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Published by Adrian Bistreanu

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Adrian Bistreanu on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The public perception of air safety 
by Paul Hayes 
Director of Air Safety,Flightglobal Ascend 
Flightglobal Insight
November 2011
NOTE: Aircraft of 15 passenger seats or more. Excludes acts of violence. * Situation as at 13 November 2011.
    F   a    t   a    l   a   c   c    i    d   e   n    t   s
Why Are So Many Planes Falling Out of the Sky 
Recent newspaper headline 
he public’s perception of air safety isgenerally not good and is not helpedby the regular scare stories in themedia such as the recent “Ryanair mendswindshields with duct tape”
shock-horrorpiece in the British tabloids.If you stopped someone in the street andasked them if they thought airline safetywas better now than in the past they wouldprobably say no or perhaps they might
parrot the well-known mantra “ying is the
safest form of transport” but without actuallybelieving it in their heart.Part of the problem of course is the modern
experience of air travel, not the ying itself so
much, but the crowded airport terminals, the
queues at security, luggage delays and ight
delays and cancellations. All of which colourspassenger perception and subconsciouslyhelps form their view that the whole system ispoor quality and therefore unsafe – in the olddays when the hostesses wore white gloves,the pilots were good-looking older men withslightly greying hair and air travel was for theelite few it had to be so much safer didn’t it?The other part of the problem is the frequencyof exposure to “air crash” images and stories – if the general public keeps reading aboutair crashes (or just minor incidents reportedas “hundreds escape death”) this repetition
will certainly inuence their view that ying
is unsafe. And with streaming 24-hournews and web sites such as “aircrash.org”,
Fatal accidents to passengers on revenue passenger Flights
The public perception of air safety 
Speed tape had been put round one of the cockpitwindshields until the sealant has set – standard proceduredescribed in the aircraft’s maintenance manual.
November 2011
Flightglobal Insight
The public perception of air safety 
“airdisaster.com” and my own favourite,“amigoingdown.com” (now apparently“down” itself) there is certainly plenty ofopportunity for the public to scare themselves.This problem of frequency of air crashes
equating to the level of ying safety in the
public mind was described as long ago as1943 when, in a secret report to the USGovernment, the Curtiss-Wright Corporationnoted that “If the accident rate remains thesame as in the 1930s, the expected growth incommercial aviation after the war will result inan unacceptable number of accidents. Thiswill, ultimately, limit this growth.”This observation is certainly still true today.Air travel is currently expected to double inthe next 15 years, so, with the same level ofair safety as today, in 15 years’ time there
will be twice as many air crashes – ying
will appear to be so much more unsafe! Tostay the same, safety will have to be twiceas good. As Alice found out, you have to runvery fast just to stay in the same place.Contrary to Curtiss-Wright’s fears, air safetyhas improved somewhat since World War II.
2011 – Fatal accidents (as at 13 november 2011)
dae oerar tye lcain passenger faaiies
01/01/2011KolaviaTU-154Russia309/01/2011Iran Air727Iran6910/02/2011Manx2MetroIreland414/02/2011EasySkyLet 410Honduras1204/04/2011AirZenaCRJDR Congo2807/05/2011MerpatiMA60Indonesia2118/05/2011Sol LineasSaab 340Argentina1920/06/2011RusairTU-134Russia3708/07/2011Hewa Bora727DR Congo7911/07/2011AngaraAN24Russia613/07/2011NoarLet 410Brazil1420/08/2011First AirB737Canada806/09/2011AeroConMetroBolivia607/09/2011Yak ServiceYAK-42Russia3720/09/2011Salsa dHaitiBeech 99Haiti125/09/2011Buddha AirBeech 1900Nepal1629/09/2011Nusantara BuanaCasa 212Indonesia1413/10/2011Airlines PNGDash 8Papua New Guinea27
NOTE: Accidents where a passenger is killed on a revenue passenger fight – aircrat o more than 14 passenger seats.

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