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v ball rotary control valve

v ball rotary control valve

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Published by surefooted1

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: surefooted1 on Jun 16, 2012
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n the early 1960s, Fisher engineers respondedto the needs of the process control industry bydeveloping an improved rotary control valvedesign capable of high-capacity flow control ofslurries. A uniquely designed V-notch ball madeall the difference in efficiencies. Over the years,Fisher has consistently improved on this designand the Vee-Ball
rotary control valve is now thestandard for non-clogging, high-capacity flowcontrol of gas, steam, clean and dirty fluids andabrasive chemicals. The Vee-Ball rotary controlvalve is still your best choice for fibrousslurries, too!Today, Fisher engineers are responding to theneeds of the process control industry once again,adding versatility by ensuring parts commonalityacross the Vee-Ball line. This way, you can relyon one design to meet your range of easy-to-tough control valve needs. This results in signifi-cant efficiencies for your operation. Greaterversatility is also achieved by offering the Vee-Ballrotary control valve in stainless and carbon steelas well as corrosion-resistant alloys.To further enhance performance levels, theFisher Vee-Ball rotary control valve is compatiblewith a selection of Fisher actuators, positionersand other accessories, including the innovativeFIELDVUE
Digital Valve Controller.Fisher Vee-Ball rotary control valves may havebeen originally designed for a very specificapplication, but today you will find this valve hardat work in the power, chemical, petrochemicaland other industries where reducing processvariabilityand maximizing profit opportunitiesare a must!
Regardless of the application,incorporating the Fisher Vee-Ball valve into your process canhave significant money and time-saving benefits.
Improve Total Cost of Ownership
Quality Fisher constructionassures you of long-life performancefrom your Vee-Ball valve. Minimumservice requirements are necessary.
Reduce Process Variability
The Vee-Ball rotary control valve isa highly engineered componentessential to the accuracy andcontrollability of your flow system.Extensive flow loop testing hasdemonstrated the Vee-Ball valve’sunmatched performance advantagein controlling process variability.
Reduce Downtime
The rugged Vee-Ball valve incorpo-rates large margins of safety in itsdesign. This, coupled with extensiveflow testing and evaluation, resultsin a rotary control valve that is theindustry standard for dependabilityand longevity.
Reduce Parts Inventory
Commonality of parts across the Vee-Ball line helps you keep triminventory costs to a minimum,resulting in bottom-line savings.
Reduce Maintenance Costs
The V-notch ball seal can bereplaced without valve disassemblyor actuator removal.
Reduce Training Costs
The Vee-Ball valve meets therequirements of a broad range of applications, which means engineer-ing and maintenance training canfocus on a single valve design. Yourstaff can quickly take advantage of the Vee-Ball valve’s flexibility, savingtraining time and expense.
Achieve Worldwide Consistency
With manufacturing plants andservice facilities worldwide, youcan count on Fisher and itsproducts to deliver the same highlevel of performance wherever your operations are located.In addition to providing top quality,expertly engineered valves, Fisheris committed to providing you withexceptional customer service.Fisher’s application assistance,responsive replacement partsservice, control valve repair andtraining add even more value tothe Vee-Ball rotary control valve.
The Vee-Ball Rotary Control Valve —Your Best Choice For Performance And Cost-Effectiveness Across A Broad Range Of Applications.
0.5% Steps 1% Steps 2% Steps 5% Steps 10% Steps
%70656055504540350 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400Input SignalActuator TravelFlow RateTime (Seconds)
Control Valve Performance
4" V-Notch Ball Valve With Diaphragm Actuators
Comparing the response of the Vee-Ball valve to that of a competitiveV-notch ball valve reveals a significant difference. As demonstrated in the performance test results above, the Vee-Ball valve initiates accurate actuator travel and flow rate changes inresponse to step changes in input signal as low as 0.5%. In contrast,the competitive unit shows inaccurate response until reaching 5% step changes, where it begins to show a degree of flow accuracy. In the majority of closed loop tests, Fisher Vee-Ball control valveassemblies simply outperformed the competition.

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