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Sephora Facebook Ad Case Study

Sephora Facebook Ad Case Study

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Published by: Social Fresh Conference on Jun 18, 2012
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Advertising Case Study
Company Background
Launched in the U.S. in 1998, Sephora Americastoday operates more than 270 stores in the U.S. andCanada as well as the world’s top beauty website,Sephora.com. In 2010, Sephora expanded into LatinAmerica where it operates the Brazilian beautymarket leader Sacks.com, and plans to open retailstores in Mexico beginning in 2011. Sephora is wellknown or its unique retail concept, which is rootedin its distinctive store design, the beauty expertiseo its sales consultants and, most importantly, itsunparalleled combination o over 200 classic andemerging brands across a broad range o productcategories including skincare, color, ragrance, bath& body, smilecare, and haircare, as well as Sephora’sown private label. In addition to its North and LatinAmerican business and its initiative with JCPenney,which includes more than 230 Sephora insideJCPenney locations, Sephora today has more than1,000 stores within 24 countries in Europe and 60locations in China. Sephora was ounded in France in1969 and acquired in 1997 by Paris-based LVMH MoëtHennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s leading luxuryproducts group. For urther inormation, please visitwww.sephora.com.
It was in 2008 that Sephora USA frst created aFacebook Page, the ree public profle that enablescompanies to share their business and productswith Facebook users on an ongoing basis. But thecompany didn’t get serious about building its an
Facebook Executive Summary
 To increase the number o peoplewho connect to the company’sFacebook Page and to osterconversation and engagement withthe brand’s ans
A Facebook Ads campaign eaturingpremium ads on the FacebookHome Page combined with an activepublishing strategy
Key Lessons:
passionate an base on Facebookcan lead to increased sales onlineand in stores as the platorm canbe easily used to inorm clientsabout new products and specialoers
Facebook Like button can raiseawareness o a brand’s oeringsas every time a product or serviceis liked by a Facebook user, thataction is shared with their riends
“We’ve seen great results. We have both seen an incredible growthin our an base year over year in the hundreds o percents and thencorrelated trafc to our site and correlated to that, sales.” 
Julie Bornstein
Senior Vice President, Sephora Direct
Advertising Case Study
base on the Page until 2009, when about 10,000people were connected to it. Besides increasingthe number o consumers who liked its Page, thecompany wanted to create a orum where it couldhave conversations with its clients and engagewith them. “Obviously, another piece or us is tobe able to message our clients about whateverwe think is relevant and important,” says JulieBornstein, Senior Vice President o Sephora Direct.The hope was that Sephora’s activities on Facebookwould help drive sales to the sephora.come-commerce site as well as to the company’s stores.
Since 2009, Sephora has run several types oFacebook Ads on the Facebook Home Page,including Premium Page Ads and PremiumEvent Ads promoting special oers both in-storeand on the website. The company has takenadvantage o the targeting available on Facebook,including location targeting, which enables itto target people where they live. Sephora saysthis eature has been particularly useul whenit has a regional oer or a new store opening.Sephora has also used age targeting to reach itskey demographic. “While Sephora appeals to a loto dierent types o people, we have certainly atarget customer who is a woman age 25 to 45,”says Julie, “so we’re able to target that shopperand that Facebook an when we’re trying to getnew ans.”Sephora has also used the publishing eature onits Facebook Page extensively to engage withits an base and oster conversations with itsclients. The company’s social media team createda publishing calendar that included at least threeupdates a week on the Page’s Wall with oers orun news. “We list out new products that we’reoering and when there’s a new hot product,we make sure to tell our Facebook riends frstand they love that,” says Julie. Quizzes, polls andinvitations to weigh in on conversation such as“the best beauty advice you’ve ever received” areall part o the mix. What’s more, the company hascreated an Oers tab on its Page where clientscan get inormation on special deals, some onlyavailable to consumers who have connected tothe Page by liking it.The company has also installed social plug-ins onits site, allowing customers to click the FacebookLike button to tell their riends about a productthey like. This action shows up in the News Feedso the customers’ riends, spreading awareness oa product and providing an endorsement rom atrusted source.
people had connected to Sephora’s FacebookPage. The number o people connected to thePage grows “by the thousands pretty muchdaily,” Julie says
to sales in its stores and on its websiterom its Facebook ans. “We see a lot ocomments rom our ans about “thank youor mentioning this and I’m going in store toget this,” Julie says
dramatically among Sephora clients, withsome products garnering as many as 3,000likes, a actor that can raise awareness onew products among a Facebook usersriends

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