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Zimmerman Jail Call 4/12

Zimmerman Jail Call 4/12

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Published by Trymaine Lee

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Published by: Trymaine Lee on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 12SA022031TR63 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 1 of 7
JAIL CALL 18533166 Total time on tape 00:11:47 (Transcription begins 00:02:17)
Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/12, Time: 16:43:27, dialed number (Recorded calling directions)RECORDING: Hello, you have a prepaid call fromZIMMERMAN: George Zimmerman (recorded directions) This call will be recorded and subjectto monitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You maybegin speaking now.ZIMMERMAN: Hey honey.SHELLIE: Hey baby.ZIMMERMAN: Hey you-you can hit five like as soon as you start hearing them talk.SHELLIE: Oh okay, I-I don’t, I don’t want to run the risk of like disconnecting usZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: so I’m always like hesitant, but okay.ZIMMERMAN: Gracie did that, I was like holy cow, how did you cut all that out?SHELLIE: Wow, (inaudible)ZIMMERMAN: So I thought if you can and,SHELLIE: Good, you did it, okayZIMMERMAN: um, Gracie conferenced us.SHELLIE: Oh okay, cause he said he wasn’t finishedZIMMERMAN: judging it upSHELLIE: yeah cause he was on the way to, where he was going.ZIMMERMAN: I know and I told him I would ask you if you could uh.SHELLIE: Oh that’s like an idea.ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: Well. Do you need to talk to him right now?ZIMMERMAN: No, no but I’m just saying um, you know, it (inaudible due to talking over)SHELLIE: Yeah if he can’t do it then I definitely can, yeah.
 12SA022031TR63 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 2 of 7
ZIMMERMAN: Okay, if he, I mean, it’s for me. I don’t see why he’s paying for it.SHELLIE: OH, you’re right, you’re right, okay, I see, I did Mark O’Mara.ZIMMERMAN: You did already?SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: Did you text him?SHELLIE: Yes I did.ZIMMERMAN: Did he text you back?SHELLIE: No, but I told him that you would be calling and that it would most likely be a 407-688 number or similar but that you would be calling him shortly.ZIMMERMAN: Oh, you’re so good.SHELLIE: Yeah. And said or similar.ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: You know, cause he’s probably getting bombarded but I want him to know like,ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: you know. Huh?ZIMMERMAN: Uh, what was I gonna say? Um. So Ken’s looking to call you and get the key todo that? Take care of that portion stuff.SHELLIE: Absolutely yeah, I’ll do it for sure. I’ve heard, I totally forgot that I could do thatfor him. I don’t even know what I was thinking.ZIMMERMAN: (inaudible due to talking over)SHELLIE: I was just,ZIMMERMAN: my accountSHELLIE: huh?ZIMMERMAN: From my account.SHELLIE: Well yeah of course, well from mine, yeah.ZIMMERMAN: You let him know, he’s going to call you and when you, when you talk to him,take care of my account so that you can log in.SHELLIE: Yeah, I know.ZIMMERMAN: You know what I’m talking about, right?SHELLIE: What we had just talked about.ZIMMERMAN: Earlier. Not this phone call. When I said I had $44.46. Hello?
 12SA022031TR63 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 3 of 7
SHELLIE: Yeah?ZIMMERMAN: Remember I said, you need to call him and so he can reset it, the password andthe security questions are something that you can use?SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: Like when you log in and it gives you all of those security questions and you’llknow the answers?SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: So you have to do that with him over the phone.SHELLIE: I knowZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: That’s what I was just saying, the passwords and stuff.ZIMMERMAN: (inaudible due to talking over)SHELLIE: But I can’t do it because he’s on his way to take his wife somewhere.ZIMMERMAN: (inaudible due to talking over) I know, I know, I’m just saying, when he does,don’t forget to do that.SHELLIE: Oh yeah, no I know. Don’t worry cutie. Don’t even worry.ZIMMERMAN: Ah man, that feels good. That’s a good (inaudible due to talking over)SHELLIE: What?ZIMMERMAN: That (inaudible) I care.SHELLIE: Yeah, they do, trust me. And boy, after that happened yesterday, he said like, somany people, your-your site kept crashing.ZIMMERMAN: WowSHELLIE: He said people were just trying to give you, you know, words of support andkindness.ZIMMERMAN: Good. Wow, that is awesome.SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: They need to, and to talk to uh, O’Mara about getting the word out because Imean those people need to start vocalizing themselves.SHELLIE: RightZIMMERMAN: But. We’ll talk (inaudible due to talking over)SHELLIE: (inaudible due to talking over)ZIMMERMAN: I’ll call him, after I talk to Glendle. Uh

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