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AT&T Facebook Ad Case Study

AT&T Facebook Ad Case Study

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Published by: Social Fresh Conference on Jun 18, 2012
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Advertising Case Study
Company Background
AT&T is one o the world’s leading communicationsservices providers to businesses and operatesthe nation’s astest mobile broadband network.AT&T is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable,high-quality products and services with excellentcustomer care that help connect people with theirworld.
Campaign Objective
AT&T created a presence on Facebook to talkdirectly with its customers and to build one-to-onerelationships with them. As Jenn Fisher, Directoro Digital and Youth Marketing at AT&T, explains,“We want to be where our customers are, and ourcustomers are on Facebook en masse. The ability toreach 1.4 million people through a Wall post, to us,is extremely valuable.” Facebook also allows AT&Tto accomplish its goals across business units. “Itgives us the opportunity to engage our customers,talk about our products, and help resolve serviceissues,” says Jenn. Recognizing the rich dialogue andeedback on its Page led AT&T to build a customercare operation dedicated to Facebook.In addition, Facebook allows AT&T to bring its brandto lie in a unique way, the brand says. Chris Baccus,Executive Director o Digital and Social Media atAT&T, says, “Being on Facebook makes us a morehuman company in the public space. As a brand,you’re usually just simply a logo, but on Facebook,we can have conversations with our ans in realtime, with names associated with those responses.”This activity helps AT&T increase brand awareness.
Facebook Executive Summary
 Use Facebook to talk directly to itscustomers and build one-to-onerelationships
Create a digital leadership councilincluding marketing, e-commerce,corporate communications andcustomer care dedicated to osteringthe AT&T Facebook community
Key Lessons:
does not need to requireadditional development work
on Facebook can build brandavorability
rom Facebook ideally requiresinter-departmental cooperation
“Being on Facebook makes us a more human company in the publicspace. As a brand, you’re usually just simply a logo, but on Facebook,we can have conversations with our fans in real time, with namesassociated with those responses.” 
Chris Baccus
Executive Director of Digital and Social Media, AT&T
Advertising Case Study
“It’s about surrounding our products, services,and our company with a better light,” says Jenn“Increasing that willingness to recommend hasthe byproduct o increasing market share andbrand perception.”
Achieving objectives across business units atAT&T requires a high level o collaboration,AT&T says. Today, AT&T operates with adigital leadership council that meets weekly,with an executive representing the variousdepartments involved in creating the consumerFacebook experience, including: PR, customercare, e-commerce and marketing. The councildiscusses best practices and provides a eedbackloop to the dierent teams about what is goingon within the community.
For marketing, Jenn says, “The onusis on AT&T to create content that is so valuablethat our ans have to share it with their riends.When we get that right, that’s when we canreach those 150 million additional people.” Themarketing team is constantly looking or waysto make the message more relevant and active.“It’s not just seeing our logo on a billboard, butit’s bringing that to lie,” says Jenn. “It’s askingpeople about how they ‘rethink possible’ (AT&T’stag line) on a daily basis.” In a recent campaign,AT&T allowed ans to vote on concert locationsor the singer Drake, who held a private show atthe last tour stop exclusively or AT&T’s Facebookans. “It’s not the number that’s the importantpiece or the ans,” Chris says. “It’s really howyou go ahead and activate what’s going on withthe ans who became a an o your page.”
For e-commerce, AT&T leveragesboth Facebook and AT&T’s website to drive sales.“When we do a product launch, we’ll have acustom tab that provides inormation about thenew product and allows our ans to click throughto learn more about that product and purchaseit on AT&T.com,” Chris says. From its website,AT&T uses Facebook’s Platorm tools, such as theLike button, to create word o mouth about itsproducts within the Facebook community. TheLike button “becomes a great enabler to have aconversation with your own riends, to help makewise, intelligent decisions as a consumer,” Chrissays.
Customer Care:
AT&T is also one o the rstcompanies to have a ully dedicated customercare team monitoring its Facebook Page. When itlaunched this team, AT&T assigned a group o morethan 20 o its top perorming customer servicemanagers exclusively to social media. Withoutbuilding any extra applications, members o thecustomer care team use their real rst names torespond to questions publicly on the Wall. Duringregular business hours, they respond withinabout 15 minutes. I an issue requires privateinormation to be shared, representatives replywith their email address and invite the person tocontinue the conversation over email. “One o thekey aspects or customer care on Facebook is thatwe have our seasoned managers on the Page, sothey are empowered to respond and resolve issuesquickly,” says Chris.Finally, AT&T had created a tightly knitcommunication loop to take in eedback andmake any necessary changes. The customer caremanagers will eed inormation to the Facebookteam and visa versa to address the total customercare experience. Plus, Jenn says, AT&T is constantlystriving to answer, “What can we do better?” Sheexplains, “Facebook allows us to get this eedbackdirectly rom our consumers – it is just invaluable;it’s a marketer’s dream.”
Advertising Case StudyResults
delivering on all customer service measures
the AT&T Facebook community, comparedwith the general population, according toAT&T
and consistently show very positive returnon investment
which means it can reach over 145 millionriends o those ans through Friend oConnections targetingAT&T says it has a rigorous approach tomeasuring success on Facebook and that it isseeing very positive results. “On a daily basis wetrack every single thing that we do on Facebook,so everything on our Page and all o our postsare tagged,” says Jenn. “We measure all o ourpromotional activities, trac and e-commerceand we put an ROI to everything we do, so weknow that being on Facebook helps generatesales or us.”The company has integrated Facebook on AT&T.com, so it is also able to monitor actions on itse-commerce site and drive engagement at thepoint o purchase. “It’s really about the ideao carrying Facebook outside o just Facebook.com and bringing that social share unctionalityinto the dotcom property, and then bringingthose actions back to the person’s communityon Facebook,” explains Chris. “Our Facebookactivities have helped sales and adoption in avariety o ways by creating a two-way dialoguebetween dierent dotcom properties.”In addition to sales, AT&T’s customer serviceand Page engagement initiatives have greatlyimpacted the brand, the company says.Fan-specic marketing activities have beena powerul loyalty driver. Ater the Drakecampaign, Jenn says, “We saw increased positivebrand sentiment on the Page, we saw increasedsales, and we saw people actually movingthrough the marketing unnel right in ront oour eyes.”When it comes to customer service, Chrissays, “We did survey our Page recently and weound that we’re actually exceeding people’sexpectations. The richness o really surprising ordelighting somebody makes them want to stayengaged with the brand and carries on into whattheir next consideration is. They’ll look at us ortheir next device because they remember thatpositive experience.”AT&T believes that people talking to their riendsabout AT&T, instead o the brand delivering themessage, has contributed to its success. “There’s

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