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An Outline of the Prophetic Book of Daniel

An Outline of the Prophetic Book of Daniel

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Published by Greg Kawere
An outline of the prophetic book of Daniel. Giving a summary of each chapter.
An outline of the prophetic book of Daniel. Giving a summary of each chapter.

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Published by: Greg Kawere on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel outline
An outline of prophetic book of Daniel
Greg Chiponda
27 December 2010
When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation,
spoken of by Daniel the prophet
, stand in the holy place (whoso readeth, let him understand),then let them which be in Judea flee into the mountains."
Jesus in Matt.24:15-16
Daniel 1- Daniel in captivity
1.Characteristics of the Sacred Writings2.Five Historical Facts3.Prophecy of Jerusalem's Captivity4.The Holy City Three Times Overthrown5.God's Testimony against Sin6.Condition and Treatment of Daniel and His Companions7.Character of King Nebuchadnezzar 8.Signification of Pagan Names9.Daniel's Integrity10.The Result of His Experiment11.Daniel Lives till the Time of Cyrus. 
Daniel 2 -The great Image
1.A Difficulty Explained2.Daniel Enters upon His Wor3.Who Were the Magicians?-Trouble between the King and the Wise Men-The Ingenuity of theMagician-The King's Sentence against Them4.Remarkable Providence of God -The Help Sought by Daniel-A Good Example - Daniel'sMagnanimity - A Natural Character-The Magicians Exposed5.What the World Owes to the People of God6.Appropriateness of the Symbol-A Sublime Chapter of Human History7.Beginning of the Babylonian Kingdom8.What is Meant by a Universal Kingdom9.Description of Babylon10.The Heavenly City11.Babylon's Fall - Stratagem of Cyrus-Belshazzar's Impious Feast-Prophecy Fulfilled - BabylonReduced to Heaps12.The Second Kingdom, Medo-Persia-Persian Kings, and Time of Their Reign - Persia's LastKing - Alexander the Great - His Contemptible Character 13.The Fourth Kingdom - The Testimony of Gibbon - Influences which Undermined Rome - AFalse Theory Examined14.What the Toes Signify - Rome Divided - Names of the Ten Divisions - Subsequent History -God's Kingdom Still Future - Its Nature, Location, and Extent.
Daniel 3- The fiery ordeal
1.Nebuchadnezzar's Image vs. God's - Devotion of Idolaters2.The Jews Accused - The King's Forbearance - The Fiery Furnace - Its Effect on the Chaldeans -The Course of the Three Worthies - The Wonderful Deliverance - Its Effect on the King's Mind- Integrity Honored.
Daniel 4 – Nebuchadnezzars decree
1.The Oldest Decree on Record - Humiliation Confessed - A Good Example2.Nebuchadnezzar's Condition - God's Dealing with the King3.The Magicians Humbled - A Remarkable Illustration - Mercy in Judgment4.An Important Key to Prophetic Interpretation5.Angels Interested in Human Affairs6.The King's Acknowledgment - Daniel's Hesitation - His Delicate Answer to the King7.Judgments Conditional - The Lesson Unheeded - The Blow Falls
8.The King's Restoration - The End Gained - Nebuchadnezzar's Death - Summary of HisExperience.
Daniel 5 – Belshazzar's Feast
1.Closing Scenes of Babylon's History - Celebration of the Conquest of Judea - The SacredVessels Desecrated - God Interferes with the Revelry - The Phantom Hand2.Change of Scene - Daniel Called3.The Lesson to the King - The Writing Interpreted - The Fulfilment Follows 
Daniel 6 – Daniel in the Lions den
1.Date of the Persian Kingdom - Cyrus Sole Ruler - Paul's Reference to Daniel's Experience -Extent of the Persian Kingdom - A Fiendish Plot2.Righteousness Daniel's only Fault - False Witness of the Conspirators - Daniel Undisturbed3.The Decree Secured - The Victim Ensnared - The King's Dilemma - Daniel Cast into the Lions'Den – His Wonderful Preservation4.Fate of Daniel's Accusers - Daniel Doubly Vindicated - The King's Decree.
Daniel 7- The Four beasts
1.Chronological Connection - Rule of Scripture Interpretation2.The Kingdoms Identical with Those of Daniel 2 - Why the Vision is Repeated3.Change in Babylonish History - Deterioration of Earthly Governments4.The Symbol of the Bear Explained-Grecia the Third Kingdom - Rapidity of Its Conquests5.Signification of the Four Heads of the Leopard Beast6.Signification of the Ten Horns7.A Little Horn among the Ten - The Judgment Scene -Character of the Little Horn8.Opposition of the Arians - The Three Horns Plucked Up - Millions of Martyrs - A FeebleDefense - Paganism Outdone9.Meaning of Time, Times, and a Half -Date of Papal Supremacy10.Date of Papal Overthrow - Rome a Republic - The Power of the Papacy Waning in ItsStronghold - A Later Judgment - The Ecumenical Council - Victor Emmanuel's United Italy11.End of the Pope's Temporal Power - Its Coming Destruction.
Daniel 8- Vision of the Ram, He goat and the little horn
 1.Change from Chaldaic to Hebrew -2.Date of Belshazzar's Reign - Date of This Vision3.Where was Shushan? - A Prophecy of Isaiah Fulfilled4.The Angel Explains the Symbols -5.How the Goat Represents the Grecians6.Alexander the Great - Battle at the River Granicus7.Battle at the Passes of Issus8.The Great Battle of Arbela - Subversion of the Persian Kingdom, B.C.3319.Alexander's Famous Reply to Darius - The World Will not Permit Two Suns nor TwoSovereigns10.Increase of Power - Alexander's Disgraceful Death - Division of the Kingdom -11.The Roman Horn - How It Came out of One of the Horns of the Goat -12.What is the "Daily"? - Two Desolating Powers Brought to View13.When Oppression of the Saints Will End14.The Sanctuary Explained - What the Cleansing of the Sanctuary15.The King of Fierce Countenance

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