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P2989-022012 US Host Coaching Quick Guide FNL

P2989-022012 US Host Coaching Quick Guide FNL

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Published by Joni Laughlin

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Published by: Joni Laughlin on Jun 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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H o s t  C o a ci  n g
 q u i    c  g  u i    d  e 
Ask for more than one phonenumber (home, work and cell).
Ask the best time to connect andif possible, schedule your nextphone call.
Limit phone calls to 15 minutesor less.
 with the host
HostCoachingChecklistBestWay toConnectOffer theBusinessOpportunity
Host Coaching Checklist
 Begin your coaching as soon as you book the Show.
 Whether you call, text or email, use the Host CoachingChecklist to help ensure that you cover all of the details.Find the checklist on Consultant’s Corner.
Customize the word choices on the checklist or createyour own.
What is the best way for us to connect?Do you prefer phone, text or e-mail?”
Create templates you can customize for each host.
Keep emails short and simple. Consider using bullet points to help your host read the information quickly.
Avoid special characters in the subject line (i.e. exclamation points) that spam lters may use to mark your message as junk.
Limit the subject line to 8 –10 words. Use phrases like:
Top 5 Tips for a Great Cooking Show
Earn More Products Free … Here’s How
“Hi Janice! Do you have 15 minutes later today to talk about your Cooking Show? Let me know what works for you.” “Hi Rachel! Sent you an email today about your Dinner in a Dash Show.Call or text me when you get it.” 
Email #1
Conrm Show date/time.
Encourage host to build a big
Wish List.
Ask host to create a guest list.
Provide recommendations forsending invitations.
Recommend ways to return guestcontact information.
Ask host to reply so you’ll knowshe received the email.
Email #2
Share your excitement about theShow.
Ask host to collect orders from guestswho can’t attend.
Provide recipe options and ask host to
choose and reply within 48 hours.
Refer to opportunity brochure andinvite host to become a Consultant;say she can use Free Product Valuetoward a New Consultant Kit.
Ask host to reply when invitationshave been sent.
Email #3
Ask host to make reminder calls toconrm attendance. Share a shortword choice.
Provide a list of recipe ingredients.
Let host know what time you’ll arriveand what you want her to have ready.
Remind host that her bookings can beused to start her own business.
Ask host to reply with an attendanceupdate.
Send a text to alert the host that you’ve sentan email or to plan time for a quick phone call.
Send texts individually, not to multiplecontacts.
Aim to send texts late afternoon or earlyevening to help ensure your message is read.
Limit text messages to 160 characters or less.
H o s t  C o a ci  n g
 q u i    c  g  u i    d  e 
“(Host Name), you‘re going to have a great Show! I know 
we‘ve talked briey about the business opportunity, and I 
wanted you to know that all the bookings from your Show can be used to launch your business.” 
“Great Show, (host name)! You earned $XXX in free products 
and three of your friends booked their own Shows! You know 
this would be the perfect time to start your own business. Take 
a minute to look at the attachment and let me know what you think?“ 
(Download and attach the
Join Us! 
Recruiting Booklet).
“Hi Karen! Looks like it’s going to be a great Show, lots of RSVPs! Want to learn how you can earn more money starting with this Show?” 
Mention the Kit Credit Coupon as a way to start theirbusiness for less.
“As a host, you can use up to $40 of your Free Product Value toward the New Consultant Kit. That means you 
could start your own business for just $119!“ 
Offer to partner with your host to hold a Grand OpeningShow and get her business off to a strong start.
the buine
 Talk with your hostabout the businessopportunity multiple times — during hostcoaching, when youarrive for the Show and after the Show.
   j  n  u!  
Ge he moe ou’ e looing o.
11  nhu.n 111 1:11 
H o s t  C o a ci  n g
 q u i    c  g  u i    d  e 
share succe Tip
 with the host
5-15-5FormulaBigGuestListPartnerwith theHost
5-15-5 Formula
5 Orders before the Show
Give host mini catalogs and order forms to give to those whocan’t attend.
Remind host to pass a catalog and order forms around the ofce,
at the salon or a sporting event.
 Tell host to invite out-of-town friends and family to place an orderwith you or online.
15 Orders at the Show
5 Orders the day after the Show
Offer to call guests who weren’t able to come at the last minute.
 Use your Personal Web Site to let guests shop before and afterthe Show.
Partner with the Host
 Ask the host to identify which guests they think might be interestedin hosting their own Pampered Chef
“Who do you think is interested in hosting their own Pampered Chef 
Remind the host about the Booking Benet.
“The Booking Benet is great! When your guests book at 
your Show, you can get the 60% off Host Special at every Show 
booked from your Show that is held within the next six months.” 
 Encourage the host to talk to their guests about booking aShow when they invite their guests.
“Be sure to share your excitement about the Show with all of your guests and let them know how easy it is to host a Show.” “Not everyone you invite will be able to come on the date we chose and that’s OK. If they can’t make it, offer them the opportunity to host their own Show.” 
Big Guest List
Help host brainstorm ideas onwho to invite.
Family and friends
Children’s Activities
Community and Social Groups
Leisure Activities
Explain the need to invite atleast 40 people to have 12 –15guests at the Show.
"Our goal is to have about fifteen 
people attend, so you'll want 
to invite at least forty. That’s because not everyone will be available on the day you’ve 
chosen, and a few people will 
have last-minute conflicts.” 

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