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Inside Office Francesca (historia 8)

Inside Office Francesca (historia 8)



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Published by: The Fallen Saga (Saga Oscuros) on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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lauren kate
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rancesca was upset, and she wasn’t sure why. It wasobvious in her short breaths and in the tense space be-hind her knees and in the incipient headache behind hereyes. She hated it when she was upset, hated being lessthan perfectly in control. But she wasn’t in control, andshe didn’t know why. Certainly it wasn’t because of thiscallow new student.When Roland Sparks had arrived at Shoreline,Francesca had not been surprised. Nearly all the fallen
angels were on the move during the truce days, so it wasonly a matter of time before some of them came to herand Steven for help.He sat before her desk now, in his ostentatiousstarched white shirt, having just convinced Steven to al-low him to “audit” some of their Nephilim classes.Ridiculous. If Roland wanted to spy on Lucinda, therewere less obtrusive ways.“You’re going to have to change your clothes,” shesaid to the fallen angel—or, as custom dictated he becalled,
—coolly. “Real students at Shoreline havenever heard of an ironing board. Let alone . . . what arethose?” She leaned down to eye his boots.His smile almost seemed to taunt her. “Ferragamo.”“Ferragamo? Pick up a sweatshirt and some sneakersat the Salvation Army down the street.” She lookedaway and pointlessly shuffled her papers. No matterhow long she’d lived with Stephen, demons always man-aged to unnerve her.“Francesca.” Steven swiveled in his desk chair to leaninto her. “Don’t you want to talk about what happenedtoday?”“What’s there to talk about?” she said, closing hereyes to block out the image of her best students’ white-washed faces when she and Steven had offered them aglimpse inside that dark Announcer. “It was a mistake toeven try.”“We took a chance. We got unlucky.” Steven rested a

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