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Published by thuongviedam

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Published by: thuongviedam on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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riving our commitment to innovateat Arjowiggins Creative Papers isthe desire to support creativitywith stimulating sustainable papers that areexciting to use and feel. That is why we havegrown our internal innovation programme,The Blank Sheet Project, into an outward-facing inspiration platform for exploring thepower of creative thinking.The Blank Sheet Project recognisesthat for creative people there is a uniquechallenge posed by the screaming silence of a Blank Sheet of Paper. It is a call to armsand an opportunity: to create something lasting and memorable, to challengetraditional thinking and tobe innovative, creative,even radical.
Great minds thinkdifferently
In association with D&AD, themost respected Art Directors’Club, The Blank Sheet Project is providing a platform forcreatives of global renown toshare the way they approach ablank sheet of paper.The first creatives tocollaborate on The BlankSheet Project are ground-breaking graphicdesigner, typographer and art directorNeville Brody, and founder and globalcreative chairman of advertising agencyBBH, Sir John Hegarty.They talk about the whole process of creativity, from inspiration to finished idea.They nominate the pieces of work that theywould leave behind for future generations.They also discuss their own views on therole of paper today, the future of thecreative industry and the responsibilityof creatives to be ever more innovative,thoughtful and sustainable.
Sir John Hegarty usesThe Blank Sheet Project platform to challengethe complacency heblames for the declineof an industry he ispassionate about,urging creatives to bebrave in their thinking,to drive throughvisionary ideas:“I can’t think of any other industryin the world that thinks it can succeed bymaking a product worse. And our product 
The Blank Sheet Project:inspiring creative thinking
The Blank Sheet Project is Arjowiggins Creative Papers’call to arms and asks creative minds toconsider ‘How will you leave your mark?’ Business Director Jonathan Mitchell explains
 Arjowiggins Creative Papers firstconceived The Blank Sheet Project in2010 as an internal innovation programme. Since then, it has gone onto address and inspire a global audienceof young minds. In addition to itsassociation with D&AD and the creativeindustries, The Blank Sheet Project iscollaborating with One Young World to promote its message. This internationalinitiative brings together the leaders of today with the young leaders of tomorrow.
has got worse. That’s not an opinion,that’s a fact.“What we’re not doing today is coming up with the kind of ideas that are game-changing, that change the fortune of brands.Our audience, the people we are talking to, their appreciation of what we do hasconsistently gone down since 1990. . . it’snow less than 10 percent. Our industryreally has to look at that.“Great creative work is the result of somebody’s individual passion to drivesomething through and that isn’t about collaboration but about having a vision, avision to do something really great and thenbringing people with you.”He challenges young creatives to lookmore widely for inspiration: at books,magazines, galleries, shows and even “stuff you’re not supposed to read”.“It really disappoints me,” he says,“that I go round and look at creatives andthey’re all watching YouTube. Why are youwatching YouTube? What’s the point . . . it’sbeen done!”The Blank Sheet Project interviewshows many of the great campaigns that Sir John and BBH have conceived. It includes the memorable Levi’s ‘Laundrette’advert (1982), which helped to reverse thefortunes of the American jeans company,set new standards for integrated marketing and put the fledgling BBH on the map .. . not to mention inadvertently boosting boxer shorts sales.
To design isto reveal
For NevilleBrody, aBlank Sheet of Paper is a freshopportunity tobreak boundariesand createnarratives in adigital age wheninformation is“available anywhere at anytime to anyone.”“Digital technology has liberated paper tobecome a more radical space. Paper becomesless and less important as a space for carrying information but more and more important inbeing a creative exploratory space.”He talks candidly in four interviews on TheBlank Sheet Project about his early motivationsand work, his views on creative education asDean of the School of Communication at theRoyal College of Art, and why he chose designas an outlet for his creative talents:“The role of design is to reveal stuff, not to conceal. It was quite often the role of advertising to conceal in order to sell. Designwas born in public service,” he adds.
Creating one young world
The Blank Sheet Project also supports One Young World, a global youth leadership summit that brings together several hundred delegatesage 25 and under from 192 countries. It combines the social power of the internet withthe energy and ideas of global youth to addressthe most challenging issues of the day.Founded by David Jones, global CEOof Havas Worldwide, and Kate Robertson,Euro RSCG group chairman, the first event,in London in 2010, involved Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Bob Geldof as counsellors inspiring and guiding theyoung delegates.Blank Sheet Project activities at the event encourage the young future leaders to put down on paper their ideas for resolving theworld’s most pressing issues and ArjowigginsCreative Papers sponsored seven young delegates to attend the second event in Zurich.
The power of 2,000 blank sheetsof paper . . .
 Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ own Blank Sheet Project started with a process of consultation,culminating in over 2,000 blank sheetsof paper filled with ideas and proposalsfrom our employees. From the responsesgenerated within the company, 40 teamsare now developing ambitious sustainabilityprojects to reflect our absolute concern forpeople, prosperity and the planet. Our ‘up-cycled’ reKreate paper, which re-uses fibrewaste and contributes to a zero sludge mill, is just one of the many outcomes.
 TWITTER: @TheBlankSheetWEBSITE:www.arjowigginscreativepapers.comFACEBOOK:www.facebook.com/ArjowigginsCreativePapers

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