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A Prismatic Guide to Fishing

A Prismatic Guide to Fishing

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Published by Chyna Goodwin
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Uploaded from Google Docs

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Published by: Chyna Goodwin on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Prismatic Guide to Fishing
Test server info will
always be in italics
to help you tell the difference.
ByMyene/Kyene, Defiant of DeepwoodBy Whitelady, Defiant of BlighwealdSpecial tanks to:Jekzer, Guardian of Icewatch for providing the Guardian information.Mirimon, Defiant of Briarcliff for finding what maybe the only two places in Stillmoor to fishXiuno, Defiant of Greybriar for help and suggestions.15 Fishing and Survivalquestions answered by DevsTable of Contents:GeneralAdviceFishing AchievementsLures & Poles
Rare Fishing AreasFishing by Zone ArtifactsetsPicture Database(consider skipping this part if you print this out!)
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Table of  Contents GeneraAdvice Fishing Achievements Lures & Poles Fish Specific Lures Fishing quests Rare Fishing Areas Fishing by Zone Artifact sets PictureDatabase
Change Log:03-23-2013: Started Guide03-24-2012: Added Info for Freemarch-Droughtlands03-25-2012: Added IPP Deep water fishies03-27-2012: Rough draft of guide done, info on all zone (except for bugs) complete03-28-2012: Maps added, picture database added03-29-2012: Artifact database added. Missing three artifact sets03-30-2012: Artifact database updated, missing one artifact set.03-30-2012: Added Lake of Solace03-31-2012: Added info about treasure chests, updated minimum skill zone requirements04-02-2012: Editing things to match the new patch on PTS04-03-2012: Added the missing artifact (shiny pebbles), added new crab icon pics (IPP crab is nowlive!), added some treasure chest icon pics.04-06-2012: Added info on new rare fish schools. Updated Ember Stoneskin.04-11-2012: Updated unused fish, Schools of Fish, and some of the achievement info.04-15-2012: Updated unused fish, Scarlet Gorge Fish, Schools of Fish, and added section for non-repeatable quests.04-17-2012: As of the last day of PTS all info in the guide is up to date.04-19-2012: Added Non-Repeatable Fishing Quests section.04-20-2012: Info checked as far as Scarlet Gorge. Also added quest section.04-20-2012: Updated lures and poles,04-22-2012: Areas up to IPP confirmed, updated no use yet fish (deleted, all fish now have aconfirmed use), icons for treasure chests.04-23-2012: All zones but Stillmoor confirmed.04-23-2012: Updates lures.05-03-2012: Finished all updates to the guide for the new patch, As of 1.8.405-07-2012: Fixed a few typos, deleted the duplicate Shimmersand and updated a few icons.05-18-2012: Added new fishing tip.05-28-2012: Added info that is on test server. Test server info will
always be in italics
to help youtell the difference,06-02-2012: All test server info up to date as of this date.
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Table of  ContentsGeneral   Advice Fishing Achievements Lures & Poles Fish Specific Lures Fishing quests Rare Fishing Areas Fishing by Zone Artifact sets Picture Database
General Advice:DO NOT buy a pole
you’ll get one from your fishing starter quests.
DO NOT buy any skills other than Novice from the trainer 
to start with, you’ll get your first lurefrom the fishing starter quests.
Get Survival while you’re at it
. If you don’t have survival then the vast majority of the fish youcatch are for nothing.
Fishing and Survival trainers are in every zone
right next to the repeatable faction quest fishNPC. The only exception to this is Ember Island. The trainers for this zone are only in the neutralcity of Ember Watch.
Fishing and Survival DO NOT COUNT
towards you 3 profession cap.
Fishing now has a visible mouse icon when you mouse over areas.No FishingRare Fishing AreaShallow FishingDeep Fishing
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Table of Contents GeneraAdvice Fishing Achievements Lures & Poles Fish Specific Lures Fishing questsRare Fishing Areas Fishing by Zone Artifact sets Picture Database

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