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5 Great Throw Tech

5 Great Throw Tech

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Published by Angelik Ramirez

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Published by: Angelik Ramirez on Jun 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.ceramicartsdaily.org | Copyright © 2011, Ceramic Publications Company | three great pottery throwing techniques |i
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tips on throwingcomplex pottery formsusing basic throwing skills
three great pottery
throwing techniques
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www.ceramicartsdaily.org | Copyright © 2011, Ceramic Publications Company | three great pottery throwing techniques |1
 f v e !
With very basic wheel-throwing experience, you can make useful kitchen juicers for all your friends and family.
Three Great Pottery Throwing Techniques
Tips on Throwing Complex Pottery FormsUsing Basic Throwing Skills
Full of great throwing tips, as well as ideas you can apply to any pottery project, these step-by-step instructions will help you improve your potterythrowing skills from concept through completion. Brand new techniques include “Using Templates to Throw on the Pottery Wheel” By William Schran,who explains how to make, use, and effectively repeat large and complex forms on the pottery wheel. Then Dick Lehman demonstrates “Using the Pot-tery Wheel to Make Square Pots.” It sounds counterintuitive, but once it’s explained by this expert thrower, it will seem easy.Whether you’re interested in throwing complete pots on the wheel, like Dannon Rhudy’s citrus juicer; throwing textured parts for alteration and assem-bly, like Jake Allee’s stilted bucket, or if you’re simply interested in throwing larger pots right on the wheel, like Mark Issenberg’s tall vases, then wedgeup some good throwing clay, pull up your throwing stool, and get that pottery wheel spinning!Pottery wheel throwing techniques included in
Five Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques: Tips on Throwing Complex Pottery Forms Using Basic Throwing Skill
 F i v e !
www.ceramicartsdaily.org | Copyright © 2011, Ceramic Publications Company | three great pottery throwing techniques |2
 f v e !
Using Templates to Throwon the Pottery Wheel
by William Schran
hen my beginningwheel-throwing stu-dents have developedsucient acility withclay, they’re assigned the project o creating a set o our matching cups.Though I’ve demonstrated how tomeasure their orms using calipersand other devices, I continue to ob-serve them experiencing diculties.In an eort to overcome this stum-bling block, I showed them a tech-nique successully used by studentsin a beginning handbuilding class.This technique involves usingtemplates to repeatedly create aneven, symmetrical orm. In the coil-building exercise, you position thetemplate next to the pot as coils areadded, making certain the pot con-orms to the prole o the template.The template is then used as a ribto scrape the surace as it's rotated,creating a smooth, uniorm surace.
Making a Template
Any number o objects can be em-ployed to design templates that havea variety o shapes. French and shipscurves, ound in drating or me-chanical drawing sets, are excellenttools or creating proles or wheel-thrown vessels. A variety o caliperscan be taken apart to create anynumber curved orms. Lids o vari-ous sizes can be combined to createa mixture o curves. This process canalso be used to produce templateswith more complicated and com-pound proles with relative ease.
Assortment o bottle orms made with templates.Some o the shapes used to create design templates.

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