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Underground Nazi Invasion of the United States

Underground Nazi Invasion of the United States

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Published by jack007xray

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: jack007xray on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Agent 'Wolverine'
(Pretty inflammatory title, huh? Well, let's just see if there's any evidence whatsoever thatsomething so unbelievable could be happening here in America. The following informationmay sound almost unbelievable to some, in fact almost as unbelievable as the reports of horrendous genocidal atrocities that had made their way out of Nazi Germany during thecourse of World War II -- those reports that many in the U.S. Government believed were tooincredible to be true, those reports which they finally believed... yet only when it was too lateto do anything about it. As for the information which follows, I cannot claim full responsibilityfor these revelations. The only explanation that I have for the consolidation of this informationas it appears in this database is that it is the result of a supernatural manifestation of synchronicity, wherein I was 'led' to be in the right place at the right time in my research intothe current activities of the 'Nazi' conspiracy in present times. Apparently "Truth" is a vitalforce in and of itself. The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none cansee, yet eventually it will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potentthan ever, and nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet it cannot bedestroyed. I believe that what you will read throughout this database is information which hasbeen suppressed for years, yet which is now breaking forth like water from a shattered dam, inspite of all attempts to hold it back. It is information whose time has come. So be it. -Wolverine)"LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD... THOUGH THE HEAVENS FALL!"(Quote from Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison... during the trial of Clay Shaw --accused by Garrison of coordinating factions of the Mafia, the CIA and the Military-IndustrialEstablishment in the conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963)As World War II was drawing to a close and General George Patton was making his deadlypush into the heart of Europe in pursuit of Nazi forces who were beginning to realize that their fascist empire was about to crumble -- or so it seemed -- a counter-measure was put intoeffect by deep-level agents of the Nazi S.S. This bold and brazen plan was to effect not only anescape of the inner core of the Nazi S.S. but also to implement an infiltration of the UnitedStates' military-industrial establishment using Nazi S.S. 5th column agents in America whowould be instructed to blend-in with the population and coordinate their corporate armies inpreparation for a future attempt to take control of the American government from within!So, how were the Nazi's able to infiltrate the heart of American Intelligence without givingthemselves away? They would have to have received backing from a very powerfulorganization already operating within the confines of the American Republic. The only thingmore powerful than the American government itself, the Nazis discovered, were the multi-billion-dollar corporate empires which had a considerable influence on the American politicalsys- tem behind-the-scenes. One of the most powerful of these financial empires had putDwight D. Eisenhower into the presidency, as well as one of their own family members into theVice Presidency. This financial empire was none other than the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION.This foundation had a great deal of influence in the media and, in turn, in manipulating publicopinion in favor of their own political agendas.
According to the well-known International economist Dr. Antony Sutton, the Rockefellers notonly helped to finance the Nazi Empire -- the Rockefellers being long-time members of Bavarian-German secret societies that were determined to rule the world by establishing atotalitarian 'New World Order' -- but their STANDARD [EXXON] OIL company had literallyprovided the 'fuel' for the Nazi War machine's conquest of Europe.Nelson Rockefeller (who was later manipulated into the Vice Presidency) initially brought 3000crack Nazi S.S. agents into the United States and gave them new identities and positionswithin their corporate empire, or within allied corporate structures, most of these being part of the so-called Military-Industrial Establishment. This super-secret operation was calledPROJECT PAPERCLIP. Also, several former Nazi scientists from the PeenemundeAerodynamics Institute which built the 'V-1' and 'V-2' rockets which reigned terror uponEngland were placed in positions of influence within these corporate/military establishmentsas well.The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION [NWO] was initially created by the Bavarian secretorders (or the Bavarian Empire) and is ultimately being run from Bavaria, Germany -- althoughthey will never admit to this. Former U.N. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian, hasbeen accused by many of being an undercover Nazi war criminal. He was allegedly one of several Nazi infiltrators who helped form the 'unofficial' genocidal policies of the UNITEDNATIONS ORGANIZATION. The Genocidal and Population Control plans of the United Nationsare not too difficult to document. The U.N. - N.W.O. (UNITED NATIONS - NEW WORLD ORDER)also plans to foment anarchy and race riots in America in preparation for the implementationof Executive Orders which will be used to establish martial law and the presence of a UNITEDNATIONS "peace keeping force". They will use the excuse that since "we" have sent "peacekeepers" to other countries, we in America are not exempt from U.N. intervention in a time of internal instability. However, these U.N. 'Blue Helmets', once they have established their presence, WILL NEVER LEAVE willingly. Instead they will be used to force Americans toconform to the fascist Bavarian "New World Order" via its "Trojan horse", which is knowntoday as the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION or U.N.O.Now before you accuse me of suffering from paranoid delusions, I would CHALLENGE you toread this entire series of files, and THEN you can accuse me of paranoid schizophrenia if youwish...When and if a "U.N. Police Action" is taken against America, the first order of business will beto confiscate all personal weapons (take away the right to bear arms -- in fact the Gun ControlAct of 1968 was lifted in its entirety from the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, which was supposedto curb "gang activity" between Nazi and Communist Party thugs); outlaw all non-sanctionedreligious activities (remove freedom of worship -- or initiate an "inquisition" against allreligions that are not approved by the "New World Order"); and confiscate all two-waycommunications devices such as computers, telephones, fax machines, etc. (disablingfreedom of speech -- of assembly, free expression, etc. You doubt that such Executive Ordersfor "Emergency" contingencies are on the books? Then read the concluding files in thisseries. Better yet, read all the files in order and you'll get a remarkable overview of what istaking place in this world. Remember, knowledge is power and power is protection. - Wol.).These three foundational freedoms, as well as the rest of the BILL OF RIGHTS, will beeliminated if these enemies of freedom and justice have their way. 'Dissenters' will either beshot on site or will be taken to one of the 13 [or more] CONCENTRATION CAMP centers thathave been prepared and ARE NOW operational within the United States. Eleven of these havebeen identified as follows:
Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas; Ft. Drum, New York; Ft. Indian Gap, Penn- sylvania; Camp A. P. Hill,Virginia; Oakdale, California; Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; Vendenberg AFB, California; Ft.Mc Coy, Wisconsin; Ft. Benning, Georgia; Ft. Huachuca, Arizona; Camp Krome, Florida.There is much evidence that the Nazi's have also been infiltrating the 'militia' movementsthrough right-wing para-military factions such as 'The Order'. This may serve severalpurposes, among them being to discredit the militias, and more importantly to bring themunder Fascist control. A fascist-controlled militia might be swayed into accepting a totalitariangovernment under the cover of anti-Socialist "Americanism". Actually Nazism IS Fascist-Socialism [National Socialism] in its worst form, but the Bavarians with their Machievellian /Hegalian philosophy do not want us to be aware of this. They have intentionally created achasm between the Republican and Democratic parties through their control of the media. Inthe same way they have more-or-less conditioned Americans to vote for either one of twoagendas -- two political parties, both of which have been infiltrated by National Socialistagents -- even when there are very qualified candidates within other parties that have beenignored by the media. Those within the militias or patriot movements who fall for the 'WhiteAmerica' propaganda have apparently not read-up on the writings of the founding fathers inregards to the conviction that all men are created equal. We had to endure a bloody civil war over whether or not we were going to maintain this philosophy, or revert to a perpetual slavestate.The threat to America is not one of race, but of ethics. We are not endangered by anyparticular race, but by a racist philosophy. America was intended to be a land where theoppressed from EVERY COUNTRY might come and seek refuge from the tyrannies under which they suf- fered in their own lands. The threat comes instead from those national or international socialist governments who are enraged that there would be some place on earthwhere people would band together in a republic which would seek to exclude the foreign elitefrom ruling over the 'lower classes' as their absolute overlords. Sadly however, these tyrantshave targeted and infiltrated America for the specific purpose of destroying her Constitution,the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and all of the founding principles uponwhich they were based. In our references to Germany, Austria and Italy as major threats toAmerica throughout these files, we do not use these terms in reference to the German,Austrian or Italian races or cultures in themselves. Instead, we refer to the ages-old secretorganizations and societies which com- pose the remnants and descendants of the inner eliteof the old Roman [and the so-called 'holy' Roman] Empires which have continued to flourishin direct succession from the ancient pagan cults which controlled the inner core of thatancient empire. That ancient empire never really died, but still spreads its deadly tentaclesthroughout the world in search of that which it can devour, control and conquer. And it is stilldetermined to bring the entire planet under its absolute control, as has been its ageless goal...Another organization that should be looked into is the German- spawned O.T.O. or ORDOTEMPLI ORIENTUS, Aliester Crowley's cult which had deep fascist political connections. Also,the German born SKULL & BONES SOCIETY of which both George Bush and his father Prescott were members. Bush Sr. assisted in the financing of the Third Reich in collaborationwith the Rockefellers, and George Bush himself had stated at one point "Isn't it about time weforgive the Nazi War Criminals?". Bush's constant reference to a "New World Order" and hisformer position as CIA and later MJ-12 director (although the latter position was not a 'public'office) is suggestive.John Hinkley Jr., the one who tried to assassinate President Reagan when Bush was vicepresident, had strong ties with American Nazis as well as to the Bush family. Well, George[Herbert] Bush couldn't have wanted to take control the presidency by default now could he?

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