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Published by Tony Pham

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Published by: Tony Pham on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TumblingStudy GuideHerbie is the husband of Noon, he hangs out mostly at clubs. He finds a baby girl on the stepsof his front door one night. The baby is the one thing that kept both Noon and Herbie together in timesof conflict, he always returned to her because of the baby that they named Fannie. Herbie is notreligious like his wife and the Reverend feels that if he had been kinder and more god fearing, Nooncould open up to her. He feels that he has his own sexual needs that he must fill by seeing womannamed Ethel at a lounge each night. Had he been able to win Noon over, he would not have to seeEthel, he loves her however she can not full fill his desires. Herbie is a protective and loving father towards his daughter Fannie and would do anything for her.Noon is the wife of Herbie, she is god fearing and very religious-oriented. Because of her family background, her father was a reverend in Virginia. She is conservative, caring and motherly, shetakes in Fannie as if it were her own child. To Noon fannie is the child she could never give birth to dueto her insecurities and trauma she acquired as a 12 year old girl, when she was abused by a cult. Thatfear prevents her from satisfying her husband herbie and having a child., since that tragic incident as achild, she acts very closed and she blushes when she starts to open up about her true feelings. Shelooks up to the Reverend at her church for spiritual guidance in the hopes that she will heal and thatGod can guide her to make the best decisions in life. Near the end of the story, she finds the courage totake charge and overcome her fears.Ethel, is a singer that travels all around the world. She is very beautiful and understanding. Shesees it as her duty to help men free themselves, as a part of a redemption for what happened to a manthat was killed by her mentally unwell mother. In sleeping with men, she becomes free from the guiltand pain, by being with men she feels as she is delivering them from their own needs and pain. Ethel isHerbie’s friend, however he is in love with her. Although Ethel would rather not be committed toanyone but herself, she wishes to continue with her career and be her own woman. One day she isinformed that her sister has died and she must become the guardian of her niece Liz. She is aware thatwith her lifestyle of a singer, that she would not be able to properly take care of a child, with that
thought she decides to leave the child with Herbie and Noon because she views them as perfect parentsfor her. Ethel is strong and not easily broken down by others, in the end she comforts others the most.Fannie is the adopted daughter of Noon and Herbie, she was found on their front steps and her  parents were unknown. She is able to look into the future and see premonition, she has an amazingsense of clairvoyance, when others are blinded by greed or are just naïve to situations she is the onewho is able o see through it. Fannie is the daughter that noon and herbie could never have, they viewher as a blessing and the light in their life. Her personality is very understanding and tomboyish, she isan opposite to her sister Liz. Her fear is of fate, because she is unsure if she can prevent things fromhappening by changing fate. As an infant she was left on Noon and Herbie’s steps by Ethel, her appearance started the whole story.Liz, is the niece of Ethel. Her birth mother is died in a car crash and she was taken in by Ethel at5 years old. Her connection with Fannie and Noon is very strong, as if they were biological familywhere as she is cold and withdrawn around herbie and they exchange mutual awkward responses. Sheis the only one who knew that Herbie and Ethel met each night, and as a result she hated him for takingEthel’s attention and betraying Noon. Liz dreams of a life of glamour and class, her standards are highand almost impossible to meet with her impeccable taste. Often the becomes self absorbed andungrateful towards Noon as she becomes older. From the trauma of seeing Ethel with men each nightand fear of monsters under her bed, Liz copes with insecurities and fears by chewing on pieces of  plaster on the walls and spitting them out. She craves for attention.-Make a list of Time markers McKinney- Whetstone uses to revive this bygone era of the mid-20
century.Some time markers include: jazz/ swing music being preformed at the Royale the genre of music was predominant in the era, the record player being used by Ethel in her room. --What local landmarks or well-known businesses mentioned in the novel have disappeared from our cityscape?

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