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Position Paper 1

Position Paper 1

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Published by Violet Lee

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Published by: Violet Lee on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear fellow panel members,Before we begin, please bare in mind that Chinese foreign policy has always been itscommitment to the five principles of peaceful co-existence, which take a hard linenotion of sovereignty.This includes:-Mutual respect for 
each other’s territorial sovereignty and integrity
 -Mutual non-aggression-Mutual non-
interference in each other’s internal affairs
 -Equality and mutual benefit-Peaceful co-existence China, as a country which pursues a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention, hasalways made independent decisions based on the merits of individual cases. It never sits on the fence, hops onto the bandwagons, or acts in accordance with the wills of other powers. What China seeks is to find solutions through dialogue and consultationwith a goal of maintaining international and regional peace, stability anddevelopment. Every time when there is a need to maintain the world's peace, Chinawill, in no hesitation, take action to support justifiable rights of those countriesinvolved.Therefore, our fellow members
, it isn’t so hard to comprehend
our recent decision toveto the resolution,
which called for Syria’s president Bashar al
-Assad to step down.It is paramount to understand why the Chinese government felt that this resolutionwould prove to be counterproductive in the long run. It's impossible to forge basicand favorable conditions for stopping violence - especially if the proposal only setsrequirements for Assad's government but has no equal demands over the anti-government armed forces opposing him. Therefore, the new resolution will have noeffects in re-establishing domestic stability for Syria, advancing its nationalreconciliation, cooling down factional tensions, or resolving other Syrian issue in a peaceful manner through sound political and diplomatic approaches.We believe there are still other ways and opportunities to solve the conflicts in Syria.China calls for the negotiation and communication among the Syrian parties and astop to all violent activities through restrains on both sides, thereafter enacting theconstitution for the election in Syria.We sympathize with the Syrian cause and strongly condemn the killing of anycivilians. It is however important to note that the situation in Syria is extremelycomplex. Change of regime cannot be forcefully expedited unto a country by externalintervention. Afghanistan and Iraq are the unfortunate examples of this argument,where freedom turned out to be complicated; and partly the result of the Arab Spring,where new freedoms have brought chaos and the possibility of new repression.
Member nations should keep in mind that supporting an opposition partyunconditionally may complicate the internal politics of a country.

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