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Arnott 2007 - Birds in the Ancient World From a to Z

Arnott 2007 - Birds in the Ancient World From a to Z

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Published by alraun

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Published by: alraun on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why did Aristotle claim that male Herons’ eyes bleed during mating? Do Cranes winternear the source of the Nile? Was Lesbia’s pet really a House Sparrow?Ornithology was born in ancient Greece, when Aristotle and other writers studied andsought to identify birds.
 Birds in the Ancient World from A to
gathers together theinformation available from classical sources, listing all the names that ancient Greeksgave their birds and all their descriptions and analyses. Arnott identifies (whereachievable) as many of them as possible in the light of modern ornithological studies.The ancient Greek bird names are transliterated into English script, and all that theclassical writers said about birds is presented in English. This book is accordingly thefirst complete discussion of classical bird names that will be accessible to readers withoutancient Greek. The only previous study in English on the same scale was published overseventy years ago and required a knowledge of Greek and Latin. Since then there hasbeen an enormous expansion in ornithological studies which has vastly increased ourknowledge of birds, enabling us to evaluate (and explain) ancient Greek writings aboutbirds with more confidence. With an exhaustive bibliography (partly classical scholarshipand partly ornithological) added to encourage further study
 Birds in the Ancient World  from A to Z 
is the definitive study of birds in the Greek and Roman world.
W.Geoffrey Arnott
is former Professor of Greek at the University of Leeds and Fellowof the British Academy. His publications include
 Alexis: The Fragments
(1996) and anedition of Menander in three volumes (1979, 1996 and 2000). He was also a formerpresident of the Leeds Birdwatchers’ Club.
What were the ancient fashions in men’s shoes? How did you cook a tunny or spice adormouse? What did the Romans use for contraception?This Routledge series provides answers to these questions and many more like themwhich are often overlooked by standard reference works. Volumes cover key topics inancient culture and society, from food, sex and sport to money, dress and domestic life.Each author is an acknowledged expert in their field, offering readers vivid, immediateand academically sound insights into the fascinating details of daily life in antiquity. Themain focus will be on Greece and Rome, though some volumes also encompass Egyptand the Near East.The series will be suitable both as background for those studying classical subjects andas enjoyable reading for anyone with an interest in the ancient world.Available titles
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 Birds in the Ancient World from A to Z 
 Geoffrey ArnottForthcoming titles
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ZLiza Cleland, Glenys Davis and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
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