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8888 gl

8888 gl

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Published by Jai Ram

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Published by: Jai Ram on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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100000 8888 LIBT X SHARECAPITAL SHARECAPITAL INRX X 001 G001120000 8888 LIBT X GR/IRCLEARING GR/IRCLEARING INRX X 001 G001200100 8888 ASST X CASHA/C CASHA/C INRX X 001 G001220000 8888 ASST X FINISHEDGOODINV FINISHEDGOODINV INR X X 001 G001221000 8888 ASST X ROHINV ROHINV INR X X001 G001222000 8888 ASST X INVENTOYCLEARING INVENTORYCLEARING INR X X 001 G001400000 8888 EXPN X COSTOFGOODSSOLD COSTOFGOODSSOLD INR X X 001 G004400010 8888 EXPN X STOCKTRNSFERLOSSES STOCKTRANSFERLOSSES INR X X 001 G004400020 8888 EXPN X INVENTORYDIFFRANCE INVENTORYDIFFARENCE INR X X 001 G004400030 8888 EXPN X PRICEDIFFRANCE PRICEDIFFARANCEINR X X 001 G004400040 8888 EXPN X MATERIALSCRAPPING MATERIALSCRAPPING INR X X 001 G004400100 8888 EXPN X RAWMATERIALCONSUM RAWMATERIALCONSUMP INR X X 001 G004131139 8888 LIBT X CENVATClearingAccou CENVATClearingAccou INR X X 001 g001131140 8888 LIBT X CENVATSuepenceAccount CENVATSuepenceAccount INR X X 001 g001131141 8888 LIBT X CENVATreversalAccount CENVATreversalAccount INR X X 001 g001417000 8888 expn X FR1(frightclearing)Account FR1(frightclearing)Account INR X X 001 g001418000 8888 expn X FR2(Provetionforfrightclearing)FR2(Provetionforfrightclearing) INR X X 001 g001248200 8888 asst X CENVATONHOLDAccount CENVATONHOLDAccount INR X X 001 g001248300 8888 asst X RG23AAEDinputtaxAccount RG23AAEDinputtaxAccount INR X X 001 g001248400 8888 asst X RG23ASEDInPutTaxAccount RG23ASEDInPutTaxAccount INR X X 001 g001248500 8888 asst X RG23CBEDInPutTaxAccount RG23CBEDInPutTaxAccount INR X X 001 g001248600 8888 asst X RG23CAEDInPutTaxAccount RG23CAEDInPutTaxAccount INR X X 001 G001248700 8888 asst X RG23CSEDInPutTaxAccount RG23CSEDInPutTaxAccount INR X X 001 G001248800 8888 asst X PLABEDAccount PLABEDAccount INRX X 001 G001248900 8888 asst X PLAAEDAccount PLAAEDAccount INRX X 001 G001249000 8888 asst X PLASEDAccount PLASEDAccount INRX X 001 G001249100 8888 asst X PLACESSAccount PLACESSAccountINR X X 001 G001249200 8888 asst X PLAONHOLDAccount PLAONHOLDAccount INR X X 001 G001249300 8888 asst X CENVATONHOLDAccount CENVATONHOLDAccount INR X X 001 G001200000 8888 ASST X LANDACCOUNT LANDACCOUNT INRX X 018 G067

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