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A Less Known Technique of Prediction b w

A Less Known Technique of Prediction b w

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Published by anup kumar dash

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Published by: anup kumar dash on Jun 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To Dr Raman With Love
ByR. SanthanamTyped and Reviewed by: Pamela Jablonski USA
(Taken From Astrological Magazine Of Raman Saheb, July 1982 Issue)
n the December 1977 issue of THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE, I haddiscussed an old technique of prediction from
 Jyotisha Pragnana Dipika
, a Tamilclassic, detailing the method of classifying various natal charts in the following fourgroups:1.
Sukla Paksha Savya2.
Sukla Paksha Apasavya3.
Sukla Paksha Savyapasavya4.
Sukla Paksha Apasavyasavya5.
Krishna Paksha Savya6.
Krishna Paksha Apasavya7.
Krishna Paksha Savyapasavya8.
Krishna Paksha ApasavyasavyaThough these are divided in eight kinds, these are actually only four as given below:1.
What is Krishna Paksha Savya is also Sukla Paksha Apasavya.2.
What is Krishna Paksha Apasavya is also Sukla Paksha Savya.3.
What is Krishna Paksha Savyapasavya is also Sukla Paksha Apasavyasavya.4.
What is Krishna Paksha Apasavyasavya is also Sukla Paksha Savyapasavya.For charting, please refer to the said article.
  Jyotisha Pragnana Dipika
continues to mention that each Bhava should be made into 12zones,
each of 2˚ 30’
, and the Bhava Karakatwas (Bhava indicators), are as discussedbelow depending upon the zone. The reader is first referred to my article in question sothat he understands the utility of the zones more effectively.Under this scheme, the Bhavas from first onwards are sub-headed as:
First Bhava: 
1. Complexion 2. Physique 3.Head 4. Identity marks on the person 5.Thinking 6. Grief 7. Fame 8. Devotion to Gods 9. Auspiciousness 10. Happiness 11.Age (longevity) 12. Next birth.
Second Bhava: 
1. Family 2. Wealth 3. Eyes 4. Education 5. Landed property 6.Truthfulness 7. Acquaintance with Sastras 8. Alertness 9. Notion 10. Possession of goldand the like 11. The nine kinds of precious stones 12. Yogas.
Third Bhava:
1.Sensual pleasure 2. Servants 3. Singing 4. Courage 5. Afterborns 6.Diseases of the ears 7. Jewels of the ears 8. Dining entitlements 9. Devotion to God10. Success 11. Longevity 12. Incurring debts.
Fourth Bhava:
1. Mother 2. Education 3. Conveyances 4. Auspicious happenings 5.Business 6. Residence 7. Success 8. Comforts 9. Spending 10. Addicted to other men orwomen as the case may be. 11. Milk yielding cattle 12 Temples (i.e. religiousachievements).
Fifth Bhava:
1. Maternal grandfather 2. Maternal uncle 3. Poorva Punya (good deeds of the past birth) 4. Literature 5. Issues 6. Pregnancy (for women) progeny ( for men) 7.Mantras 8. Sense of judgment 9. Wisdom 10 Co-born 11. Future birth 12. Yogabhyasa.
Sixth Bhava:
1. Disease 2.Evils 3. Wounds by weapons 4. Enemies 5. Drowning by water6. Enmity with cousins 7. Physical incapability and death inflicting pains 8. Debts 9.Thefts 19. Venereal diseases 11 Poison 12. Imprisonment.
Seventh Bhava:
1 Band of relatives 2. Capability to achieve progeny 3. Spouse 4.Marriage or such auspicious undertakings 5. Litigations 6. Children through second wife7. Recognition by Government 8. Commanding others even without an assignment. 9Business 10 Subsequent wives 11 Death 12. Enmity with sons.
Eighth Bhava:
1. Death in Warfield 2 Evils caused by society 3. Fall from height 4. Long-lasting diseases 5. Obstacles in undertakings 6. Troubling debts. 7 Expenditure on badacts 8. Death and causing death (viz.) murder, awarding punishment of hanging, etc.,(depending on the horoscope) 9. Enmity 10. Poison 11. Entry into Jail 12. Defeat.
Ninth Bhava
:1. Father 2. Paternal inheritance 3. Religion 4. Bhagya or luck 5.Construction and promotion of choultries and the like 6. School (i.e. educationalinstitutions) 7. Divine acts 8. Teaching 9. Ashta Siddhi (like Anima, Mahima etc.) 10.Construction of tanks, etc. 11 Path of God 12 Residing in forests, hills, etc.
Tenth Bhava
:1. Many beneficial acts 2. Livelihood by virtuous means. 3. Lands andagriculture 4. Kindness 5. Worship 6. Residential plot and living home 7. Devotion toGods 8. Courage 9. Fame 10. Abdominal disorder (for females, abortion or miscarriage).11. Clothes and ornaments 12. Wandering.
Eleventh Bhava
:1. Elder brother or sister 2. Evils and goods to them 3. Enjoyment withmany wives 4. Educational abundance 5. Abundant landed property 6. Conveyances 7.Relief from distress 8. Clothes and ornaments 9. Livelihood through dance, drama andsinging 10.Wisdom 11.Writing on orders of king 12.Journey by sea.
Twelfth Bhava:
1. Going around the world 2. Service in other country 3. Spending 4. Allkinds of carnal and mundane pleasures 5. Sleeping 6. Litigation and legal punishments 7.Pleasures and luxuries 8. Profession by Mantras etc. 9. Business through ships 10. To
ripen the fruits of karma 11. To give away the credit of one’s good deeds (Punya Dana),
12. Yagnas and Yagas.ow, the counting of these zones depends on whether it is Savya, Apasavya, etc.In the case of Savya chart, the counting is straight. That is, 1, 2, 3, etc. asenumerated above. For Apasavya, the counting is reverse, i.e. 12, 11, 10, 9, etc.That is the first 2
˚ 30’ is the 12
zone, the second 30’ is the 11
zone, etc. ForSavyapasavya the first zone will be the one at S. No. 3, the second is the one at S.No. 4and the 12
will be the one at S. No. 2. For Apasavyasavya, it starts from the zone notedat S. No. 11, followed by the ones at S. No. 12, 1, 2, 3, etc. The serial numbers of the 12zones in each Bhava has already been noted. The reader can make suitable countings.The counting holds good for both Krishna and Sukla Pakshas once Savya, Apasavya,Savyapasavya and Apasavyasavya are decided as given by me in my article of December1977.For the sake of proper understanding, we can arrange the twelve zones in first Bhava forthe four different kinds of charts as under:
Savya chart-First Bhava-as alrea
dy given under the heading ‘First Bhava’.
Apasavya chart 
First Bhava: 1. Next birth 2. Age (longevity) 3.Happiness 4. Auspiciousness 5. Devotion to Gods 6. Fame 7. Grief 8.Thinking 9. Identity marks on person 10. Head 11. Physique 12.Complexion.

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