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Simbol Elek Tron i Ka

Simbol Elek Tron i Ka

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Published by: Adyan Pamungkas Ganefi Putra on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wires and connectionsComponent Circuit Symbol Function of Component
 WireTo pass current very easily from onepart of a circuit to another.Wires joinedA 'blob' should be drawn where wiresare connected (joined), but it issometimes omitted. Wires connected at'crossroads' should be staggeredslightly to form two T-junctions, asshown on the right.Wires not joinedIn complex diagrams it is oftennecessary to draw wires crossing eventhough they are not connected. I preferthe 'bridge' symbol shown on the rightbecause the simple crossing on the leftmay be misread as a join where youhave forgotten to add a 'blob'!
Power SuppliesComponent Circuit Symbol Function of Component
 CellSupplies electrical energy.The larger terminal (on the left) ispositive (+).A single cell is often called a battery, butstrictly a battery is two or more cells joined together.BatterySupplies electrical energy. A battery ismore than one cell.The larger terminal (on the left) ispositive (+).DC supplySupplies electrical energy.DC = Direct Current, always flowing inone direction.AC supplySupplies electrical energy.AC = Alternating Current, continuallychanging direction.
FuseA safety device which will 'blow' (melt) ifthe current flowing through it exceeds aspecified value.TransformerTwo coils of wire linked by an iron core.Transformers are used to step up(increase) and step down (decrease)AC voltages. Energy is transferredbetween the coils by the magnetic fieldin the core. There is no electricalconnection between the coils.Earth(Ground)A connection to earth. For manyelectronic circuits this is the 0V (zerovolts) of the power supply, but for mainselectricity and some radio circuits itreally means the earth. It is also knownas ground.
RESISTORKomponen Simbol Fungsi
 Resistor (R)atauA resistor restricts the flow of current,for example to limit the currentpassing through an LED. A resistor isused with a capacitor in a timingcircuit.Variable Resistor(Potentiometer)This type of variable resistor with 2contacts (a rheostat) is usually used tocontrol current. Examples include:adjusting lamp brightness, adjustingmotor speed, and adjusting the rate offlow of charge into a capacitor in atiming circuit.Variable Resistor(Rheostat)This type of variable resistor with 3contacts (a potentiometer) is usuallyused to control voltage. It can be usedlike this as a transducer convertingposition (angle of the control spindle)to an electrical signal.Variable Resistor(Preset)This type of variable resistor (a preset)is operated with a small screwdriver orsimilar tool. It is designed to be setwhen the circuit is made and then leftwithout further adjustment. Presetsare cheaper than normal variableresistors so they are often used inprojects to reduce the cost.
CAPACITORSComponent Circuit Symbol Function of Component
 CapacitorA capacitor stores electric charge.A capacitor is used with a resistorin a timing circuit. It can also beused as a filter, to block DC signalsbut pass AC signals.Capacitor, polarized(ElectrolitCondenser, ELCO)A capacitor stores electric charge.This type must be connected thecorrect way round. A capacitor isused with a resistor in a timingcircuit. It can also be used as afilter, to block DC signals but passAC signals.Variable CapacitorA variable capacitor is used in aradio tuner.Trimmer CapacitorThis type of variable capacitor (atrimmer) is operated with a smallscrewdriver or similar tool. It isdesigned to be set when the circuitis made and then left withoutfurther adjustment.
DIODESComponent Circuit Symbol Function of Component
 DiodeA device which only allows currentto flow in one direction.LEDLight Emitting DiodeA transducer which convertselectrical energy to light.Zener DiodeA special diode which is used tomaintain a fixed voltage across itsterminals.Photodiode A light-sensitive diode.

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