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The Owlet - Jan '12

The Owlet - Jan '12

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Published by washingtonmemo

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Published by: washingtonmemo on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Owlet
Volume XXII Number 2 January 16, 2012 Washington School
Principal’s Letter
Lauren Banker 
Winter has arrived in full force and with itcomes all of the excitement of playing in thesnow, drinking hot chocolate and bundling upin cozy clothing. Please keep in mind thatalthough it may feel bitter outside to us, ourchildren still need the benefits of fresh air andexercise. In that vein, weather permitting, wewill allow our students to continue to playoutside during their lunch hour. Please keepthis in mind when dressing your children forschool. We encourage them to wear glovesand hats during their playtime.Also, some safety reminders: Please continueto be mindful of children in our school parkinglot. Follow the pick-up and drop off rules andplease do not drop your children off on MorrisAvenue. When dropping off in our circle,please pull all the way forward to the big tree.This will allow the most cars into our lot in themorning. If you are visiting us during theschool day, please do not block the entrance tothe back lot. Parents depend on that lot forpick-up parking. If you are picking yourchildren up on Butler Parkway, please do notpark or stop in the circle area. That is forbuses only. Please also make sure you do notallow your children to cross Butler Parkway toget to your car. If you need them to cross,please get out of the car and cross with them.The safety of our children needs to stay in theforefront of our minds. Please slow downwhen driving near our school.It seems like we just got back from break anda lot is in the works! Our SITE parent meetingtook place on January 4
, and January 20thwill feature our 3
grade multi-cultural dance.Other January events include a baking breadprogram for our 4
and 5
graders and a StoryPirates assembly for the whole school to enjoy!In February we can look forward to our familyfun event and a visit from the High Schoolchamber chorus. In March, we will engage inour SITE competition, the Story Pirates willreturn for an encore presentation and we willwatch our 4
and 5
graders in our schoolplay. Lots to look forward to!I hope you all enjoyed a safe and wonderfulholiday season, and spent special time withyour families!
Michelle Morrissey and Jill Mitchell 
Happy New Year! The school is bustling withactivity and so is the PTO! Since our lastedition of the Owlet, the PTO has hadnumerous events. November brought us asuccessful and always popular
Book Fair
.Thanks to Ellen Purcell, Ann Trindel, BetsyFlaim and Amy Wildt for all their hard work!In December, Karen Malnati wrapped up ouryearly
program. Hopefully, you took
the opportunity to purchase some holiday gifts.Thank you, Karen for making our holidayshopping a bit less hectic. We hope you had achance to check out our
Spirit Wear
sale.Kristen Staub made it even easier this yearwith the ordering being done online!Speaking of online ordering, have your triedwww.onecause.com orwww.boxtopmarket.com? Remembering tovisit these sites takes a little bit of discipline,but our children benefit from the shopping wedo on these sites. It is well worth it!The holiday concert was a great success. Mr.Sur, Mr. Gleason and Mrs.Lilie had thechildren sounding incredible! All their hardwork is paying off! .Please keep checking www.wspto.com and the Loop for more PTO events and activities,as well as important announcements. If thereis something you would like to see added toeither or both please let us know atwsptsummit@gmail.com Looking ahead into the New Year we areexcited for our 2nd Annual Parents Night Outon January 20th at 8:00 at the Elks. Hope tosee many of you there. Welcome back andHappy New Year!
A Peek Inside the Classroom
As part of their science unit on the humanbody, the third graders visited the Raptor Trustin the beginning of December. In this unit theystudied the bones in the human body, as wellas the bones of rodents. In addition, theydissected owl pellets and looked at the rodentsthat the owls had eaten. While at the RaptorTrust the students learned more about owlsand the other raptors indigenous to NewJersey.On January 20th the third grade students willdazzle the audience at the multicultural dance.Each class will perform a dance native to adifferent country, and will be dressed in thetraditional dance costumes of their respectivecountry: 3L will represent Ghana, 3W,Mongolia, and 3F, Scotland. Bravo thirdgraders on all your hard work and preparation.Looking forward to a fabulous show!Our second grade students have been busybuilding on their reading and writing skils. Inreading workshop, they learned to focus oncharacters while reading. Good readers payattention to what characters say & do andTHINK about what this teaches them about thecharacter. Just as they have come to knowfriends and classmates and can often predicttheir actions, thoughts, and feelings, thestudents can begin to do this with thecharacters in their books. It's as if they arebecoming friends with these characters.You can help at home by having your childwrite his/her thoughts on post-its like we do inschool, and choose one or two to discuss withyour child after their nightly independentreading. Also, you can ask them to find placesin the text that support their thinking. Somepopular authors you may want to check out atthe public library...Cynthia Rylant, KevinHenkes, Beverly Cleary, and Suzy Kline.Our busy second graders also spent the lastfew months of 2011 writing realistic fictionstories. These stories are based on anexperience or idea with which each child canclosely connect. Some ideas include acamping trip, losing your favorite stuffedanimal, winning/losing a soccer game, orsomething exciting or funny that happened inschool. This writing unit focused on characterdevelopment, planning out a story, characterdialogue, and staying on topic. Each studentchose one piece at the end of the unit torevise, publish and celebrate. Please
encourage your budding writers to write athome, and to read realistic fiction as well!
Washington School’s Centennial Celebration,
, will be a school-year-longcelebration, beginning in September 2012.The celebration will be integrated intotraditional PTO programs, from the FamilyPicnic to the Country Fair. Our annual BookFair will kick-off a drive for
100 Books for 100 Years 
. Several parent volunteers are alreadyin the process of researching the history ofWashington School. The research will be usedto develop centennial-themed lesson plans forclass time at each grade level. OurWashington School community will give-backbeyond the school building through serviceprojects that will be developed for each gradeas well. And, of course, we will honor the
100th anniversary of the school’s dedication
with a birthday party on March 25, 2013 whichwill include the burial of a centennial timecapsule. Save the date!The PTO Board, including Mrs. Banker, israising funds for a gift to the school in honor ofthis milestone. A traverse rock wall will beinstalled in the gym as
The Centennial RockWall
. Once installed, Mrs. Banker and Mr.Bowers will integrate the rock wall into thephysical education curriculum. In addition, itwill be utilized for extra-curricular activitiessuch as the PTO-sponsored Afternoon ofExploration and After School Activity programs.Our school guidance counselor will alsodevelop strategies for use of the rock wall, andthe mentor program will use the CentennialRock Wall for some of its events.If you would like to be a part of planning
, email Maureen Alvidrez atmaureen@alvidrez.org 
Book Fair Update
The chairs of Book Fair would like to thankeveryone who helped make it a successful andfun event. We need to thank all our great
parent volunteers, who we couldn’t live
without!! You all rock!! Thanks also to theteachers, Mr. Maddy and his crew, and, ofcourse, to Mrs. Hedin and Mrs. Cowden forletting us take over their library.The Book Fair produced $11,950 in sales,which translated to a $3,000 profit for the PTO.We hope everyone has enjoyed theirpurchasesThe raffle winners were: Jaden Chui- 1K,Mikey Jarmolowich- 5BI Brooke Campbell- 1B,Sarah McGhee- 4D, and Tina Walker (mom).Book Fair Chairs: Ellen Purcell, Ann TrindellBetsy Faim, and Amy Wildt.
Family Fun Night 2012
Our annual Family Fun Night will take place atWashington School on Friday, February 10thfrom 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Come to school at nightto spend some time with friends! A DJ will getthe party started in the gym while rounds ofBingo will be underway in the cafeteria. Maybe
you’ll be lucky enough to yell Bingo! and win a
prize. Snacks will be served and the eveningwill be topped-off with the popular basket raffle.Please contribute something to make ourbasket raffle a success. A list of basketthemes by grade can be found on the PTOwebsite wspto.com or in the Loop. Collection

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