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Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris.

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris.

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Published by Belajar Gratis

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Published by: Belajar Gratis on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://belajarbahasainggrisonlinegratis.blogspot.com/  Unit 3FUNCTION OF NOUNS
Fungsi kata benda antara lain:1.
Sebagai subjek tunggal dan jamak Contoh: the
is handsome. ( subjek tunggal)The
are handsome (Subjek jamak)2.
Sebagai objek a.
object of verb (eg. I catch the
object of complement (eg. This is a
object of preposition. (eg. She is at
.)Exercise:1. He likes … very much.a. music b. musical c. musician d. musicals2. The …. is handsome.a. actor b. action c. act d. acting3. The man is sit on …a. chair b. sitting c. sat d. sits4. I am interested in …a. political b. politic c. politician d. politicals5. Where are you?a. at home b. sleepy c. sleep d. sleeping6. There are …a. a book b. some books c. some book d. book 7. Do you have five …a. apples b. book c. booking d. some book 8. What......... she play at night at.8?a. did b. was c. is d. are9. Where do you study English……?a. every Sunday b. Yesterday c. now d. later10. You are lazy,…..?a. isn’t it? B. are you? C. aren’t you? D. is11. You didn’t go to school yesterday,….?a. do you? B. did you? C. didn’t you? D. did12. My mother is cooking now,……?a. is she? B. isn’t she? C. she is d. are13. My cats are….a. eat b. ate c. eating d. eats14. Toni…..his homework every night.
a. did b. do c. does d. are15. They....come to my house tomorrow.a. are b. will c. don’t d. do16. Abadi Suit is the……..building in Jambi.a. tall b. taller than c. tallest d. tall17. My mother is…….than youa. smart b. smarter c. smartest18. Where did you ….last night?a. sleep b. slept c. sleeping19. I have….apple.a. an b. a c. two20. I have ….apples.a. an b. a c. three21. My mother has … house and ….orange.a. a, a b. an, a c. a, an22. Shinta doesn’t…….a pencil case.a. have b. has d. hasn’t23. Roy and Toni…a car.a. has b. have d. doesn’t have24. I was playing soccer when you….me.a. call b. called c. calling25. The cats….eating the fish when my mom slept.a. were b. are c. was26. ……………..when I came to her house.a .He is eating pizza.b. He was eating pizzac. He eats pizza27. Jane and Joe…..TV last night.a. didn’t watchb. didn’t watchedc. watch28. I am … for you.a. wait b. waiting c. waited d. waits29. They do not like my …a. acting b. action c.actor d. acts30. The … is nice.a. girl b. girls c. is girl d. are31. I am looking for …a. shoe b. shoeses c. shoes d. shoing32. We need …a. some moneys b. many money c. money d. moneys33. I ate 3 …. Yesterday.a. melon b. melons c. any melon d. any melons34. You met a …. Last night.

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