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100 Questions Test Mdf Students

100 Questions Test Mdf Students

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Published by ccasald
a test to check students level
a test to check students level

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: ccasald on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Circle the answer you think is
the most appropriate
. A
means that the sentence is already correctand doesn't need any more words.1. Some people _____ afraid of dogs.Am is are Ø2. The news _____ on TV at 6 o'clock.Am is are Ø3. We don't have _____ bread.Much many few little4. Nancy has _____ unusual last name.A an one Ø5. Michiko studies _____ than her brother.Less little few fewer6. A: _____ CD's are those? B: They're Fred's.Whose who’s who where7. There _____ milk in the carton. It's empty.'s some no ‘s not isn’t any8. Charles can speak Spanish, but he _____ write it very well.No not can can’t9. How many brothers and sisters _____?do you have have you do have you have10. That's my pen. Give _____ her to me them to me him to me it to me11. There are many beautiful wildflowers _____ the desert.On at into in12. There are no trees _____ that island.At to on into13. A: What time is it? B: It's _____.nine and a half half past nine half alter nine nine half14. Where is my _____?History's book book of History History book book’s History15. Who _____?did John go to the movies with John did go to the movies withJohn went to the movies with with John went to the movies16. What time _____ the party last night?did you left you did leave did you leave you left17. What _____ ?
mean "polite" means "polite" does mean "polite" does "polite" mean18. Mr. Nolan _____ to Europe several years ago.Goes went has gone had gone19. Nancy _____.has 18 years has 18 years old Is 18 years Is 18 years old20. Do you like pizza?Yes, I do. Yes, I am. Yes, I like. Yes, I am like.21. _____ the lesson now.I'm understand I'm understanding I understand I understood22. Mr. Richmond _____ after dinner.will to come will come will be come will came23. What _____ this weekend?are you going to do you are going to do you going to do are you going do24. Rocky I was _____ Rocky II.more better more better than better better than25. Carla is _____ student in the class.the more oldest the most oldest oldest the oldest26. Is Mr. Dickenson _____?a friend of you a friend of your a friend of yours friend of yours27. Bill _____ for that company since 1998.is work has worked worked has been work28. I will tell him as soon as he _____.Arrives arrived will be arrive will arrive29. I _____ to Canada.never was never been have never been am never been30. Charles ate _____.almost the pie almost of the pie most the pie most of the pie31. I was sleeping when my friend _____.Arrived arrives is arriving was arriving32. The teacher wants _____ a book report.us to write we to write us write that we write33. I didn't like the movie. I thought it was very _____.Bore bores bored boring34. A: I didn't go to class yesterday. B: _____. I was too tired.
Neither was I Neither did I So was I So did I35. Do you know _____?does Bill speak Spanish does speak Spanish Bill if Bill speaks Spanish if speaks Spanish Bill36. Henry was born _____ November 18, 1985.At in on to37. Henry was born _____ November.At in on to38. Henry was born _____ November 18.At in on to39. Henry was born _____ 1985.At in on to40. Henry lives _____ 435 Oak StreetAt in on to41. Henry lives _____ Oak StreetAt in on to42. Henry lives _____ the end of the street.At in on to43. Henry lives _____ San Francisco, CaliforniaAt in on to44. She is the woman _____ bought our SUV.Which whom she who45. Our house, _____ was built 50 years ago, is being remodeled.Which what that whom46. _____ what to do?Are you be shown Are you been shown Have you been shown Have you being shown47. I saw him _____.to leave leave leaves left48. I won't go to the party _____ you go with me.Despite unlike unless yet49. I went on a picnic _____ the cold weather.Despite unlike unless yet50. John is a very good student, _____ his brother.Although unlike unless yet51. John is a very good student, _____ his brother isn't.

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