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Final Rm Brochure

Final Rm Brochure

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Published by Ankit

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Published by: Ankit on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2-Week ISTE Workshops conducted by IIT Bombay
About 10 years ago, an important initiative was taken byIIT Bombay to enhance the teaching skills of our facultycolleagues in Engineering and Science Subjects. Thisinitiative has now become a part of the National Missionon Education through ICT (NMEICT) supported by MHRD.We have conducted two-week ISTE workshops onComputer Programming, Database ManagementSystems, Thermodynamics, Basic Electronics, HeatTransfer, Software Development Techniques, SolarPhotovoltaics, and Writing Effective Conference Papers.These workshops were attended by about 9,500participating teachers across the country, at 78 remotecentres, through distance mode, using the internet.In the backdrop of the success of these workshops, wenow announce a mega-workshop: a two-week ISTE workshop, on
Introduction to Research Methodologies
,to be held from
June to 4
July 2012, at about 200Remote Centres across the country.Duration and Venue
The ISTE workshop on
Introduction to ResearchMethodologies
will be conducted simultaneously atmultiple remote centres across the country, in the distancemode. Every remote centre will have about 50-100participants. The workshop will include the delivery of liveinteractive lectures from IIT Bombay, and locally organizedtutorial and laboratory sessions. The course will benetworked to the remote centres via the internet, usingspecially developed software called AVIEW.
Research Methodologies is being recommended byAICTE to be a compulsory core subject for all ME/M.Techprogrammes in the country. The syllabus is currently beingdrafted by a committee at AICTE. It is therefore important,that a large number of teachers should be able to teachthis subject, or at least be fully conversant with the basicconcepts.
Course outline
This course will provide an introduction to research forscientists and engineers. The goal of the course is to takea researcher through the various aspects and steps of aresearch project. Topics covered in the course areclassified into the following main categories:
Productive Thinking Skills
Scientific Method and Experimentation Skills
Communication Skills – Written and Oral
Management of research time management,stress management, professional ethics
The course will consist of lectures and several interactivesessions. There will be tutorials and practical sessions wherein participants will get an opportunity to apply theresearch methodologies and skills discussed, to addressresearch problems. Participants will work on severalexercises individually and in teams.
Course Faculty
Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar, IIT MadrasProf. Uday Gaitonde, IIT BombayProf. Sahana Murthy, IIT BombayProf Santosh Noronha, IIT Bombay
Who Should Attend
This workshop will benefit all faculty members guiding and working on research projects in their college. Weencourage teachers in the initial stages of research, suchas those pursuing M.E. and Ph.D, to participate.Limited seats may be offered
 without any fundingsupport
, to PG students to participate as observers, incase of availability of space at a remote centre.
Note A
Please note that the participants will be required tomake
additional contributions within the following two weeks for certification. These contributions will be in theform of assignments.
Note B
Please note that this workshop is conducted under theeOutreach project of IIT Bombay. Live recording of thecourse and other created contents would be releasedunder Open Source, through a portal. The recordedCD/DVD of the course lectures would be available fordistribution at cost, to any individual/ institution. Allparticipants are required to sign a No Objection certificatefor such a release of contents contributed by them duringand after the workshop. All contributors will beacknowledged.
Accommodation and other support
Remote centres are being funded to provide tea/lunch oneach day of the workshop. Accommodation may be madeavailable for a limited number of outstation participants,but there is no guarantee. Travel expenses up toRs.1000/- will be reimbursed against proof of actualexpenditure.
Course Fee
Since the workshop is funded by the NationalMission on Education through ICT (MHRD,Government of India), there is
no course fee forparticipation

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