfrom existence! All that he has done will be erased!’ ‘You don’t listen, do you?’ The Manager jeered, flashing his brilliantly white teeth. ‘The Time War is time-locked. It happened. There’s no way to change it, there’s no way toamend it in any way.’ ‘Then, all this is for nothing!’ Madross growled. ‘This simulation is meaningless!’ ‘Oh, I wouldn’t say meaningless, Madross,’ The Manager said, bobbing on his heels. ‘Youmight not be able to change what happened in the Time War, but you can certainly helpme to ensure that the man responsible has rained down upon him the great vengeanceand furious anger that only The Darlin’s can supply. You could reap your revenge frombeyond the grave.’ Madross’ cycloptic red gaze met with the Master’s hypnotic green eyes. It wasuseless trying to hypnotize Madross; his eye was electronic and wouldn’t respond to the waves of suggestion that were normally transmitted straight through the iris. The glowingeyes were simply for effect. The Manager loved effect. For what was villainy if youcouldn’t have a good time while you were at it?‘You make a good point,’ Madross said, grinning and displaying a set of mouldy andblackened teeth. ‘You always made a good point, Manager. Your silver tongue was myundoing if I recall, the last time I attempted to work with you.’ ‘Yes,’ The Manager smirked back, trying not to inhale Madross’ vomit-inducing breath.‘But as I recall, you planned all along to have me Sexterminated when our business wasconcluded. Tit for tat, Grand-High-Surgeon Madross, Quid-Pro-Quo.’ ‘ 
The third Darlinrattled impatiently, simply because it hadn’t saidanything for a while and was beginning to feel left out.Madross’ eye glared at the view screen where the few ships under The Dr.’scommand turned to face them.‘Think of the murderous hatred that has been building inside you all these years,’ TheManager said as he began to pace around Madross. ‘Think of the pain and suffering that you would like to inflict upon The Dr. Think of it, Madross!’ ‘I
thought about it,’ Madross said simply, producing a phase-pistol from under hiskeypad. ‘And I choose …
.’ Madross levelled the gun at The Manager and shot the Video Lord in the chest. The Manager didn’t react like most normal people would have. There was no dramaticflying through the air or superfluous screaming. He simply looked at his chest where asevere burn mark had appeared, along with the stench of smoking flesh and sankgracefully to his knees.‘Do you know why I refused you, Manager?’ Madross said, rolling his chair forward sothat the pair were finally eye-to-eye. ‘I refuse you because even if I win this little game for you, I would never have a chance to bring harm to The Dr. He would be at
mercy,not mine. I am not a tool for others to use! I. Am. Madross! Creator. Of. The. Darlin’.Master. Race! The ones I want to destroy, are the Video Lords, Nigel Martin. You are onesuch being. I choose you as the one who will bear my wrath! If I can only kill one VideoLord, then kill them I shall! There. Will. Be. No. Co-operation! There. Will. Be. No.Partnership! YOU! WILL! BE! SEXTERMINATED!’ ‘ 
The three Darlin’s chanted,advancing forwards as the world around them dissolved in a flash of bright light.*‘ 
Should I say that I’m disappointed?
’ Raljex asked in an annoyed fashion as The ThirdDr. stumbled out of the room with a bemused expression. ‘ 
Not only were you, Dr. –thesupposed hero of the peace– planning to spoil my fun, but then, the Darlin’s –whoare supposed to be
mortal enemyturn on The Manager! What’s going on?!
’ ‘You should never mess with that which you do not understand,’ The Third Dr. saidcoolly, holding out his hand for the crystal. ‘I didn’t get it at first, Raljex, but I do now. Nodoubt Fourth knows it too. You’ve rumbled your own little game by throwing in The

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