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Fracking mockumentary by a political attack ad agency
Fracking mockumentary by a political attack ad agency

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Categories:Types, Reviews, Film
Published by: James "Chip" Northrup on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chesapeake‟s rebuttal to
is a 30 minute mockumentary made by the gasindustry as a rather belated rebuttal to
It will notopen at a theatre near you any time soon. Nor appear onHBO. Nor be part of the Oscar buzz.
Look for it on Comedy Central. Around 4 AM.
It is Exhibit A on why the gasindustry's credibility has become cheneyesquehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTJaaeiuzSU
"narrator" Shelley DePue had leaking shale gas wells on her property before performing in this frackinginfomercial
2 years before she hit the road in search of the"truth about fracking".
 She knew more about how gaswells leak than the people she pretended to interview.
But this fracking mockumentary is about how gas wellsdon't leak, you know, the way cigarettes don't kill.http://blog.shaleshockmedia.org/2012/05/23/gas-wells-dont-leak-cigarettes-dont-kill/
The mockumentary was produced by a political attack adagency. Strike 2
For the gas industry front group "Energy In Depth" Strike 3
It was paid for by Chesapeake, who owns the website"Truthlandmovie.com". Strike 4
 When I think "truthful" I think 
" Don't you ?It appears that Shelly DePue who is indeed a farmer fromrural Pennsylvania, is not all that independent after all.LittleSis has all the details on how Truthland was (ill)conceived and made:
“And despite her claim that e
nvironmental hazards are
“unfounded” she experienced some on her own property.
 Unfortunately, the environmental and health concerns aboutfracking that
’s protagonist, Shelly Depue,
determined to be 
 after her trip have become areality on her own property. In March, after a DePue neighbor
outside Montrose, PA reported sludgy water and an “erupting”
 water well that was also determined to have unusually highmethane levels, the
investigated andfound that Tulsa, OK-based drilling company WPX Energy had been cited for environmental violations on multiple nearb
 wells in 2011, including on the Depues’ property, which they 
had leased to WPX (then Williams Production Appalachia) in
July 2010. The violations were for “defective casing or cement …
meant to protect aquifers [which contain drinking water] from
gas and other fluids.”
So we have yet another anti-Gasland bit of frackingpropaganda from the gas bags - just in time for Gasland II.The producers, Energy In Depth, are really into thetruthiness business.http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Energy_in_Depth
Energy in Depth even gives industry presentations on how to spin the media and make fracking mockumentaries.
For some reason these fracking shills seemed obsessed withGasland -
as if it were the new Silent Spring . . .
So they try to rebut it with this fracking informercial chock full of truthy vignettes with truthy fracking apologists, truthy camp followers and truthy shale gas roulette winners:
John Hanger, former Pa. DEP commissioner, now aChesapeake lawyer ?
Oversaw some of the worstenvironmental disasters from fracking in the US.
 Includingthe gassing of the narrator's neighbors
(How she met theDEP ?)
He seems a bit uncomfortable mouthing the usualregulatory platitudes. Since he may have known thenarrator more intimately as "Well Failure Incidents #1845 -1850"
Still, he boldly repeats the Big Fracking Deception: "Noinstance of water pollution from fracking" And his high-fived by the narrator, "Ms. Well FailureIncidents # 1845 - 1850"
 When that is more than a bit of a white lie - as the narrator was aware when she posed therhetorical question:
He says that shale gas drilling is "cleaner" that oil welldrilling - meaning a vertical oil well drilling on land ? Nope.Not so.The narrator implies she has not had shale wells put on herproperty - yet. When she had 10 - some of which hadalready leaked. Based on the location of her farm, inSusquehanna County, Pa. a dry gas well would not beeconomic at this time. But it would likely mobilize methane

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