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Final Corrected Report NABARD

Final Corrected Report NABARD

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Published by Ashwani Gupta

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Published by: Ashwani Gupta on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DECLARATIONI, Ashwani Gupta hereby declare that the project “Potential of Renewable Energy inRural areas of Punjab and difficulties in its implementation” undertaken during mysummer placement at the NABARD as the partial fulfillment of the Master of Business Administration (Infrastructure) degree at TERI University, New Delhi, is the original workdone by me and the information provided in the study is authentic to the best of myknowledge. The facts and figures provided are true and information is not copied fromanywhere.The study has not been submitted to any other institution or university for the award of any other degree. Ashwani Gupta
The importance of energy is expressed by our Prime Minister as“Energy is an important input for economic development. Since exhaustible energysources in the country are limited, there is an urgent need to focus attention ondevelopment of renewable energy sources and use of efficient technologies. Theexploitation and development of various forms of energy and making energy available ataffordable rates is one of four major thrust areas.”
Dr. Manmohan SinghPrime Minister of India All Indian`s today facing the heat of soaring fuel cost. Still our Oil Marketing companiesare in loss. The only reason is that huge subsidy provided by our government for LPG,Kerosene and Diesel. International oil and gas prices are achieving higher and higher level. As fossil fuels are scarce resources, it is natural that fossil fuels alone can’t meetthe energy needs of growing population. India is the second highly populated countryafter China. But compared to developed country and even China our per capita energyconsumption is low. The current per capita commercial primary energy consumption inIndia is about 350 kgoe/year which is well below that of developed countries. It is just4% of USA and 20% of the world average. Percapita Electricity consumption in India is631 kwh compared to 16279 in Canada, 8076 in Japan, 12924 in USA , 8176 inSingapore and 10720 in Australia etc. World average of 2500 kWh. Higher per capitaconsumption reflects high level of economic and social development.However, India’s Energy demand is also increasing day by day. Punjab is one of themost advanced states of India. Its agriculture practices also highly mechanized. Punjabirrigation system is either through canals or through tube wells. In Punjab about 9.35lacs numbers of tubewell installed as on year 2001. So agriculture is one of the major consumers of electricity. If electricity is not available than the farmers have to use DG
sets. As diesel price is also increased subsequently not only the profit margins of farmers decreasing but it also contributes to food inflation. As far as Punjab’s own power generation is concerned, availability of power from theState’s Own Resources by 2010 is 23000 million kwh of Power and the anticipateddemand for power is 34000 million kwh. The population of Punjab is increasing sosubsequently energy demand will increase. Also power demand is increasing as moreand more people are using electrical and electronics goods.Punjab already exploits Hydro sources to the maximum. Its location is not favoring for Coal or Oil & Gas based power plants, as transportation of fuel also cost is much, theavailability of land for big thermal power plants is also an issue as Punjab’s maximumland is fertile and used for agriculture.In such a scenario renewable and non-conventional energy is best suited for Punjab.Punjab has sufficient agro and bio waste, that can be utilized for producing bothelectricity and cooking fuel. Solar- energy is also the suitable for Punjab. Also since per capita income of Punjab is high it can afford also, as at present solar technology iscostly.

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