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Dean Tech Work Election Agreement

Dean Tech Work Election Agreement

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Published by: masslive on Jun 16, 2012
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Missions of Holyoke Public Schools and Dean Technical High SchoolThe mission of the Holyoke Public Schools is to provide educationalopportunities for all students to reach their potential in a safe, secure, healthy,learning environment while valuing diversity and promoting responsivecitizenship. We are committed to providing an education that helps all studentsachieve their fullest potential in an environment that is conducive to effectiveteaching and learning.William J. Dean Technical High School VisionThe vision of William J. Dean Technical High School is to provide our studentswith relevant and rigorous academic and technical skills and competencies, whichwill help our students to be successful and competitive members of the 21stcentury workforce. Upon successful graduation from Dean Technical HighSchool, our students will be prepared for employment, military service or tocontinue their post-secondary education.Dean Tech Mission:Dean Technical High School seeks to become a school in which:
Students are at the center of the work of adults;
A stimulating and engaging learning environment, with a technologicalorientation across the whole curriculum, maximizes individual studentpotential and ensures students of all skill and achievement levels are wellequipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life;
Curriculum, instruction and the school schedule meet the academic andsocial-emotional needs of its students;
Seamless integration of the vocational and academic programming providestudents with a high quality education;
Academic and vocational staff are highly competent in pedagogy, content,and effectively serving Dean
s high school students; and
Its high quality academic and technical education serves as an exemplarfor technical education in the state.
Dean Technical School is a Level IV school within the Holyoke Public Schoolsmanaged by an Educational Management Organization (EMO) who, by contractwith the Holyoke Public Schools, has been granted full autonomy and flexibilityunder the Federal Restart model to run Dean Technical High School. TheCollaborative for Educational Services, located in Northampton MA, is the namedEMO.
This status gives the EMO the right to set the “school day” and “schoolyear” for both faculty and students and to make other alterations in the t
teaching and learning conditions. As a Level IV School, Dean’s primary
decision-making body will be the EMO who will approve the annual work election agreement (WEA), budget, policies, and vision for the school. A DeanGrievance Board will be handling many of the functions previously assumed bythe HTA. Teachers at Dean will undertake a number of special responsibilities,such as service on school committees and participation in regular LearningTeams. Teachers at Dean will subscribe to a school improvement modeldetermined by the EMO, and will participate in the development of acollaborative, professional learning community.
As part of the Dean collaborative, professional learning community, all teachers,in addition to their teaching responsibilities, will:
Participate in the Advisor-Advisee Program to mentor students in awell-structured program that meets for the equivalent of two fullperiods per month preferably in either the first or the last period.
Schedule and participate in three family involvement events. OpenHouse and Family Event Night is a requirement for all teachers.Within each PLC, teachers will be required to plan and participatein either an academic or vocationally focused event (e.g.exhibitions, student-led conferences, family nights, etc
Plan and participate in a department-specific Advisory Committee;
Participate in the Peer Observation process as part of thecollaborative, professional culture;
Work on a variety of teams to support the mission of the school(e.g. PLCs, department, interdisciplinary curriculum, etc.), and
Create and submit lesson plans using a Standards-Based orVocational Competency-Based Lesson Plan template common toall Dean teachers .
a. The School Day:
For 2012-2013, the school day for students is from 8:14 AM until 3:08 PM,Monday
Friday.Teachers will be expected to adhere to this schedule for the year:
Monday is reserved for Faculty Meetings, Department Meetings, orLearning Teams.
● Tuesday
is reserved for school service committees and professionaldevelopment
Teacher Office Hours can be Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday
Wednesday or Thursday is reserved for optional student clubs andactivities.
The school day for teachers will be as follows:Monday 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for Faculty Meetings (1
 Monday), or Departmental Meetings (3
Monday), orLearning Teams (2
and 4
Mondays).Tuesday 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for learning teams, schoolservice committees and professional development.Wednesday-Friday: 8:00 to 4:20, with 3:20 to 4:20 for Teacher OfficeHours or optional student clubs and activities.
*The Principal reserves the right to adapt Tuesday’s schedule based on
therequirements of the school.
b. The School Year:
The school year for students will consist of 180 days of instruction. Teachers willwork 185 days according to the following schedule:
The first day of school for students will be the same day as the firstday of school at other high schools in the Holyoke Public SchoolDistrict.
All teachers will work four Professional Development Days priorto the first day of school.
As part of Dean Tech’s collaborative, professional community, and
in order to increase parental involvement, all teachers will beexpected to participate in three 2-hour evening events during theschool year.
c. Salary, Benefits, Seniority, and Membership in Bargaining Unit:

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