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High Performance Driving Manual

High Performance Driving Manual

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Published by Gerard Posadas

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Published by: Gerard Posadas on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Historic Sportscar Racing, Ltd.Racing School
Driver Instruction Manual 
HSRRacing School
Driver Instruction Manual page2© 1998 E.Paul, Inc.
Wat oes t tae to mae a ast car go ast?
It means pushing the car to its very limit - and sometimes beyond - while avoid-ing the crash, the spin, the bobble that nixes the entire effort.There’s more to driving than
.We’re talking
, here.
used a hammer and chisel.
used paint and brush.
 Juan Manuel Fangio
used throttle, steering wheel and brakes.All were artists and
became legends. They drew crowds who admired theirskill and longed to emulate these legendary heroes.Sculptors and painters easily can chart their progress. Their successes and mis-takes are recorded in stone and paint.A stopwatch or winner’s flag helps a driver gauge his skill but they offer nounderstanding of good moves, better moves or “bleaah” moves.A driver needs to be able to examine “
THERE is where I can improve
”, and
THAT needs to be changed
”.With such an examination he can accelerate his search for the
in his drivingperformance and understand those split-second maneuvers that evaporated asthey happened.E. Paul Dickinson
Proper Seating PositionPage 4Visual AcuityPage 4Steering Wheel Hand PositionPage 5Heel-and-ToePage 5ImagineeringPage 6BrakingPage 7Oversteer and UndersteerPage 7Vehicle ControlPage 8How A Driver Affects BalancePage 9Cornering, The Essence Of Advanced DrivingPage 9Rules Of CorneringPage 10Types of Corners:Long CurvesPage 11Increasing RadiusPage 12Decreasing RadiusPage 13Compound CurvesPage 14Negotiating The CornerPage 15The ApexPage 15Late ApexPage 15Early ApexPage 15The Apex and The Ideal LinePage 15TransitionsPage 16Rules Of TransitionPage 17Putting It All TogetherPage 18Do Not Be IntimidatedPage 18Goal 1 Visualizing The Ideal LinePage 18Goal 2 Execute Your PlanPage 19Goal 3 Keep Your Eyes UpPage 20Goal 4 Overcome FixationPage 21Racing FlagsPage 22Information About the AuthorPage 23
HSRRacing School
Driver Instruction Manual page3© 1998 E.Paul, Inc.
by E. Paul Dickinson

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