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oracle architecture

oracle architecture

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Published by vinitsarode4097

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Published by: vinitsarode4097 on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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a.An instance: Which is basically a set of memory structuresand background processes that cache the most used data,and serve as an exchange point between the users(clients)and the datafiles that have the information on disks.b.Datafiles : These datafiles are located on hard disks, andthey compose all the data that is stored in Oracle,controlfiles,tablespaces, redo-log files,etc.c.Oracle-Software : This contains the Oracle-kernel which ismuch like a sub-operating system on top of the host system, because it coordinates the memory-structures andprocesses (Instance) and the file updates (Datafiles) on thehard drives.
1………… SGA
>Database Buffer Cache(depends on DB_BLOCK_SIZE & DB_BLOCK_BUFFERS parameters)>Redo Log Buffer (depends on LOG_BUFFER , monitored V$SYSSTAT )>Shared Pool (depends on SHARED_POOL_SIZE )
>>Library Cache.Shared SQL Areas (Contains the parse tree and execution plan for a single SQL statement).Private SQL Areas (Contains data such as bind information and runtime buffers,each session thatissues a SQL statement has a private SQL area;many private SQL areas can be associated withthe same shared SQL area, if a session is connected via a dedicated server private SQL areasare in the users PGA. If the sessions connected via the multi-threaded server, the private area iskept in the SGA )..Persistent (Contains bind information that persists accorss executions,code for data typeconversion and other state information, in contrast to Runtime,the persistent area remainswaiting after the statement completes, the open cursors that will not be used should be closedto free the persistent area and to minimize the amount of memory required for the application)..Runtime ( Contains information used while the SQL statement is being executed, it is thefirst step in an execute REQUEST, it releases this memory when the statement finishes)>>Dictionary Cache (Also known as the row cache, because it holds data as rows instead of buffers)>>Control Structures
>Large Pool (Optional,used for large memory allocations) MTS- to allocate uga in sga
2…….. PGA : backup
for rman disk I/o buffers
A PGA (Process Global area ) is a memory region containing data and control information for asingle process. One PGA is allocate for each server process.b.Stack Space: A PGA always contains stack space, which is memory allocate to hold a sessionsvariables,arrays, and other information.c.Session Information : If the instance is in single-serer mode, the PGA also contains informationabout the users session, such a private SQL areas. If the instance is in multi-threaded server,this session information is not in the PGA, but is instead allocated in the SGA. The PGA's initialsize is fixed and OS specific, however the parameters OPEN_LINKS and DB_FILES affect thesizes of PGAs.d.Sort Areas : Use memory from the PGA of the Oracle server process that performs the sort onbehalf of the user process. However, a part of the sort area ( up to SORT_AREA_RETAINED)exists in the runtime area of the process's private SQL area. The sort area can grow up to limitSORT_AREA_SIZE.

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