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Published by: আরিফ রহমান on Jun 16, 2012
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(Ans to all Probable Question)
SC-15.Describe the battle with lessons learnt.SC-16.Describe the salient features of the battle and draw the lessons learnt therefrom.SC-18.Discuss the battle of Yarmuk covering the fol :a.Planning of the Muslime and Romansb.Generalship of khalid bin Walidc.Lessons learnt.SC-20.NILSC-21.NILSC-22Prep by both the forces and causes of Muslim's victory.SC-23.Khalid's concept of ops, Plan for the battle and disposn of the Muslim forcesto cbt an army four times larger.SC-24.Describe the salient features of the battle and lessons learnt there from.SC-25.a.Khalids concept of op and plan for the battle.b.Causes of Romans defeat.c.Do you think that the lessons learnt from the battle are still valid inview of massive changes in war fighting tech and mil hardware?Justify your ans.SC-26.Discus the plan and disposn of Muslim forces. What all in you openion,contributed towards the victory of the Muslim?
Most Probable Questions (SC-27).
1.Describe salient features of the battle and draw the lessons learnt therefrom.2.Describe the battle of Yarmuk covering the fol :a.Khalid's concept of op and planning.b.Romans plan with the causes of their defeat.
c.Generalship of Khalid bin Walid.
1. The Battle of Yarmuk was fought between the Muslims and the Romans in
The battle took place in the plain of the River Yarmuk, which is loc in the southernpart of present Syria. It was one of the most decisive battles fought by the Muslims for the raise of Islam after the demise of Prophet Mohammad (SM). The lightningoutflanking manoeuver and offensive spirit of the battle is note worthy. The plan, ldrshipqualities, the battle, the principles of war fol and lessons learnt from the battle is still thesubj to study in the modern warfare
Backgrd and Causes of Battle
2. After the demise of Prophet (SM) en of Islam thought that the newly formed Islamicstate under Caliph Abubakar (RA) would soon collapse. As a result some of the ArabChristians and Jewish tribes refused to pay Jiziya (Tax for non-Muslims) any more.When it became an open rebellion, the Caliph started sending his force to restore lawand order sit .At this time the Roman emperior 
became the unchallengedruler of Constantinople, Greece, North African and Persia. Some of the dissident ArabChristians sought military support from the Roman Emperior against the Muslims. Butmost of his expeditions failed to defeat Muslims. Romans were badly defeated by
in the battle of 
(Jordan), by
in the battle of 
and Abu Ubaida and Khalid spoiled their attempt to retake Damascus. Muslimscontinued their victory and took almost whole Palestine and Syria. After evaluatingoverall sit, Heraclius decided to org a massive force to gain an overwhelmingsuperiority. In the mean time Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) died. Thinking this to be the correcttime, Heraclius decided to mob a large well-trained force to destroy the Muslims oncefor all. However the maj causes are as fol :a.Deny paying tax (Jizia) by Non Muslim.b.Anti Muslim collaboration.c.Defeat in the Battle of Aznadyn (Jordan) and Beisan.d.Death of first Caliph Abu Bakr (RA).e.Destroying the Islamic ideology.
f.Imperialism of the Romans.g.Border conflict.h.Strat imp of Siryia. j.Rebellion of the Christians and Jews.k.Killing of Muslim envoys.l.Hostile activities of Jews.m.Spreading of Islam.
Plan and Prep of Both the Focus
3.Conc of Roman Forces. By May 636 AD, an army of about 75,000 men wereconc by
in the area of Antioch and in parts of Northern Syria. This forceswas org into five armies. The comds of these armies were:a.Mahan, King of Armenia comd a purely Armenian army and he was appt asthe comd-in-chief of the entire army.b.Qanateer, A Russian prince comd all the Russian and slaves.c.Dierjan and Gregory comd all the European forces.d.Jabla comd the Christian Arabs.4.
Initial Muslim Disposn.
Muslim forces at that time were spread out in differentplaces as fol :a.Amr-Bin-Al-Aas was in Palestine.b.Shiurahbeel was in Jordan.c.Yazeed was at Ceasarea.d.Khalid bin Walid was at Sheizar.e.Abu Ubeida was at Emessa.

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