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Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris !

Kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris !

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Published by Belajar Gratis

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Published by: Belajar Gratis on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://belajarbahasainggrisonlinegratis.blogspot.com/  Unit ITO BE AS AUXILIARY VERB AND FULL VERB(TO BE : Sebagai kata kerja Bantu dan kata kerja penuh)
Sebagai kata kerja bantu tidak dapat berdiri sendiri, digunakan sebagai berikut:a)
Setelah verb 3 dalam kalimat pasif baik dalam Simple Present Tense ataupunPast Tense.Pasif dalam Simple present tense:Rumus: Subjek + TO BE + V3I ----------- am + V3YouThey are + V3WeSheHe Is + V3Itb)
Sebelum V-ing dalam Present Continuous TenseRumus:S + TO BE + Ving + OI + am + Ving + OYou/ we/ they + are + V ing + OShe/he/it + is + Ving + OKlimat negative:S + To BE + Not + V ing + OKalimat Introgative:TO Be + Subjek + V ing + O + ?2.
TO BE sebagai kata kerja penuhDiikuti oleh kata benda/kata sifat atau kata keterangan.
 Rumus:Kalimat positif : Subjek + TO BE + Ajective/noun/adverb.Kalimat negative: Subjek + TO BE + Not + Adj/noun./adverb.Kalimat tanya : TO BE + Subjek + adj/noun/adverb + ?Soal:Choose the correct answer!1. She … pretty.a. are b. is c. am d. are not2. My mother … clever.a. is b. are c. am not d. are not3. Toni and Jojo … in WTC.a. are b. is c. am d. is no4. The boy is …a. clever b. not c. study d. sleep5. … you here?a. is b. are c. am d. do6. Robi and Tina are … Englisha. Study b Studied c. Studying d. Studies7. My mother … at home yesterday.a. is b. was c. were d. are8. The cat is not at the cage…a. yesterday b. now c. last week d. tomorrow9. Are you clever?a. yes, I am b. Yes, you are c. yes, Am I d. No, You are not10. The book … mine.a. are b. am c. is d. were11. The cats … funny.a. were b. is c. was d. eating12. I am …. Pizza.a. eat b. ate c. eats d. eating13. Toni is … by me.a. helped b. helps c. helping d. help14. She … not at home now.a. is b. was c. were d. are15. Is she eating …a. now b. yesterday c. tomorrow d. later16. They are…a. lazy b. study c. sleep d. eat17. My brother and I …. Sleeping.a. is b. am c. are d. was18. Are they …?
http://belajarbahasainggrisonlinegratis.blogspot.com/ a. sleep b. eat c. watching TV d. watched TV19. Is the book…by your sister?a. take b. takes c. took d. taken20. What are you?a. I am a student b. I am here c. I am lazy d. I am clever.21. Where are you from?a. I am a student b. I am from Jambi c. I am lazy22. Where…. She from?a. are b. is c. am d. were23. What … your father?a. was b. are c. is not d. am25. Is your sister a student?a. yes, he is b. yes, she is c. no, he is d. yes, is he26. The cat is … fisha. eats b. eat c. ate d. eating27. Where are they?a. at home b. lazy c. no, they are not d. yes, they are28. Are you clever?a. Yes, am I b. yes, I am c. no, am I nor d. yes, you are29. She is…. A clever girl.a. calls b. called c. calling d. call30. What are you doing?a. I am eating b. I am eaten c. I eat d. I ate31. Who are you?a. I am Toni b. I am a student c. I am from Jambi d. I am here32. Shinta is not …a. lazy b. eat c. watch TV d. read books33. Where is your mother?a. She is at home b. She is eating c. she is lazy d. she is pretty34. What are you eating?a. fruit b. books c. lazy d. doll35. Is he your friend?a. No, She is not b. yes he is c. Yes, is he d. Yes, she is36. Who is he?a. He is my father b. she is my mom c. he is not my brother37. What is your sister?a. pretty b. a student c. a pretty girl d. yes she is38. The man … sleepy now.a. are b. is c. are not d. am39. Tinaa will … to my house tomorrow.a. come b. sleep c. to come d. came40. My cat … in the room now.a. eating b. is eating c. ate d. eats41. How much … the book?

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