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Automatic Vehicle Locator [Author Avinash Jha]

Automatic Vehicle Locator [Author Avinash Jha]

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Published by Avinash Jha

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Published by: Avinash Jha on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We owe a great many thanks to a great many people who helped and supported me duringthe making of this project report.Our deepest thanks to
Prof. Mehul C. Patel
,(Guide of our project) for providing proper guidance. He has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary suggestions asand when needed.We also express our thanks to
Dr. Suprvava Patnaik 
, Head of the ElectronicsEngineering Department, SVNIT Surat , for extending her support.We would also thank other faculty members without whom this project would have beena distant reality. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to my family and well wishers.Avinash Kumar U08EC347Mitendra Kumar U08EC350Alok Kumar U08EC351
If navigational data of a remote object can be sent over the air, then very powerfulmonitoring systems of immense utility can be designed. Our project work aims to achievethis by bringing together technologies like GPS and GSM. These modules are interfacedusing high performance ARM9 application domain processor. The data sent by remoteobject include current location in terms of coordinates, height, and speed each withchosen time interval. SMS Service is used to send the data automatically to control centre.The control center can be where.The final system will consist of a remote object having U-Blox GPS modem, SAMSUNGS3C2440 ARM920T running Embedded Linux and SIM300 GSM modem while themonitoring station will be having GSM terminal. This system is of immense utitility inmany fields like surveying, spying, tracking etc.
Table of Contents
List of Figures iii
List of Tables iv1.
Introduction 011.1 Motivation 011.2 Overview of Project 021.3 Implementation Scheme 032.
ARM9 MCU 042.1 Registers 042.2 Processor Modes 052.3 ARM Instruction Set 063.
Embedded Linux 10
3.1 Introduction 103.2 Generic architecture 103.3 System Start up 133.4 System Memory Layout 153.5 Configuring and Compiling The Bootloader 173.6 Configuring and Compiling The Kernel 183.7 Configuring and Compiling The Rootfile system 203.8 Hardware Description of ARM9 Board 213.9 ARM9 Board Module Detail 214.
GSM Receiver 244.1 Introduction 274.2 GSM Modem 284.3 GSM Kit 324.4 Power Supply 324.5 Dual Serial Interface 344.6 Indicator 374.7 Antenna Interface 385.
GPS System 40
5.1 Why GPS 405.2 Generating GPS Signal Transit Time 415.3 Determining The Position in 3-D 425.4 Description of The entire System 43

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