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Zimmerman Jail Call 4 4/16

Zimmerman Jail Call 4 4/16

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Published by Trymaine Lee

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Published by: Trymaine Lee on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 12SA022031TR42 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 1 of 11
JAIL CALL 18577856 Total time on tape 00:16:09
Information from recording: Date: 2012/4/16, Time: 14:26:41, dialed number (Recorded calling directions)RECORDING: Hello, you have a prepaid call (beep) This call will be recorded and subject tomonitoring at any time. Thank you for using Inmate Calling Solutions. You maybegin speaking now.ZIMMERMAN: Hey babeSHELLIE: Hey honeyZIMMERMAN: Hey, how are ya?SHELLIE: I’m great. How are you?ZIMMERMAN: I’m doing well. You still at the bank?SHELLIE: Yes I am. I’m just waiting to get into my box.ZIMMERMAN: Oh okay. Everything worked then?SHELLIE: YeahZIMMERMAN: GoodSHELLIE: So if that was the final step, you know?ZIMMERMAN: yeahSHELLIE: Then we did everything we had to up until now.ZIMMERMAN: Good, good, good, perfect.SHELLIE: Uh huhZIMMERMAN: So when you get home um, we need to talk, uh maybe um, Susie can text Kenand tell him he can start doing that again.SHELLIE: Okay, so um, Ken can start doing that again. Into your ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: (inaudible) so what we’ve been doing all along he can start doing again?ZIMMERMAN: Exactly.SHELLIE: Okay
 12SA022031TR42 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 2 of 11
ZIMMERMAN: If he, and youSHELLIE: (inaudible)ZIMMERMAN: should put a reminder on your phone, to call him and make sure that he does itevery day, and that you transfer from mine to yours every day.SHELLIE: Transfer from mine to yours every day and set an alarm in my phone to remindme, within 24 hours. OkayZIMMERMAN: And to remind Ken too. You might have to call him and remind him.SHELLIE: And to remind Ken too. We’ve both been doing it?ZIMMERMAN: No Ken is gonna go from the Peter Pan to me.SHELLIE: Oh, okay, so, we’re gonna set an alarm, to remind us for Ken to put it in his and-and then, put an alarm on mine for, um, for him and to me. Okay.ZIMMERMAN: Good job. I’m proud of you. I knew you could do it.SHELLIE: Thanks honey. Yeah, it’s so much better now, thank God.ZIMMERMAN: Yeah, good, good, good.SHELLIE: Yeah, and we’re doing that and then actually when we leave here after I go to thebox, we are gonna go ahead and go to um Susie’s landlord and get thatagreement so that we can be back here before they close so thatZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: she can do her thing.ZIMMERMAN: Okay. I would just be very careful about telling them when you’re coming back or when you’re, you know, anything like that.SHELLIE: Yeah, we haven’t, we didn’t.ZIMMERMAN: Because they can call the media in a heartbeat.SHELLIE: I know. (background conversation) Which house? His? Oh-oh-oh, oh for that(inaudible) anybody? Will they be able to come? Because, I’m gonna mute you,okay?ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: Okay, you there?ZIMMERMAN: YeahSHELLIE: Hello?ZIMMERMAN: Yeah I’m here.SHELLIE: Okay, all right. All rightyZIMMERMAN: Everything okay?
 12SA022031TR42 W:\\WPTRANS\jac1 Page 3 of 11
SHELLIE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, she just didn’t understand and I tried to explain it to her.ZIMMERMAN: Oh okay, and umSHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: we’ll just, (inaudible) oh, and when you get home, please um, please pay off allthe bills.SHELLIE: Okay, because now I have access.ZIMMERMAN: Right and then you can goSHELLIE: OkayZIMMERMAN: into mine and make sure you pay the right American Express and everything. Itshould say HH American Express.SHELLIE: Okay, I willZIMMERMAN: Pay everything off.SHELLIE: Okay, but not those two?ZIMMERMAN: No, not the most two recent (inaudible)SHELLIE: Oh, okayZIMMERMAN: Make sure, even if it doesn’t show an amount, make sure to call and, the phonenumber, you know, should, it should be really easySHELLIE: Uh huhZIMMERMAN: to find a phone number for all of them.SHELLIE: Okay, okayZIMMERMAN: Call and ask them for the payoff, what’s the total payoff.SHELLIE: Okay, don’t worry.ZIMMERMAN: And remember to send Wendy hers.SHELLIE: Remember to sendZIMMERMAN: Wendy (inaudible)SHELLIE: hersZIMMERMAN: Remember to pay WendySHELLIE: Yeah I know.ZIMMERMAN: OkaySHELLIE: That’s my, one of my priorities.

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