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Battlestar Galactica QuickStart Guide (2007)

Battlestar Galactica QuickStart Guide (2007)

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Published by Joshua Mallory
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Published by: Joshua Mallory on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Stock #: MWP-1006
—role playing game—
quickstart guide
Jamie Chambers, James Davenport, Nathaniel C.J.S. Rockwood
Margaret Weis
Digger Hayes
Digger Hayes, Sean Macdonald
Digger Hayes
Renae Chambers
Lindsay Archer, Ryan Wolfe
Ryan Wolfe
Mary-ann Astle, Carl E. Boothe, Neil Bradshaw, Erik Butler, Chad Cartwright,James Davenport, Stephen J. Herron, Ray S. Karnes, Gregory S. Lane, Andrew Peregrine, Robin Powers,Laurie J Rich, Nathan Rockwood, richard w. spangle, Christopher Stoner, Martin ideswell,Denise ideswell, Andrew Uys, Floyd C. Wesel, Tomas Whitten, Mitch A. Williams
Christi Cardenas, Cindy Chang, Daniel McPeek© 2007 Universal Studios Licensing LLLP. Battlestar Galactica © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. and the MW Logo are trademarks owned by Margaret Weis Productions,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
Welcome to the
Quickstart Guide
or the
Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game
. In this booklet youwill nd simplied rules, pregenerated characters,and a short adventure set in the
Battlestar Galactica 
 universe—everything you need to run a game! Inaddition you will nd ideas or creating your ownstories using the provided characters. But this
Quickstart Guide
is just an introduction to the excitingworld o
Battlestar Galactica 
. Te
Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game
sourcebook provides completerules, in-depth proles o the characters, inormationon ships, weapons, technology, politics, ideas orstorylines, as well as character and ship creation rules.I the sourcebook is not already available in your localbookstore or hobby store, it soonwill be. Ask or it!
Playing theBattlestarGalacticaRPG
You can use the
Battlestar Galactica 
Role Playing Game
 (RPG) to bring to lie your ownstories set in the ascinating anddangerous universe o the
Battlestar Galactica 
television series. Tepossibilities or adventure areendless. You could reinvent theseries rom the start to nish—usingthe heroes o the series or replacingthe main characters with characterso your own creation. Or you couldplay out an entirely dierent type ostory. Perhaps you can tell the tale obrave colonists who reused to leaveCylon-occupied Caprica. Or thestory o a group o miners workingon a little-known asteroid whenthe attack occurred. Or perhaps youreveal the struggles o a lone shiplost in space searching or the eet.Te
Quickstart Guide
presents ashort scenario designed to introduceyou to the game, one that starts acompletely new storyline or ouroriginal characters. However,beore you play the adventure orcreate one o your own, read thesections dealing with the basic game rulesand style o play. Te
Quickstart Guide
version othe rules is intended to be simple and streamlined.Tey are not nearly as detailed as the rules in themain sourcebook. So use your imagination and eelree to wing it. Te most important goal is or youand your players to have un!
Players andCharacters
A BSG game ollows the adventures o a groupo people we call the Player Characters (PCs).Tese characters might be admirable or despicable,everyday working class people or elite Viper pilots.No matter what their backgrounds or personalitiesare like, they are the “heroes” o the story.Tese characters are createdand controlled by the players,who describe them, give themvoices, and determine theiractions during the game.Understanding the basicrules is important in any roleplaying game, but it is evenmore important to develop anunderstanding o your character.A player needs to know whatthe character looks like, whatdrives him, his loves, hatreds,ambitions, prejudices, and quirks.While the rules o the gameprovide structure and a way toresolve actions, the creation o aliving, breathing character is theprovince o the player.Learning about the characterwill not happen all at once.Players will discover manyinteresting things about thecharacter during the course oplay. Players will watch theircharacters deal with misortuneand, rom these experiences,learn and grow. Te universe o
Battlestar Galactica 
is harsh andunorgiving, where even the bestpeople suer setbacks and experiencepainul loss.In the BSG universe, human lie hasbecome all but extinct. Te welve Colonieshave been overrun by Cylons. For the

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