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TBL Issue 3 Grain Drain

TBL Issue 3 Grain Drain



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Published by Rutaba Ahmed

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Published by: Rutaba Ahmed on Jan 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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global briefscsr toolkitcsr talksocial partnership toolkitbreatherbook in focusmusings
people - planet - profits
strategic humour
csr and low-income housingintent - care & growthcross subsidy modelsustainable value
future food
grain drainhunger-poverty nexusliberalspeakfeed or fuel?socialspeakfood & beverage reportcorporate volunteerismopportunity fortifiedcommon sensemanagement spincross-cultural observationobs-inion
Zohare Ali Shariff
Editorial Director
Khadeeja Balkhi
Managing Editor
Rutaba Ahmed
Research, Distribution & Development
Raza TahirMehfooz Aleem
Kamran RaufShireen Lotia
In line with our mission,we encourage reproduction ofmaterial, provided tbl and contentpartners are given credit
Asiatic Public Relations Network(Private) Limited
Printed at
Nikmat Printers, Karachi
The views expressed in tbl are theauthors’ and not necessarily shared bytbl and/or APR
From the office ofDistrict Coordination Officer,City District Government KarachiNO.DCO/DDO/LAW/CDGK/109/2007,KarachiDated May 22, 2007
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tbl:triple bottom-lineAddress:A-7, Street 1,Bath Island, Clifton,Karachi, Pakistan.Tel: (92-21)-5837674, 5823334Fax: (92-21)-5867103E-mail: tbl@apr.com.pkWeb:www.triplebottomline.com.pk
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elusive commodities, starving massesand ruthless spectulatorsthe hunger opportunitycommodity crises: a liberal capitalist perspectivethe losing battle: fuel versus foodworld wheat whereaboutsthe role of the food & beverage sector in expanding economic opportunitya diary of a food volunteermalnutrition in pakistan: the hidden hungerthe grains of truth in crisespakistan’s csr mentality changecsr for csrcommon sense approaches to a ‘food secure’pakistan
may-june 2008
The tbl team expresses its profound gratitude tothe companies whose names appear below, fortheir agreement to support this publication.Bringing out a knowledge-based publication liketbl involves considerable effort and costs. It maynot have been possible to bring out tbl in itspresent format without the invaluable supportand contribution of our Founder Sponsors.Through their support to tbl our FounderSponsors have confirmed that they share ourMission of disseminating triple bottom-lineknowledge to a diversified group includingcorporate, social development and generalbusiness groups. We believe that helping tospread awareness of true CSR is in itself anelement of CSR. By becoming our sponsors, thefollowing companies have taken that vital firststep with us in our journey to facilitate awarenessand understanding of true CSR in our country.The term ‘Triple Bottom-Line’ (TBL), which translatesinto “People, Planet, Profits,” captures an expandedspectrum of values and criteria for measuringorganisational (and societal) success - social,environmental and economic.Through our masthead we personify the term TBL.Essentially, our ‘bottom line’ is a grey bar with aburgundy border which runs through the masthead,at some points overlapping the letters and runningunder them at others. Here ‘t’ stands for triple and isrepresented through the three shades of the letter.The ‘b’ stands for bottom and it sits below our greyline with the line going through it - since thismagazine is a below the line activity, the two gel intogether. The ‘l’ stands for line and the letter sitscomfortably on top of the grey ‘bottom’ line.Mr. Tanveer B. Lone is indeed a busy man, laden withhis struggle for the truth in the Sustainability industry.His first name, Tanveer, according to our wonderfulFerozsons Urdu-English dictionary means'illuminating'. We feel he is sometimes the seeker ofenlightenment, and at others, the seemingly lonebearer. Driven towards his destination – the true lightof CSR – he sometimes feels like a lone voice buriedamidst the complex factors he confronts on the way.Yet as he sets forth, oft-alone on this journey, he knowshe will meet companions along the sub-paths his journey takes, merging at destinations common withhim. There will be occasions where we can all relate tohim. At times, though his capitalist-training-bredfinancial focus may fluster us and his understandingtowards disseminating the true implications of thetriple bottom-line. Watch out for Mr. TBL, as he shareshis views and thoughts in articles and other features inthis issue! Feel free to share ideas with Mr. TBL thatmight help clear the oft-murky waters he'll encounterin his expedition at tbl@apr.com.pk
acknowledgementmr tbl
English Biscuit Manufacturers(Private) Limited
Founder Sponsor
National Foods Limited
Founder Sponsor

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