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Published by nappygorby

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Published by: nappygorby on Jun 16, 2012
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Current Research and Insights
Number 11 June 2012
A pliatio o the Soiety or Sietif Exploratio
The Twin Thing
 Also in this issue:scar Wav A Prc Mact Kg R A Mdm   Dcr’ ofc
The Experiment Effect
by Rupert Sheldrake
Consciousness Matters
by Dean Radin
The Lunar Effect
by Arnold L. Lieber
Current Research and Insights
Number10 March 2012
A publication of theSocietyforScientific Exploration
The “Elephants” in the Lab:
A Medium in the Doctor’s Ofce 
By Ian Rubenstein
On “Vritra and Geomythology” On “The Lunar Eect in the Lab” 
The Twin Thing 
By Guy Lyon Playfair
Building a Prescient Machine 
By Garret Moddel
What Do You Mean,“Scalar Wave”? 
by Andrew May
Breaking the Barrier o American Isolationism 
A review by Stephen C. Jett ofAlice Beck Kehoe’s
The KensingtonRunestone: Approaching a ResearchQuestion Holistically 
EdgeScience #11
June 2012
EgeSee s a qate magaze.Pt pes ae avaabe megesee.mag.m.F te mat, see egesee.gEma: egesee@gma.m
Why EdgeSiee?
Bease, ta t pbpeept, set kwege s st  kws. Wat emas t be svee — watwe ’t kw — ve ke was wat we  kw. A wat we tk we kw ma t be ete et  est. Amaes, w eseaeste t sweep e te g, s be atvepse as es t pteta beaktgs a ewets  see.PuBliShEr: Te Set  Set ExpatEdiTor: Patk hge ASSociATE EdiTorS: dk Basba,P.d. MeconTriBuTorS: Stepe c. Jett, Bejam Kesse, Aew Ma, Gaet Me, G l Paa,ia rbestedESiGn: Smttpe desg
The Soiety or Sietif Exploratio
(SSE)s a pessa gazat  setsts asas w st sa a expaepemea. Te pma ga  te Set s tpve a pessa m  pesetats,tsm, a ebate eg tps w ae vas eass ge  ste aeqatewt masteam see. A sea ga s tpmte mpve estag  tse atstat eessa mt te spe  setq, s as sga stats, esttvew vews, e teeta assmpts,a te temptat t vet pevag tet pevag gma. Tps e vestgatve a we spetm. At e e ae appaetamaes  we estabse spes. At tete, we  paaxa pemea tat begt  estabse spe a teee mae te geatest pteta  set avaea te expas  ma kwege. Te SSEwas e  1982 a as appxmate 800membes  45 tes wwe. Te Setas pbses te pee-evewe
Journal o Scientifc Exploration,
a s aa meetgs te u.S. a bea meetgs  Epe. Assatea stet membesps ae avaabe t te pb.T j te Set,   me mat, vst tewebste at setexpat.g.PrESidEnT: Wam Begst, St. Jsep’s cege VicE-PrESidEnT: rbet Ja, Pet uvestSEcrETAry: Mak uba-la, Mga StateuvestTrEASurEr: J reeEuroPEAn coordinATor: Eg Sta,Øst cege, nwa
cpgt © 2012 Set  Set ExpatTe ats eta pgt t te wk.
cve mage: caa spemes Sae a Sa Bab.
Pt tes  BabTws.m
EDGESCIENCE #11 • JUNE 2012 / 3
o body language? This certainly had to play a part. But itcouldn’t explain it all.For example, when Lucy came to see me in a terrible stateo depression, I had no idea that her ather had been murderedand that it was almost 38 years to the day that it had happened.I was about to hand her a prescription or an antidepres-sant when I elt a blow to the back o my head, heard a voicebehind me commanding me to ask Lucy about her ather, andthen actually saw the spectral orm o a man answering to hisdescription over her let shoulder.Pretty spectacular. But even more important, very use-ul: Lucy told me she’d always elt the presence o her atheraround her. Now that I’d conrmed it, she elt much betterand said she wouldn’t need my prescription.So what exactly does a medium do? And how does it eelrom the medium’s perspective to receive a message rom the“other side?”Spiritualists believe that it is not possible or mediums to work on their own. A spirit guide or helper is essential. Thecombination o medium and guide act as a sort o relay net- work across which messages can pass rom one world to theother. So it’s vital to get to know who your guide is. I hada great deal o diculty with this. Ater all, how do I know  what, exactly, my guide really is? Maybe he’s just a part o my unconscious mind. Once you start going down this route, youbegin to wonder just who “you” are.The best mediums are able to hold conversations withtheir purported communicators. Unortunately, I rarely can.For me communication most oten happens when I’m witha patient and is entirely unbidden. It usually begins with onestartlingly clear mental image, which I now recognize as beingsomething I need to relay to my patient. These images are
hat happens when we die? Is it lights out? Or do wemerge with the light? Skeptics say that no one has everreturned to tell us. But anecdotal accounts rom near deathexperiencers and claims rom spiritualist mediums speak o agreater reality.I’m a primary care physician and my interest in this eldstarted when a patient I was seeing claimed to be in contact with my deceased grandather. He gave me inormation that was startlingly accurate. This got my attention and, ater aseries o extraordinary events and eerie coincidences, I oundmysel sitting with a bunch o trainee mediums learning how to contact the “other side.”I have to admit this was a radical departure or me. Withan atheistic background and a scientic and medical educa-tion, I had not expected my lie plan to read “Age 48: Train asa medium.” I was used to medical meetings where we wouldlogically dissect the ner points o the latest evidence-baseor treating various ailments. Now I had to learn to contact amore subtle and intuitive part o my mind in an eort to reachout to some orm o spiritual existence.I was denitely outside my comort zone. People likeme don’t do “spirits.” And my ellow trainees had some very strange ideas. They seemed to believe in a universe composedo multiple layers o reality and populated with a variety o spiritual beings including spirits, spirit guides, and angels. Ineeded to get a handle on how they thought because it wasevident to me that their worldview was useul when dealing with psychic phenomena in a practical manner. So I decidedto willingly suspend my disbelie during our classes. I mightnot buy into it completely, but it did oer a useul ramework  within which I could operate when working with my ellow trainees. Anyway, it seemed harmless enough. I was simply ol-lowing up an interest.So imagine my surprise when I began to receive inor-mation seemingly rom thin air. At rst it was simple stu,such as a name that was signicant to another member o the group. But gradually it became more complex: a warningabout money or a vacation that had not been paid, a gooddescription o someone who had died, and so on.I initially put my successes down to the supposition thatmy classmates were open to accepting pretty much anything Imight say. They didn’t seem to be particularly critical thinkers.But it was rereshingly dierent rom the practice o medicine,and it wasn’t going to impact on my proessional lie. It was alot o un so I let it continue. And then one day I realized I was picking up inorma-tion about my patients that I just shouldn’t know. Amazingly, when I mentioned this to patients, it oten turned out to behighly meaningul. Word got around.Naturally, I had some diculties with this. Was it all sim-ply a mixture o cold reading, unconscious memories o whatpatients might have told me over the years, plus an awareness
Ia Restei
A Medim i the Dotor’s Ofe

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