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Published by Denise Buculeasa

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Published by: Denise Buculeasa on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Timisoara  Timisoara is a city in thewest of Romania. It hasalways been the richestcity because of thecultural minorities of Germans, Hungarians,Serbians and Austriansand the favorable position.It has the first beer houseof the historical Hungary and then of Romania, andit was the first city to be illuminated by lamps, thangas and finally electricity. It’s the only city inEurope that has state theaters in Romanian,Hungarian and German.Celebrations
One of the main celebrations in Timisoara is The Romania Day, on the 1
of December.We remember the revolution of 89’, whichstarted from Timisoara, when communismfailed and the last dictator was killed.We celebrate that day by bringing crowns of flowers at the Heroes Cemetery, where people whofought against Ceausescu’s army are buried.
We celebrate Christmas on the 25 of December, we stay with our families andthe girls help grandma in the kitchenwhile the boys drink homemade brandy,made by grandpa, and eat Romanianbacon. The kids enjoy their new toysbrought by Santa. The dinner is made of Sarmale, soup, homemade pork sausageslike Cartabos or Sangerete, and porkroast. The old ones prepare for winterplum brandy in the summer and the pig
that they have reared or bought. For dessertwe must have Cozonac , a cake that ourmothers have to work out very hard.In the evening of the 24
children go door by doorand sing carols with religious songs and theneighbors give them sweets, fruits and money. Thechildren do this on the 30 of December too whenthey wish everyone a good new year with a specificsong.Costumes The Banatian traditional costume is made of flax and it’s hand decorated with goldenand colored thread, that’s why it’s veryexpensive, but although everyone has oneat home and they use it at festivals and togo to traditional dance lessons. A long timeago our grandmothers and grandfathers had one costumefor every occasion and lots of accessories like handpaint head kerchiefs and golden bracelets. The summer clothing is compose of a white shirt withdifferent patterns called Ie for the women andCamasa for men, a long skirt and matchup shirt and anapron for women and plain white pants for men. Theshoes for both are made of black leather. Men wear ablack vest over the shirt and a hat and girls wear their hair up and decorate it withpearls an flowers.Food The Banatian Easter meal is made of braided bread calledColac, a lamb block with eggs and vegetables called Drob, andred colored eggs that represents the blood of Jesus Christ, theybecame an artwork and they are unique in the world becausethey are hand painted with pearls and gold decorations. Thedessert is made of a cake with fresh cheese and raisins calledPasca.
If you go in the center you can find different food , traditionalor not they are all delicious and various. The traditional dishesthat you can find at the different boutiques are: specialdoughnuts called Banatian Crofne, a very sweet thing callesColac Secuiesc, something that resembles the Getman Bretzelbut more various called Covrigi, Langosi,similar to the Italian Focaccia but stuffedwith fresh cheese and a green spice called Marar. You canmake all this at home but you can also buy them in the cityand maybe eat them with your friends after school.Everybody remembers when they were young and used to gowith their grandparents to the market. There you can see oldladies that sells fruits, vegetables, flowers and manyother things.Grandmothers use to prepare jars of pickles,vegetables stew and many other things in the summer.Moms use to make lots of fruit pies, Banatianpancakes and plum dumplings at home for their childrenin the summer.Other traditional dishes are the tomato soup, creamchicken and Papricas.ShepherdsRomania has a long traditionof the grazing of thesheep, goats and cowsespecially in westernRomania. The shepherds live in small villages and theyare all day long at the sheepfold watching theanimals, milking them and making cheese, cream andyogurt that people buy from them. If you want to buyfresh cheese you don't have to go to the shepherd'shouse, you can buy it from the market, or if youlive in the county you have a big choice of where tosubscribe to receive fresh milk, cheese and yogurt, and they will bring it to you athome as often as you desire.

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