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ABB Capacitor CLMD-Brochure

ABB Capacitor CLMD-Brochure

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Published by Bibin Joy

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Published by: Bibin Joy on Jun 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LVCapacitor CLMD
Reliability for Power Factor Correction
CLMD: reliability for power factor correction
CLMD construction
The CLMD capacitor consists of a number of woundelements made with a dielectric of metallizedpolypropylene film. These dry windings areprovided with a sequential disconnector ensuringthat each element can be reliably and selectively disconnected from the circuit at the end of its life.The capacitor elements receive a treatment under vacuum in order to ensure perfect electricalcharacteristics. Each winding is placed in a plasticcase and encapsulated in thermo-setting resine inorder to obtain a perfectly sealed element.
 Wire connectionMetal end sprayIn-house metallised polypropylene film (unique profile)Secondary foil windingBiaxially oriented polypropylene dielectricThermo-setting encapsulationPlastic caseFuse link 
The elements are placed inside a sheet steel boxand connected in such a way as to supply thesingle or three-phase power at the required voltageand frequency.The sheet steel box is filled with inorganic, inertand fire proof granules in order to absorb theenergy produced or to extinguish any flames incase of a possible defect at the end of an element’slife.The CLMD is also provided with thermalequalizers to ensure effective heat dissipation.
High performance in-house metallised film
 ABB’s completely integrated manufacturing process has resulted in the development of the special ABB high-performance film of which all ABB L.V. capacitors benefit:high breakdown strengthexcellent peak current handling capability high capacitance stability optimal self healing designlong life
Reliable and safe
Dry type design
The CLMD has a dry type dielectric and thereforecannot give any risk of leakage or pollution of theenvironment.
 Very low losses
Dielectric losses are less than 0.2 Watt per kvar.Total losses, including discharge resistors, are lessthan 0.5 Watt per kvar.
Long life - Self-healing
In the event of a fault developing in the dielectricof the capacitor, the metallized electrode adjacentto the fault is immediately vaporized, thus insulatingthe fault. The capacitor then continues normaloperation.
Fire protection
 All capacitor elements within the CLMD capacitorare surrounded by vermiculite which is aninorganic, inert, fire proof and non toxic granularmaterial. In the event of any failure the vermiculiteabsorbs safely the energy produced within thecapacitor box and extinguishes any possible flames.
Unique protection system
 A unique Sequential Protection System ensures thateach individual element can be disconnected fromthe circuit at the end of its life.
Easy to install - Light weight
The CLMDcapacitor is very lightweight andtherefore presents no handling difficulties duringinstallation.
High reliability
The CLMD capacitor complies with therequirements of IEC 831-1 & 2. The use of robustterminals removes the risk of damage duringinstallation and reduces maintenance requirements.
Thermal equalizers are fitted to surround eachcapacitor element and provide effective heatdissipation. The CLMD capacitor is equipped withdischarge resistors.
ISO 9001
Our ISO 9001 Quality System registration providesthe strongest assurance of our product quality.
ISO 14001
The CLMD capacitor has a dry type dielectric andis free from liquids or other impregnating agents.It has been designed for environmentally friendly manufacturing. Our ISO 14001 certificationguarantees our commitment to the environment.
Knock-outEarth terminalMetal enclosure(also available for outdoorinstallation) Very low lossesRobust terminals, easyconnectionDischarge resistorsSelf-healingDry dielectricThermal equalizerInert and non-toxicgranules

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