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Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines _ ASEAN-Korea Centre

Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines _ ASEAN-Korea Centre

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Published by Mitzie Correa

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Published by: Mitzie Correa on Jun 18, 2012
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6/18/12Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines | ASEAN-Korea Centre1/4blog.aseankorea.org/archives/12410?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yummy-sum…
Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines
Article written by: Michelle Camille CorreaASEAN-Korea blog correspondent, the Philippines In the Philippines, we beat the summer heat by eating foods that refresh our bodies. Often, these aresweet treats that are loaded with ice—lots of it, whether shaved, cubed, or shaped into a tube. Theseare some of my favorites. 
Eaten as a dessert to end a meal or as a cool afternoon snack, halo-halo is a mix of preserved fruitslike bananas, jackfruit, nata de coco, macapuno, kaong. It also has sweetened red beans and colored jelly. These are usually placed on a tall glass container and buried with shaved ice. The sweetconcoction is usually topped with leche flan, ube and pinipig. Sometimes, even a scoop of ice cream isplaced on top. It is made creamier with evaporated milk, which is generously poured after allingredients are set in place. A special spoon with a long handle is usually used eat halo-halo. Usually, all the ingredients arepatiently mixed together, starting from the sides until the whole thing becomes a mish-mash osweetened stuff. For me, this is best eaten on a hot summer afternoon as a snack. 
Mais con yelo
This is a sweet shaved ice treat like halo-halo, minus the multitude of ingredients. It’s kept simple yetsweet and refreshing by sweet corn kernels topped with shaved eyes and finished off withevaporated milk. 
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6/18/12Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines | ASEAN-Korea Centre2/4blog.aseankorea.org/archives/12410?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yummy-sum…
Saba con yelo
This is another variation of shaved ice plus preserved fruit and milk. This time, a banana variety calledsaba is used. It is sweetened by boiling water with sugar into a syrupy treat. Sometimes, sweetenedtapioca pearls are also added to add another dimension to this dessert/snack. Like mais con yelo, thisis simple yet delicious. 
Ice candy
This is basically any sweet liquid that is transferred into thin transparent plastic tubes and then frozen.It can be orange juice, mango juice, chocolate drink, milk, or whatever you like. It is eaten by tearingoff one end of the tube with your teeth, and then sucking on the ice. It’s sweet, cool and refreshing.It’s very easy to make, so it’s quite popular in the Philippines during summer break. 
Ice cream
Filipinos have made ice cream (or sorbetes) their own by creating flavors inspired by Filipino tastes.There’s avocado, ube, buko and other fruity and delicious flavors. You can buy this at the supermarketor from street carts. Either way, you’re in for a cold and delicious treat! 
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6/18/12Yummy Summer Treats in the Philippines | ASEAN-Korea Centre3/4blog.aseankorea.org/archives/12410?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=yummy-sum…
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 There are many other summer foods in the Philippines. But these are my favorites. Hope you can alsotry them soon! Post to Facebook33 
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