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Published by M Daniyal Azmat
Lower Limb Practise Questions
Lower Limb Practise Questions

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Published by: M Daniyal Azmat on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WINDSOR UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINEAnatomy- lower limb ( august 10
A common peroneal nerve palsya.
Can occur following a fracture of the neck of the fibulab.
Causes loss of extension of the big toec.
Causes a characteristic foot dropd.
Causes a loss of inversion of the foote.
Produces anaesthesia of the sole of the foot2.
What is the name of the muscle that inserts on the base of the 5
metatarsal bone?a.
Fibularis brevisb.
Flexor carpi ulnarisc.
Tibialis posteriord.
Abductor digiti minimie.
The 4
What is the nerve of the anterior compartment of the thigh?a.
Femoral nerveb.
Obturator nervec.
Saphenous nerved.
Tibial portion of sciatic nervee.
Common fibular (peroneal) portion of the sciatic nerve4.
If the sciatic nerve is injured near the greater sciatic foramen, what action at the hip will beweakened?a.
Lateral (external) rotationc.
Medial (internal) rotation5.
The homolog of the median nerve in the foot is the:a.
Sural nerveb.
Saphenous nervec.
Deep fibular (peroneal) nerved.
Medial plantar nervee.
Lateral plantar nerve
Which of following muscles is innervated by the deep fibular (peroneal) nerve?a.
Fibularis tertiusb.
Flexor digitorum brevisc.
Flexor digitorum longusd.
All of the abovee.
None of the above7.
Difficulty in standing on one’s toes is
symptomatic of injury to the:a.
Tibial nerveb.
Common fibular (peroneal) nervec.
Superficial fibular (peroneal) nerved.
Deep fibular (peroneal) nervee.
Both A and B are correct8.
Which statements about the knee joint are true?a.
The femur rotates medially on the tibia during flexion when the foot is fixedb.
The medial meniscus is attached to the medial collateral ligamentc.
The anterior cruciate ligament limits anterior displacement of the tibiad.
The anterior cruciate ligament limits lateral rotation of the femur during extensione.
B and C are correct9.
Which muscle DOES NOT cross anterior to the transverse axis of the hip joint?a.
Tensor fascia lataleb.
Rectus femorisd.
Vastus lateralis10.
Which of the following muscles is/are innervated by the superficial peroneal nerve?a.
Fibularis (peroneus) longusb.
Fibularis (peroneus) brevisc.
Fibularis (peroneus) tertiusd.
A and Be.
A,B and C11.
Inability to hold the pelvic girdle level while standing on one foot is symptomatic of an injury to:a.
Inferior gluteal nerveb.
Superficial fibular (peroneal) nervec.
Superior gluteal nerved.
Deep fibular (peroneal) nervee.
Obturator nerve
Difficulty in crossing the knees while sitting in a chair is symptomatic injury to:a.
Femoral nerveb.
Obturator nervec.
Superior gluteal nerved.
Inferior gluteal nervee.
Fibular (peroneal) division of the sciatic nerve13.
The ilioinguinal nerve is derived from:a.
Which statement about the psoas major muscle is FALSE?a.
It originates in the thorax and inserts in the thigh, so infection can potentially spreadfrom the thorax to the thigh by following its facial sheathb.
It joins with the iliacus to form the iliiopsoas muscle, which is the chief extensor of thethighc.
Much of the lumbar plexus can be found within its bellyd.
It inserts on the lesser trochanter of the femur15.
While standing on one foot (right) the opposite side of the hip (left) drops. Which of thefollowing nerve has a lesion?a.
Femoral nerveb.
Deep peroneal nervec.
Inferior gluteal nerved.
Tibial nervee.
Superior gluteal nerve16.
Both the avulsion fracture of the ischial tuberosity and vertical shear fracture of the pelvis willlead to weakened knee flexion and extension of the hip joint?a.
Varicosity of the vein in the case of lower is because of the valvular insufficiency in which of thefollowing veins?a.
None of the above

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