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2012-2012 Arizon Hunting and Trapping Regulations

2012-2012 Arizon Hunting and Trapping Regulations

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Published by RoeHuntingResources

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Published by: RoeHuntingResources on Jun 15, 2012
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Hunt inormation or deer, all turkey, all javelina, bighorn sheep, allbualo, all bear and mountain lion.
To report violators, call the Department’s Operation Game Thie line: (800) 352-0700.
This booklet includes annual regulations or statewide hunting o the big gamespecies listed above, small game, other huntable wildlie and trapping.*Use this booklet to apply or the 2012 Fall Draw Cycle. This inormation applies tohunting seasons rom July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.Hunt permit application deadline is Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 7 p.m. MST. You may purchase Arizona hunting licenses online.The online application service will be available early to mid-May. Paper hunt permitapplications also can be submitted by mail or at any Department ofce.
* Two other annual hunt draw inormation booklets are published or spring big game hunts and elk and pronghorn antelope hunts covering season dates, open areas, permits and drawing/application inormation.
 Arizona Game and Fish Department 
2012-13 Arizona Huntingand Trapping Regulations
Greetings Arizona sportsmen, sportswomen, and juniors,I am privileged to introduce to you the 2012-13 ArizonaHunting and Trapping Regulations, and congratulate you on participating in a uniquely American pastime.Unlike most conservation systems in the world, huntingin America is not a privilege reserved or a chosen ewby birthright or personal wealth. Under the tenets o theNorth American Model o Wildlie Conservation, wildlieis not owned by any individual or the state, but held intrust by the state or the enjoyment o all. In America, virtually everyone wishing to hunt may do so.Many benets o hunting are underappreciated bysociety. Hunting promotes close bonding between parentand child, requiring parents to provide tutelage in sae,responsible use o rearms. It involves rising beoredawn, struggling through inclement weather and physicaladversity in pursuit o elusive quarry, and embracingmoments o truth when the opportunity o a lietime, or aseason, is either achieved or lost in an instant. Character-building aspects o hunting may have been undamentalto the European model o conservation, in which royaltyand nobility owned the wildlie and hunting was reservedonly or them. However, the character-building value ohunting under the tenets o the North American Modelo Conservation, where hunting is available to all, hashad a distinguishing impact on the development o theremarkable spirit o our nation. As you join us aeld, I challenge you to bring along a childor new adult hunter. By doing so, you help preserve thespecial heritage o hunting and reinvigorate the characterand spirit o America.Hunting remains a treasured activity in Arizona. Theoverwhelming popularity o the most recent online drawapplication and interest in the posted results clearlydemonstrated that the sport’s enthusiasts have greatpassion or this state’s hunting tradition. So many eagerhunters logged on to view results posted online that thesystem slowed to a near-standstill. Nevertheless, theonline system proved operationally secure, the problem was quickly resolved and steps have been taken to assurespeedy, sae results with a high volume o online visitorsor the next draw.The Department is making it easier to understandand meet hunting requirements. To that end, a newinormation technology chie, Doug Cummings, has beenhired, bringing years o experience leading inormationtechnology operations with world-class companies. Hiseorts will streamline and simpliy the process, improvingcustomer service and convenience. Most importantly,Doug is a lietime hunter and customer who has rst-hand experience with the on-line application system.The upcoming draw deadline or deer, bighorn, etc., isTuesday, June 12. Hunters are encouraged to use theconvenient online application alternative, which eaturesbenets such as ewer errors and speedier processing.To submit your application or the June draw, visit www.azgd.gov.Please review these new hunting regulations careully.They contain several changes intended to conserve andprotect our wildlie and habitat. Now is the time orresponsible stewardship, or creating memories, andor passing on to uture generations the ragile reedomupon which our hunting traditions are built.Good luck and sae hunting,Larry D. Voyles, Director
From the Director’s Desk
 2012-13 Arizona Hunting and Trapping Regulations

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