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Why Kundalini Jagaran Eng

Why Kundalini Jagaran Eng

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Published by E-gurukul

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: E-gurukul on Jan 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
2 Why Kundalini Jagarana?
(In Sri Rama Sharma Acharya’s own words)Let no one hurriedly gear up for kundalini sadhana. Never try to start thesadhana after reading some books available in the market or after learning a little bit from ateacher. It is my responsibility to provide the right dosage for this great experiment. I will decidewho is to receive how much and why. Though my physical body may cease to exist, I shalldischarge my responsibility for the coming 200 years.I did 24 Gayatri Mahapurascharanas, 3 years of intense tapas under the guidance ofDivine powers. They not only enlightened me with the procedure for performing the awakeningthe kundalini of the country and the world, but also stood by my side and arranged all theparaphernalia needed for the entire process. In the same way, deserving people who wish to takerefuge in the science of kundalini and gather atmabal for specialised purposes, all the requiredmaterial will be arranged for them.The relationship between a Guru and a disciple is not physical in nature. It is related tothe soul. The jeevatma of the sadhaka is linked to the atma of the Guru. Hence, even if the Guruhas ceased to exist in physical body, the disciple gets inspiration continuously.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
2.1 Pujya Gurudev vedamurti, taponishta, yugadrashta pandit Sri Rama sharma Acharya’s message: A story of the future
There exist catastrophic and destructive conditions today that can endanger theentire humanity and the creation. We need efficient tools to counteract these threateningconditions. We cannot kill an elephant with a small weapon. Arrows are not enough to bring afort down. We need vajrayudha to kill the demon Virta. Chandi had to emerge for killingMahisha. We need the courage of Hanuman to uproot a mountain. Looking at present situations,one can understand that ordinary literary ability is not sufficient. My entire life is filled withGayatri. It would have been better if the rest of my life was also spent in the same way. If I hadfound a person like chandragupta or shivaji or vivekananda, it would not have required me tocome out of my pre-determined path and look at handling the present day situations. Howeverhard I tried, I could not get such people. To achieve physical goals, people with physical bodiesare required. A lot of time has gone in searching for these people. In the form of prajna parivar, Icould get hold of rishisattas in whom the energy was present in seed form.The members of prajna parivar are utilising upaasana and sadhana for enhancingpersonal abilities and solving problems. If they had not been given this focus, they would haveled an ordinary life like everyone else. Their ability was getting limited to satisfying personal andfamily needs. At that instant, my Gurudev (Dada Gurudev) showed that the only way out of thisis to attain great energy and distribute it. I changed my path accordingly.This change was implemented in 1984. I took the support of ekanta sadhana andSavitri sadhana. It is not very easy to do sadhana in isolation after having led a life witheverybody. Savitri sadhana – panchakosha jagarana sadhana, kundalini jagarana sadhna. This isalso called sookshmeekarana sadhana and pancheekarana sadhana. The same person who putme on the path of Gayatri sadhana, detailed me about Savitri Sadhana. Through this process hemade me acquire energy that is required for awakening the latent energy of the devamanavas sothat they realise their true form and work towards collective good by achieving spiritualprogress. Looking at the fearsome nature of situations prevailing, I had to take a step ahead fromSavitri sadhana and do kundalini jagarana.
Gayatri – Kundalini – Savitri
The ultimate knowledge
2-18In addition to this, I had to shoulder the responsibility of disseminating thisknowledge to all those worthy people who will harness this energy in future.There are many experiments being conducted in the science of kundalini. In thiscontext, many new and old books on this subject talk of a lots of strange things. Authors andpublishers have collected bits and pieces from different books and have come up with someeditions. These kinds of efforts have resulted in chaos on the subject. The topic is very attractive.And since it deals with esoteric knowledge many people have their eyes on this. But none havedone any experiments to achieve personal experience on the subject. Whatever they have writtenin books are just fundamental practices of hatha yoga and their reactions. These are not even onepercent of this mahavidya. There is not a single book that gives a detailed explanation of thefundamental principles and guides the sadhaka in kundalini vijnan.I myself had to rise above the tempestuous illusions and make an attempt todeliver scientific kundalini sadhanas. My guide and pioneer in the subtle planes, Dada Gurudev,who has been alive since centuries, has complete mastery in the fields of Gayatri, Savitri andkundalini. He found me capable and worthy and utilised me for the 3-year long Savitri sadhanaand for awakening kundalini of devatma India. Because of this, a process that was going intodregs of oblivion attained new life through me.
2.2 Gayatri, the Brahmavidya – Savitri, theatmavidya related to physical life
The situations that we are facing today cannot be resolved by mild sadhanas.
Since itproved inadequate to do sadhanas with right hand alone, I had to resort to my left hand also
. Ihad to take one step ahead of Savitri sadhana.Gayatri is called brahmavidya, atmiki etc. Even though it is the inner core ofatmavijnan, it can also be used for physical benefits and for protecting humanity from fatalcalamities. In this way, it can be a sadhana for the welfare of the self and family.Kundalini energy is pervading everywhere. It is required to receive that energyin parts and assemble it. If we can get the terrifying form of chandi to flow, then we can use itdestroy ill practices. That is why it is called
. When this power is employed, itresults in the destruction of asuric forces. Hence there is a need to take charge of this energy anduse it in the right direction. This is the energy that pronounced the end of bhasmasura,

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