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State vs. Zimmerman: Jail call transcript 2

State vs. Zimmerman: Jail call transcript 2

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Published by Matthew Keys

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Published by: Matthew Keys on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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 12SA022031TR35 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 1 of 12
JAIL CALL 18568099 Total time on tape 00:16:14 (Transcription begins 00:01:46)
Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/15, Time: 15:29:04, dialed number(Recorded calling directions)RECORDING: Hello, you have a prepaid (beep) This call will be recorded and subject tomonitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You maybegin speaking now.ZIMMERMAN: Hey honeySHELLIE: Hey babeZIMMERMAN: How are you?SHELLIE: Good, how are you?ZIMMERMAN: Good, can you hear me?SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: Oh good. What are you up to?SHELLIE: Oh I just got off the phone with Ken.ZIMMERMAN: Oh good, did you guys do that? Did you take care ofSHELLIE: Oh we tried, but there is no way we can get in.ZIMMERMAN: He can’t get in anymore?SHELLIE: He can on his um, his computer,ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: but because mine isn’t registered, it asked me all these security questions andZIMMERMAN: I know, I knowSHELLIE: man, we cannot figure it out.ZIMMERMAN: Honey, I’m-I’m-I’m, you need to get on the phone with himSHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: and have him reset them on his side, to things that you can answer.SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: He
 12SA022031TR35 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 2 of 12
SHELLIE: UmZIMMERMAN: he needs to log in as me, and then, with you on the phone, like if they ask likewhat’s your favorite chips, have them, you know, whatever your favorite chips areSHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: he needs to reset them.SHELLIE: Let me, I’m gonna call him on the other phone while I have you on and I’m gonnacall him that.ZIMMERMAN: Okay. And you need to reset the password. He-he needs to reset the passwordlike something that you can understand.SHELLIE: Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I forgot about that. Okay, hey Scott, I’m on thephone with uh GeorgeZIMMERMAN: ShellSHELLIE: and, he’s on my other phone.ZIMMERMAN: ShellSHELLIE: And uh, he’s just sayingZIMMERMAN: ShellSHELLIE: that what we needed to do was not what we did. What we’d have to do isbecause the computer’s not registeredZIMMERMAN: ShellSHELLIE: so, what we have to do is, the computer that you have registered where you don’tget those security questions, you-you have to go in and change them so that youcan change those security questions that way I can get in and we have to do thaton the phone so I know the answers to that. Something that I can remember.Okay, so, I’m gonna um talk to George and, then whenever you get a chance,um, a little bit later, just call me and we’ll do that. Okay, all right, thanks, thanks alot, all right bye. Hello?ZIMMERMAN: Now do you understand?SHELLIE: Yes and he understandsZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: (inaudible) he was like ohhZIMMERMAN: You know that way you can log in whenever you want (inaudible) change thepassword to something you remember.SHELLIE: Okay, okayZIMMERMAN: Change the password, and he logs in,SHELLIE: Uh huh
 12SA022031TR35 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 3 of 12
ZIMMERMAN: and he changes the password and all those questions to something you canremember and please (inaudible)SHELLIE: And we do it together, that way I can do it from my computer.ZIMMERMAN: Right, right.SHELLIE: Oh okay, okay, okay. All right, he was doing some stuff with the website andeverything.ZIMMERMAN: Okay please write it down and please put it inSHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: password uh keeper in your phone if you can. WriteSHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: write it down in a few places.SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: That way you can go in on your own and do it,SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: without having to rely on somebody else.SHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: Um. What else? I had a good dream but now I can’t remember what it was.SHELLIE: They’re overnighting your glasses.ZIMMERMAN: Oh, he doesn’t have to do that.SHELLIE: Well, the attorney said just to make sure that just in case they don’t umZIMMERMAN: Gotcha, okaySHELLIE: give em to ya, you can have them.ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: So you can see.ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: So.ZIMMERMAN: Ann’s doing so good with listening I’m so proud of him.SHELLIE: I know, did you call him?ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: Good

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