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DTC List

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Published by Chinmayee Pai

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Published by: Chinmayee Pai on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DTC CODE DTC NAME DTC MAKE VILLAGE SECTION FDR CODE S/S CODE4041072 Bahirewadi Vg. Bahirewadi Bamb4041192 Lagare Ag. Bajagewadi Bamb4041067 Bambavade Vg. Bambavade Bamb4041167 Katal Ag Bambavade Bamb4041197 Madiget Bambavade Bamb4041280 Shindewadi Bambavade Bamb4041289 Society Garden Bambavade Bamb4041066 Bambavade School Bambawade Bamb4041071 Bhadale Vg. Bhadale Bamb4041012 Charan Ag.-I Charan Bamb4041022 Charan Ag.-II Charan Bamb4041027 Charan Ag.-II WNP Charan Bamb4041092 Charnaidevi St-I Charan Bamb4041094 Charan Vg. Charan Bamb4041095 Charan Vg.I Charan Bamb4041096 Charnaidevi St-II Charan Bamb4041097 Charnaidevi St-I Charan Bamb4041010 Donoli Ag. Gr. Donoli Bamb4041118 Donoli Vg. Donoli Bamb4041254 Ravande Ag. Gr. Donoli Bamb4041014 Gogave Ag.-I Gogave Bamb4041049 Akaram Patil Ag. Gogave Bamb4041064 Bajagewadi Vg. Gogave Bamb4041114 Dhopeshwar Vg. Gogave Bamb4041313 Topeshwar Sc. Gogave Gogave Bamb4041029 Khotwadi Ag. Khutalwadi Bamb4041181 Khutalwadi Vg. Khutalwadi Bamb4041182 Khutalwadi Khutalwadi Bamb4041365 Bharati Televentures Khutalwadi Bamb4041193 Lagarewadi Lagarewadi Bamb4041232 Parkhandale Parkhandale Bamb4041242 Pedewadi Parkhandale Bamb4041166 Katal Ag. Patane Patane Bamb4041233 Patane Vg. Patane Bamb4041246 Pishavi Vg. Pishavi Bamb4041265 Saidapur Vg. Saidapur Bamb4041353 Saidapur MJP PWW Saidapur Bamb4041021 Salashi Ag.-I Salashi Bamb4041241 Powarwadi Ag. Salashi Bamb4041266 Salashi Vg. Salashi Bamb4041035 Save Ag. Save Bamb4041062 B.R. Patil Ag. WNP Save Bamb4041098 Chougulewadi Vg. Save Bamb4041238 Patil Ag.-II Save Bamb4041257 Rehabilitation Save Bamb4041273 Save Vg. Save Bamb4041283 Shirale Shirale/M Shd4041347 Talapwadi Shittur Bamb4041132 Gulanewadi Vg Shittur/M Bamb4041287 Shittur/M Vg. Shittur/M Bamb4041291 Sonavade Vg. Sonavade Bamb
4041210 Mankarwadi Ag. Sonawade Bamb4041282 Shindewadi Ag. Sonawade Bamb4041299 Supatre Vg. Supatre Bamb4041354 Gaikwadmala Supatre Bamb4041307 Thamkewadi Vg. Ag Thamakewadi Bamb4041004 Thergaon Ag.-I Thergaon Bamb4041005 Thergaon Ag.-II Thergaon Bamb4041006 Thergaon Ag.-III Thergaon Bamb4041007 Thergaon Ag.-IV Thergaon Bamb4041008 Thergaon Ag.-V Thergaon Bamb4041009 Thergaon Ag.-VI Thergaon Bamb4041310 Thergaon Vg. Thergaon Bamb4041311 Thergaon Vg.-II Thergaon Bamb4041352 Thergaon MJP PWW Thergaon Bamb4041360 Mayur Chilling Plant Thergaon Bamb4041362 Thergaon Stone Crusher Thergaon Bamb4041348 Vharkatwadi Vharkatwadi Bamb4041103 Crusher T/C Wadicharan Bamb4041120 Gaikwad Ag. Wadicharan Bamb4041135 Gural Ag. Gr. Wadicharan Bamb4041143 Jackwell Wadicharan Wadicharan Bamb4041277 Shetyemala Wadicharan Bamb4041329 Wadicharan Vg. Wadicharan Bamb4041336 Warewadi Warewadi Bamb4041011 Bhedasgaon Ag.-I Bhedasgaon BHED4041017 Bhedasgaon Ag WNP Bhedasgaon BHED4041077 Bhedasgaon Vg.-I Bhedasgaon BHED4041078 Bhedasgaon Vg.-II Bhedasgaon BHED4041127 Ghotane Vg. Ghotane BHED4041015 Gondoli Ag WNP Gondoli BHED4041129 Gondoli Vg. Gondoli Bhed4041130 Gondoli Vg. Gondoli Bhed4041133 Gulawanewadi Vg Gulavanewadi Bhed4041016 Harugadewadi Ag WNP Harugadewadi BHED4041023 Harugadewadi Ag.-I WNP Harugadewadi BHED4041139 Harugadewadi Vg. Harugadewadi Bhed4041351 Ghaypat Project Harugadewadi Bhed4041357 Harugadewadi Ag.-III Harugadewadi BHED4041148 Jamboor Vg. Jamboor BHED4041155 Kandwan D/W WNP Kandwan Bhed4041156 Kandwan Vg. WNP Kandwan Bhed4041018 Ag. Gr.-I Khede Khede BHED4041024 Khede Ag.-II WNP Khede BHED4041028 Khede Ag.-III WNP Khede BHED4041177 Khede Vg. Khede BHED4041013 Kotoli Ag.-I WNP KOTOLI BHED4041040 Ag. Gr. II WNP KOTOLI BHED4041060 Askatwadi Kotoli BHED4041142 Ingawalewadi WNP Kotoli Bhed4041188 Kotoli Vg. Kotoli Bhed4041201 Malewadi Kotoli BHED4041314 Turukwadi Vg. Kotoli Bhed
4041019 Ag.Gr.Mahewadi Malewadi Bhed4041025 Malewadi Ag.-II ENP Malewadi BHED4041202 Malewadi Ag. Malewadi BHED4041203 Malgaon Vg. Malgaon BHed4041117 D.N.Y.Patil Ag Mangaon Kapashi4041113 Dindenagar WNP Nerle Bhed4041204 Malewadi Ag. Gr Nerle BHED4041223 Nerle Vg. Nerle Bhed4041020 Rethare Ag.-I WNP Rethare BHED4041026 Rethare Ag.-II WNP Rethare BHED4041150 Jondhalewadi WNP Rethare Bhed4041262 Rethare Vg. Rethare BHED4041271 Savarde Vg. Savarde Bamb4041272 Savarde Bk. Vg. Savarde Bk. Bamb4041045 Ag. Gr. I WNP Shirale/W BHED4041046 Ag. Gr. II WNP Shirale/W BHED4041284 Shirale/W Shirale/W Bhed4041294 Sondulkarwadi Shirale/W Bhed4041367 Patilwadi Shirale/W BHED4041043 Ag. Gr. I WNP Shittur/W BHED4041044 Ag. Gr. II WNP Shittur/W BHED4041131 Gujarwadi Shittur/W Bhed4041240 Patilwadi Shittur/W BHED4041243 Raghucha D/W Shittur/W BHED4041253 Raghucha D/W Shittur/W BHED4041286 Shittur/W Vg. Shittur/W Bhed4041346 Dhavalewadi Vg. Shittur/W BHED4041292 Sondoli Vg. Sondoli Bhed4041328 Vithalaiwadi Sondoli Bhed4041340 Tekoli I Tekoli Shd4041309 Thawade Vg. Thawade Bhed4041136 Guravwadi WNP Yelwan-jugai Shd4041137 Guravwadi WNP Udagiri Bhed4041168 Kedarlingwadi Udgiri BHED4041316 Kalammawadi Temple Udgiri Bhed4041317 Udgiri Vg. Udgiri Bhed4041037 Ukhalu Ag. Ukhalu BHED4041318 Ukhalu Vg. Ukhalu Bhed4041326 Virale Vg. Virale Bhed4041108 Dhangarwda Kotoli Kotoli Bhed.4041051 Akurle Vg. WNP Akurle Kapashi4041057 Ameni Vg. Ameni Kapashi4041159 Karandewadi Vg. Ameni Kapashi4041178 Khongewadi Ameni Kapashi4041065 Baji. Patil Ag. Kapashi Kapashi4041089 Kapashi Cane-crusher Kapashi Kapashi4041158 Kapashi Vg. WNP Kapashi Kapashi4041171 Kesare Ag.-I Kapashi Kapashi4041172 Kesare Ag.-I Kapashi Kapashi4041173 Kesare Ag.-II Kapashi Kapashi4041366 Kesarewadi Ag. Kapashi Kapashi4041208 Mangaon Vg. Mangaon Kapashi

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