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Healthy Choice Facebook Ad Case Study

Healthy Choice Facebook Ad Case Study

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Published by: Social Fresh Conference on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advertising Case Study
Genevieve Mazzeo, Social Media Manager, ConAgra Foods
Healthy Choice
Company Background
Healthy Choice is a brand o delicious rozen ood thatuels a healthy liestyle. The meals cater to peoplelooking or healthy, resh-tasting and convenient oodat a great value. The brand has been in existence or 20years and is owned by ConAgra Foods, owners o morethan 50 dierent consumer-acing ood products, in therozen, snack, and ingredient categories.
The primary goals o Healthy Choice’s Facebookcampaign were to engage consumers and increase thenumber o people connected to the company’s FacebookPage, the ree public profle that enables companiesto share their business and products with Facebookusers on an ongoing basis. The brand had an active,enthusiastic community o about 7,000 people, makingFacebook an ideal platorm to promote and trial a newline o lunch entrees.Additionally, the company wanted to distribute couponsto its Facebook community in an eort to promote thebrand’s reputation or good value. “I there is one thingthat we are constantly hearing rom our community,both in Facebook and outside o Facebook, it is thatvalue is king right now,” explains Genevieve Mazzeo,Social Media Manager at ConAgra Foods. “We’re lookingor unique ways to deliver value to our consumers.”
Facebook Executive Summary
Increase the number opeople connected to the company’sFacebook Page, increase engagementand reinorce the brand’s reputationor value
Create a progressivecoupon that increases in value themore people click to like the brandand sign up or the coupon, andpromote the campaign through activeengagement, Facebook Ads and emailcommunication
Key Lessons:
Facebook’s peer-to-peercommunications can extend acampaign’s reach to beyond itsinitial target audience
Targeting allows companies toreach existing and potentialcustomers simultaneously andwith the same campaign
Facebook can be an effectiveplatform for a coupon campaign tosupport a new product launch
“The buzz that we wanted to create, we defnitely created that, and we did something dierent.” 
Advertising Case StudyApproach
Healthy Choice decided to use its Facebook Page(http://www.acebook.com/healthychoice) todistribute coupons – with a twist – and promotedthem through status updates, community outreach,and a Facebook Ads campaign. The company oeredFacebook users a “progressive” coupon. The numbero coupons was limited, but as more people signedup or the coupon on Facebook, it would increase invalue, rom $0.75 to $1.50 to a buy-one-get-one-reedeal. This o course encouraged users to share thecoupon with their own Facebook communities andallowed Healthy Choice to tap into the viral, peer-to-peer promotion that Facebook aords.Using the interaction tools inherent in Facebook,Healthy Choice, supported by public relationsfrm Ketchum, spread news o the coupon to theexisting community and to bloggers with whom thebrand already had strong relationships, as well asthe brand’s email database. This outreach built onprevious coupon giveaways executed by the brandand allowed bloggers to spread the word on behalo the brand, while reaching existing consumers oHealthy Choice products.Healthy Choice ran two series o Facebook Ads.Starting on October 12, 2010, Healthy Choice ranboth Premium and Marketplace Ads or a week andanother series o Premium Ads rom October 20 to22. The Ads publicized the progressive coupon oerand then brought people to Healthy Choice’s Page,where they could click to like it and then sign up orthe coupon.Healthy Choice took advantage o Facebook’sanonymized and aggregated data to target itsdesired audience. It reached people who mightalready be Healthy Choice consumers as well aspeople who were likely to become customers.This was achieved by using two keyword targetsegments: healthy eating keywords, such as‘vegetables’, ‘healthy living’, ‘healthy gourmet’ and‘salads’, and convenience keywords, which includedseveral popular, healthier ast-ood brands. Inaddition, the company targeted women aged 18and above and did not speciy geographic locationto reach as many people in its target group aspossible.When the coupon reached its maximum value,Healthy Choice changed the copy in the ads toremind people o the great deal available andencourage them to sign up.It was important to Healthy Choice that people passalong the progressive coupon, which was designedto be shared. “That is what drives social media,”explains Genevieve. “You want to be the authorityand bring that valuable content to your community.”On Facebook, people are able to both indirectlyand directly promote the Healthy Choice brandthrough their engagement with the company’s Page.This authentic, peer-to-peer promotion enablescompanies to reach more people while generatinggreater brand awareness and brand equity.

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